The trials

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Lexi waters is an inmate and soon to be judged along with four other girls for their crimes. However the justice system is not what it seems, and the girls soon find themselves in a bloody and hellish trial...

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



Waking up to the same metallic and rusted bars of my cell door was how all my mornings started, I always took in the white boring walls. There was something deeply satisfying to me, like the walls was a blank canvas, as if I had another chance to redeem myself and my soul; a fresh start.

The constant moans and idle chatter between my neighbourhood inmates was a constant irritant that I couldn't ever shake free from. Sighing I scrunched my long blonde hair up into a bun with a elastic band, awaiting for the day alarm to open everyone's cell ready for breakfast.

Soon a alarm bell struck, and automatically the cell doors swung open for all the prisoners to start their daily routine. I marched through to our cafeteria, my stomach growling at me for not feeding myself sooner. Grabbing a apple and a plate of what looked like baby food, I headed over to my normal seat.

“Hey doll face, today is trial day” panic rose within me, as I stared up at the woman with chocolate brown hair and those beautiful green eyes. “I know Ria, I was actually hungry you know before I came and sat here”. I could see the anger in her eyes as she could hear my sarcastic tone. She grabbed hold of my hand “I know your nervous Lex, but a group of us are going to be trialled together, what's the worry?”.

The worry was that we are now in the 3000’s and the government had a new justice system. There is no court order, no option to let the court hear you out either. Now if you were found guilty of a criminal offence, they would send you somewhere. Somewhere no one knew of and they say that you'd be trialled there, and come back out a new person with a clean slate.

But that wasn't the truth, everyone here knew that all the people who was “judged” didn't come back from their judgement, or even their sentence. It was as if they just disappeared from the earth.

Something about the whole ‘justice’ system was off to me, I couldn't quite put my finger on it; but it was something I didn't want to go through and find out if my gut instinct was correct or not.

An alarm bell rang again, then a voice “would the following inmates please report to the court room, Ria Lockhart, Gemma Hayes, Lexi Waters, Zoella Good and Rose Blackthorn”.

Shaking and taking a deep breath, I slowly stood up to make my way to my court room. All eyes was on every girl who stood up to be trialled, eyes still lingering even as we rounded the corner of the hall and was out of sight.

I clumsily grabbed Ria’s hand, squeezing tight hoping for some slight reassurance. She smiled at me, as we walked into the court room. Awaiting our judgement.


The court room didn't look anything like a court room at all. There was several plain black doors down a long hall way. Each door had all of the girls names on who was being trialled.

I soon stopped at a door with my name on it, shaking and taking another long breath I cautiously opened the door handle. All that was inside was a plain old desk, and a man with a clean and stylish suit on. He smiled at me, taking me in “so miss Waters is it?”. I nodded silently. “And you are here today to be made aware of your actions and what consequences you will suffer for it” I put my hands underneath the table balling them into fists, “ are you guilty or innocent against the crime of murder for 6 girls”. I replied with a cold tone “guilty”. The man in the suit clapped his hands slowly, “brilliant! Than you shall be taken to the island where all our guilty inmates are held, and you shall come back a brand new young woman”. He smiled a devilish grin, and before I had any time to react, someone had come up behind me and slammed a injection right into the side of my neck.

I could feel myself slowly slipping away, into the unconsciousness. Then I could hear loud noises, like a helicopter and strange voices. “Batch 50 are on its way to the island, get everything in place”.

Batch 50? Before I could think any more I was slipping back into the dark….

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