Dirtied Lips

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I had to come up with poetry for my IB English class, so here's one that I decided to post! Tell me what you think about it! Thanks!

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



2. Dirtied Lips


These lips of mine are dirtied,

When they speak, my dear, do not curl your fingers around every word,

For you are curling your fingers around a lie.

Oh look, what is that there?

Wounds gash the skin of my lips,

When I kiss you.

The lies bleed out of my lips,

Every time I do.

Satan shakes my hand in greeting,

As the dark angels hover about me.


But how could you not have noticed my dear?

These lips that bled suspicion,

When we kissed,

These eyes that cast shadows,

Every time you peered into them?

I have sinned,

I have sinned and I have lied,

And I will shout it out to the world,

Because I am afraid I am losing my mind!

But oh, why didn’t you be angry with me?

The softness in your eyes,

Much like a cushioned silk pillow,

Was sickening.

How could I stare you in the eye?

I have accepted my sin,

And I can longer take the devils weight upon my shoulders,

Or the dark angels that haunt me in my sleep.

I only plead for your forgiveness,

Before I offer my life.


© Copyright 2018 Zola Greene. All rights reserved.

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