why am i here? what am i doing here?

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a magic that conceals you to the truth

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



I never expected being here. I never planned nor even think about going here. I don't know what happened, I'm somehow feeling dizzy. I can't remember well of what did I do. All I know is that, I feel amazing before all of this happened.

I feel extremely elevated, an unexplained feeling of ecstasy. I smile most of the time as I walked along our neighborhood. I don't know why I'm like that, only one thing I'm sure of; the feeling is priceless.

I got a friend who visited one day. It was just a typical day that time, an ordinary route. coffee, snack and a nice conversation. The chat was nice and enjoyable, until he open up a suggestion.  He told me that he have a "magical tourniquet" that he's keeping for a ling time now. A tourniquet that makes him invincible ever since. A magical thing that gives priceless benefits.

Curious, I am that time, I've asked what it is. He smiled and laughed as he fetch something into his pocket. He showed a little clear bag that has a little glass-like bits inside. As he showed me he said it was the magical object that brings joy to himself.

Curious as I am, I have asked why did he say so. He did not answer my question, instead he said that I may only know if I would wish to know. Intrigued that time, I've said yes. He smiled then laughed and said "let the chant begin".

He opened the bag, poured the tourniquet in a silver-like line of sheet, lift it up, then lighted a little fury and placed it under the silver sheet. The magical object began to melt and produce a smooth line of thin fogs. I was amazed that time as the fogs dance through the air.He fetch a pipe made of glass, put it to his mouth and start to inhale the thin fogs.

after that he stopped and said he feels great than earlier. He glanced at me and reached the pipe. Doubtful I am that time, but my curiosity reigned more so I grab it and did what he have done.

As I inhaled the magical fog, it went down to my system. I felt an extreme emotion, I can't tell exactly what it is, but it is quite different than the usual. Eyes open up wide, my scalp rose up like I was been electrified, my mouth went dry and my ears went numb, I wasn't I am earlier, I've changed in an instant.

I feel like flying, though not literally. I feel great that it is more than enthusiasm and optimism. grandiose emotion like I really feel invincible. I can't explain it really well, but I may say it is like a glimpse of euphoria.

I've liked it, so I indulge into more. I continue to consume more that I don't want to stop. As I consume more, I notice that all the things in my house are vanishing; my TV, my stove, my laptop and other things, they disappeared eventually. My car, my house, all of my properties, they where there before but now they are gone. I didn't mind it, because I'm busy feeling intensely happy.

My neighbor approached me along with an angry face. I greeted him with a smile and asked him how is he. He yelled, obviously with a tone of being anguish, he said that I broke into his house and killed his pet. Why is he accusing me to such a hideous act? I didn't mind his wrath, I just ignored him. I did not care about his feelings, because I'm busy being happy.

I got bored, so I went out. As I continue to wander the neighborhood I notice something in each house. I stare at it closely, I came near where it is. No doubt I may say, I saw magic tourniquets. Feeling excited and rewarded, I fetch the tourniquets without hesitation. As I broke into the houses each came out a person. "you took!", "you stole!", "you thief!" they come and yell at me, but I didn't care about it. I'm busy being happy.

As I cast the enchantment and consume the thin fogs, I feel more invincible and becoming far more superior. I took more and more and more, and as I consume more, I came into another level of omnipotence. I became to see magical creatures.  flying snakes, golden angels and even rainbow unicorns, they are all dancing and flying above me, it was amazing! I did not regret consuming more.

I chased them, play with them and run around to get them. My neighbors look at me with a cringe, and I've been the talk of the town. They look at me with an odd stare every time they will see me chasing the magical creatures, I think they are just jealous or amazed because I have an ability that they don't know how to have. I did not care, I never give a damn about them because I'm busy being happy and chasing all of the creatures that I see.

As I continue to chase the magical creatures, I saw something from afar. It was a silhouette of a lady, beneath the ray of red and blue light. I came near and as I went near to it, I realized it's my wife. She was crying, bawling, but I don't know why. I tried to reach her face but I suddenly felt dizzy, everything started to rotate around and I passed out.

I woke up, I feel a little better. I noticed that I'm laying down on the floor, so I tried to stood up to get better posture. I suddenly notice that the whole place is soft and squishy, like they have pillows everywhere; the floor, the ceiling and the walls. why am I here? what am I doing here? I asked myself. I want to touch the corners of the room, but I realized that I'm wearing a jacket that makes me hug myself and I can't take it off.

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