The Little Girl Without Backbone Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Gary is a guy working in marketing. After a dispute with one of his higher-ups he makes his way to a spot at the edge of town. That's where he meets a little girl holding a box in the shape of a heart. Where is this encounter going to lead to? Well, we'll see :)

This is a first look at what's to come, just to see how it resonates with people. Please note that english is not my native tongue and I'm thankful to anyone for pointing me at mistakes, especially when it comes to those darn tenses. Furthermore, I'm not here to create fancy things. So I'm aware that many will dislike this sort of content, be it due to its simplicity or whatever.

.....well said. Now, to have no-one care whatsover, set, aaand go! :)

The Little Girl without backbone

Part 1


Short Set-Up:  

Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Gary, 28, Marketing guy, on his way back home from work, had a long-lasting fruitless argument with Marketing Manager, thus exhausted and looking for some alone time to let off some steam;

Time to jump in:

“If he would just get off his lazy, useless … ahh!”, yelled Gary, firmly clutching the steering-wheel of his car in front of him with both hands as he turned left up the hill towards the only spot he knew around town where he could let off some steam after all that happened today.
Deliberately disregarding every single speed limit sign because he couldn’t care less about a ticket at that time, reaching for the cup of tea that was sitting beside him whilst continuing his rain of fire, nearly spilling some of the tea as a consequence.
“It was a great idea! Everyone who worked on this agrees. We’ve run the numbers, put hours and hours on end into this and for what? Is this fair? If he was so unsure about the feasibility of our campaign, apparently, then why only tell us last minute?”, he shouted irritated, “Everything my team has accomplished since the very beginning is now apparently, due to the majesty’s lack of insight into what people’s preferences are nowadays, officially deemed ripe for the garbage can! If it was possible I would just sell it to the next-best competitor! They would at least appreciate our hard work and actually not be ignorant like dear moneybags.
”Gary was so angry at his higher-up that imagining a miniature model of him struggling to stay above the tea in the cup he was holding and not drown led to a socially unacceptable smile of contemptuous nature on his face. Yet, the fleeting nature of just about everything also did its job on his emotional breakdown as he started to slowly come back to his senses.
“I guess I still have ways to go when it comes to anger management,” he said, sighing loudly and trying to form a faint smile as best he could.
Failing horribly at this seemingly impossible task, he just resorted to sighing again and tried to get his steaming pile of brain-cells focused on driving the car rather than putting all the other road users at risk who, unsurprisingly, have apparently come to realize that the driver in the red car was clearly an endangerment to them and had started steering clear of him. Being slightly annoyed by the behavior of his fellow citizens, he reignited his previous rant.
“I’m so ready for a vacation right now! This, all of this”, circling over his right leg with his index finger, probably a sign for everything wrong with that day, and then pointing at the other cars as well,” this is just ridiculous! I’m not getting paid enough for this crap! While ‘I don’t give a damn about what you think’-guy gets to go home and enjoy a nice and relaxed weekend with his family, me and my team, on the other hand, now have no other chance than to start at ground zero again! Another weekend goes phut in favor of working overtime, check!”, he howled, checking off an imaginary list with one of his fingers in front of him.

As to be expected, this farce continued for a while. Basically what happened was Gary continuing his soliloquy a little longer before transitioning into just silently looking ahead, his lips twitching every now and then until he ended up approaching the spot he was trying to get to in the first place.

He drove his car onto a sparsely lit parking lot, all the way to the other end, settled for one space and turned off the engine.
“Finally”, he sighed relieved, falling back into the car seat to appreciate the silence around him.
Sure, there was the occasional car passing by nearby and the wind was every now and then making sure one was aware of its presence, but other than that, this place was seemingly deserted and that’s exactly why he chose to come here. It’s good to have a place to go to when you need to be left alone, especially when things go haywire like they did that day. Over all these years since he first moved to this town and worked his butt off for the company he grew to respect this spot more and more. Back then, it was only thanks to one of his team members who lived on this side of town that he found this area for Gary himself actually lived on the opposite side. That guy’s car was due for inspection, so he asked him to give him a ride home.
“Steven, I owe you for this”, he said satisfied, nodding.
Then, after stretching out and cursing while having a hard time fishing for the thermal bottle that had more hot tea in it and which had evidently fallen under the passenger seat during his reckless driving parade, he opened the door and stepped outside. be continued...

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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