Stewy Lemmon's Childhood Adventures

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - A Night In Shining Armor

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017




From the 8th diary entry of Stewy Lemmon's childhood fun adventures.


It was a little while after our trip to the snow when dad said he had some good news. His brother Albert who worked as a tour guide in the very old castle named Shining-Amor located in the historical town of Woncy Upon Thames had invited the whole family to stay a night in Shining-Armor.


The castle would be closed to the public so they could upgrade the gardens watering system and do some minor renovations to the old horse stables. He told dad it might be the only time we could come and stay there and would we like to come.


Once dad told us the good news the whole family agreed that it was a chance in a lifetime to stay in a castle, and we were all ever so keen.

Then mum and dad told us they would get straight to work on some super secret special surprises for the entire Lemmon family to enjoy while staying at the very old castle.


Only three days to go and we still didn't know what they were both up to. Dad was busy driving into town and back again and straight back into his unusually built and outrageously painted outback backyard shed, while mum was coming and going from her very own and colourful Arts n Crafts hobby room at the back of the house.


It was now Saturday morning and dad got up at the crack of dawn to pack the car with all of our baggage but soon realised that he needed more room. So he decided to hook up our very old trailer for a bit of extra room, but had covered up everything that was packed inside, so we couldn't see our super secret special surprises.


We then all got into our family car and headed off for a night in Shining-Armor, the very old castle.Then the whole family pretended we were all travelling to the old castle, in our very own majestical looking, royal horse drawn carriage.


With our dad as head carriage driver, mum as the royal Caretaker, my identical twin sisters declared themselves the Princess's Emma and Jemma of Shimmerleedimmerlee Estate, they told us all with a smirk on their face. My little brother had to be Lord Lemmy the Little of Woncy Upon Thames; of course, Smoochy was named the royals pet Corgi and I of course was his Excellency King Stewy the IIIV.


Oh what fun was had by all, travelling to the old castle while pretending and talking just like real royals would do.


Upon entering the castles estate we even got to drive across the drawbridge and through the large fortified gates. Our Uncle Albert was waiting for us at the foot of the stairs and then opened all of our pretend horse drawn carriage doors.


We all stepped out and burst into laughter and dad jokingly said to Uncle Albert "You can take the royal baggage to our rooms and then make our dinner on time and don't forget the fine wine. Then with a grin Uncle Albert said, '"Will that be all Sir.


The whole family then walked up the front stairs, through the grand entrance and into the foyer that had a massive staircase right in the middle. Wow, I thought what it must have been like to live as a king.


We all went upstairs to our very own bedrooms to take a warm bath, while we were bathing; mum crept in and laid our super secret special surprise over our beds. Dad went to the trailer and took off the covers and hid our other secret surprise in the castles large garden shed.


We were all so happy with our mother's surprise. Our clever mum had handmade us all, colourful and flamboyant royal attire to wear to dinner, that a real King and Queen would surely desire.


The dining table was like twenty foot long, mum and dad couldn't even see me, if I happened to do anything wrong. After the main course and plenty of talk our Uncle Albert said I'll be back in a sec, mum asked if he needed a hand, but he said no thanks, I am just going to fetch the desserts, I won't be too long.


He was gone for quite a while, when all of a sudden the doors swung open, and in came a knight in shining armour. My dad fell off his chair, still holding onto a small royal jug and ended up with apple sauce all over his face. Both my older identical twin sisters just started to dream real fast, for they both had the same identical thought their husband to be, had come to take them away at last.


It's so funny how the brains of identical twins seem to work. Smoochy had jumped straight back into my top left-hand side pocket full of fright.

Then the knight started to laugh and said out loud, "Will that be all Sir" For it was our funny Uncle Albert playing a practical joke on us all and saying now he was equal, now that his brother Archie, had got his just desserts.


In the morning our dad went to the large garden shed and brought out his super secret special surprises. He had made four homemade rocking horses for us all to enjoy. A little one for Lemmy a medium sized one for me and two identical much larger ones for my much older identical twin sisters Emma and Jemma.


We got dressed again in our colourful and flamboyant royal attire, which we had worn to the royal dinner the night before. After a day full of horsing around and even playing chess on the outside gigantic playing board, it was time to say farewell to Uncle Albert and thank him for the time, we had spent having a ball.


For what a wonderful trip we had staying a night in Shining-Armor that very old castle. All pretending to be royals and even dancing in the great hall, but we all knew it couldn't really happen in real life, that's for sure.

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