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What turned my heart cold

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



His words were so comforting, so believable.

They were like music to my ears, love to my heart, and a friend to my lonely life.

He brain washed me, drowned me in love, so much I never wanted it to end.

I never wanted to be without it. His love to me was like dope to a feen.

Of course our highs were different, love was my choice of drug and at that moment I

overdosed on it.

Never in my life had I experienced it the way he exposed it to me.

I was an addict and like an addict I did whatever I could to always have it.

But it just wasn't enough, and as bad as I didn't want it to happen, he took it all away.

All the promises, all the laughter and joy, all the love.

He cut my heart right open and didn't even care, because he knew he had me wrapped

around his finger, he knew I'd keep coming back for more.

Doing whatever he wanted just so I could feel the love again.

Like a feen trying to quit cold Turkey, not even rehab could fix me.

Life was no longer life in my eyes, it was Hell for me.

To walk around and see all the live souls, but yet feel so cold, it was harsh for me.

I lusted to feel alive again.

I prayed for death and sunny days, confusion was now my best friend, my mind was


My heart pumped, but was pushing ice through my veins.

I knew I'd die soon.

Took me forever to realize I could live without it because I had before. He took my

soul, at least it felt that way.

The world was cold and black to me, I couldn't understand, why someone would love

you so good and in the same breath hurt you so bad.

I finally learned that after the heartache life went on.

He opened my eyes to a whole new world.

If it wasn't for him, I'd still be blinded by lies right now.

I wouldn't even know what reality was.

There's some good to some heartache, and that's the life lessons it teaches, and this

was my lesson...

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