Stewy Lemmon's Childhood Adventures

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Yellow Tail - Mouse Tale

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017




From the 9th diary entry of Stewy Lemmon's childhood adventures.


This week I had the best surprise present since Christmas Day, when I received my new, grouse pet mouse named, Smooch. But the surprise didn't come from my parents, Archie or Flo, for it didn't even come from my little brother Lemmy's mouth. It wasn't from the mouths of my two much older identical twin sisters, Emma and Jemma, either. Believe it or not, it came from the mouth of my mouse, named  Smoochy. Yes that's right, he does speak and he told me about his remarkable life story since birth.


It began when I was feeding him some of my mum's delicious afternoon treat. Do you remember the one that I named 'A colourful fruit-blast'? Smoochy said, 'wow!, I love your mum's food, it reminds me of my mums magical dessert creations, she used to make for me, before I came to live with the you and your family'.

I was gob.smacked, when I heard Smoochy actually having a conversation with me. I now knew 100%, that I wasn't dreaming or hallucinating, when I thought, Smoochy spoke to me. Just like the time on the seashore with the whale, and the fairy floss at the seaside resort named, Slip Slop Slap Bay. Also the time during the circus, while we were holidaying at the big top park circus, named Rolling River Retreat.

Smoochy, told me about his parents, who's names are, Slippy and Sloppy. He also said, 'that his birth name is actually, Poppy’! But he didn't seem to mind being called Smoochy, his name I had given him last Christmas. He said, 'It's grouse for a mouse to have a cool nickname, in the world of humans'!

He also added, that in the animal world most creatures, don't even speak. Except for some mice, a parrot, and he was also led to believe, maybe even the odd Dolphin, swimming around the ocean.

Smoochy, told me, 'how he and his parents Slippy and Sloppy, ended up at the local pet shop, in my local village named, Shimmerdimmerlee, when he was just 2 years old'.

Smoochy also told me, 'That his parents, used to travel around the globe with a very colourful and world famous circus troop named, Mr. Kazoontite's and his Marvellous, Magical, Mysterious and Musically Minded Misfits'.

They both used to appear in an act, with the circus's ventriloquist, who's stage name was, 'Mumbling Murray the Mouth of the South'. They would pop their heads out of his top, left and right hand side pockets, of his jacket, and pretend to speak in English. They could also speak a little bit of his native language called, 'Ogbogolo'.

When Mumbling Murray, opened his mouth and spoke, they would only be grinding their teeth together, to get the cheese out of the gaps of their teeth. But, the crowd thought it was funny, so they just kept doing it, for every act, over several years.


Then, one day my mum was having a baby, it was me. I was born in a big top circus and was looked after ever so well, by my parents and all of the other circus workers.


Then one day, Mumbling Murray had to go back to his home country, to look after his sick sister.

Mumbling Murray had just finished the circus tour near our village and decided he should take my parents and I to the local pet store. He thought, 'Maybe they can be cared for, by a new loving family'.


While living in the pet store, we noticed, with utter amazement, a very colourful parrot, talking in English. So, Smoochy's dad, answered him back, and the parrot almost fell off his perch. He spun around, about 3 times in a row. He then yelled back to my Dad, 'did you say that'? Yes, I did indeed, replied my dad, with a very proud smile on his face. Wow, said the parrot, 'I thought I was the only non human who could speak'.


Smoochy's Dad told the parrot, who's name was Polly, by the way, 'that he and his wife Sloppy, had learnt to speak English, from the ventriloquist acts performing with Mumbling Murray, the Mouth of the South, and the world famous circus troop named, 'Mr. Kazoontite's, Marvellous, Magical, Mysterious and Musically Minded Misfits'.


They, in turn, taught their only son, Smoochy, mouse language during the day and English at night, before he went to sleep.


My mum Sloppy used to make a magical, melting creation for the family. It was the best mixture of sweet and colourful ingredients that anyone could ever imagine.


She used to go looking for snacks that were left on the floor, or under the seating area after the end of each nights circus performance. She would find things like salted popcorn with a touch of butter, a variety of different coloured chocolate, Neapolitan ice cream, orange Jaffa's and an assortment of lollies.

It was such fun eating it all up, in a large dessert bowl after our main meal. Gee, Whiz, I miss those days and miss my mum and dad so much, Smoochy (Poppy) told me.


So, the next day I mentioned to my parents, ‘That I really need to go to the local pet shop to get something really important for Smoochy’. My parents said, ‘What do you need’? Dad also mentioned, ‘That, he has built a new pet mouse house for my grouse new pet mouse Smoochy and even hand painted it with his colourful flair using his artistic nous.


Mum said, ‘ What else does Smoochy need? I said, ‘It is something that everyone needs in life and can never be replaced.

So my parents said, ‘Ok, tomorrow morning we will go down to the village pet shop and try and find what is so important for you and your grouse pet mouse Smoochy.


Here we are Smoochy! We’re at the pet shop that housed you and your parents a few years ago. Let's go and have a look for your mum and dad together.


We saw slimy snakes, sticky spiders, floating frogs, flirting fish, droopy ducks and even timid turtles. Then, all of a sudden we spotted several mouse houses.


Smoochy was quietly saying, ‘Hello mum and dad, are you here’? Even I was yelling out, Slippy, Sloppy, are you here. Then, Smoochy spotted his parents in a mouse house which was stacked up on a shelf full of books, towards the back of the pet shop.


Hello son, ‘How have you been and how did you know we were living here’?Smoochy told them, ‘That his new friend Stewy, knows that he can talk and I told him of my early years of life and what had happened to us all.


I then yelled out to my parents, ‘I've found what Smoochy needs’, we have found his real parents, right here in Shimmerdimmerlee's village pet shop.

Mum and dad said, ‘Ok then, you can buy the two much older mice, so that Smoochy has a mum and dad like everyone should have in their lives.


So, back home we went and we welcomed Smoochy's mum and dad, Slippy and Sloppy to their new grouse pet mouse house and even showed them dads unusually built and outrageously painted outback backyard shed.


It was a hot afternoon, so we all slid down the Terrific, Triple, Tumbling, Tremendously Turning, Travelling Tubes, to the village pond and introduced Buck the Duck to Smoochy's mum and dad.


Smoochy and I have decided to keep his families secret to ourselves for now. It's ok, that my mum and dad don't believe what I say on some occasions. Because at least I know, what the meaning of family means deep down inside, for myself but also for my friend and grouse pet Smoochy and his loving mum and dad.

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