Vampire Queen

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The Vampire Queen is at war. Will she prevail?

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017




Vampire Queen

It was a cold and rainy day. Perfect. All the people of the town were coming out from hiding and rejoicing in the fact that they could walk the earth with no harm. They thundered down the road, pushing, shoving, and laughing along the way. When they reached the castle, they celebrated. I stepped forward to talk to the towering guards.They shifted slightly, examining the possible threat. They immediately relaxed, realizing that I, a scrawny figure that could barely pass for a vampire, could not possibly cause any harm to the Vampire Queen. They chuckled and  started sifting their eyes through the crowd. A booming voice suddeningly went over them.

“Hello, my people. I know it has been along time since you have been outside without fear, and I know that the fear still lingers in you. But, fear not! We are completely safe from the harming rays of the sun. You are all free!” Her short, pixie cut, brown hair lingered across her forehead. Her dress was a silky, black, lace dress that falls to the floor. But, I couldn’t focus on her dress or hair. I just looked into her cold, dark, mysterious eyes, her pale, weathered, rounded cheekbones. I knew that this must be our queen.

No one has ever seen Queen Rebecca in real life. I have looked at pictures, but in real life, she is her own masterpiece. I wish I could have a conversation with her, or even cross walkways in the hallways of the castle. I knew I needed to get rid of this stupid fantasy. She looked to her guards, nodded, and walked back inside. The guards showed worry on their faces.i wondered what was wrong. I guess the threat was reading my mind.

I heard the howling first. I looked to see where the sound was coming from, and saw the silhouette of a hairy beast. A woman. No, a girl. She continued to howl, and other werewolves gathered around her. She must be the queen. She wore a crown. I bet it shimmered in the moonlight. I wouldn’t have to wait long to test my theory. The sun was disappearing from the sky, into the trees. I understood not why the queen looked afraid.

People rushed past me, falling, getting back up again, then repeating. I went against the crowd, walking closer to the castle. I put on a brave face, marched up to the guard, and looked him straight in the eye. At least the best I could. He was looking at the werewolves.

“I want to help.” my voice came out more like a whisper than a shout. I tried again. “I want to help.” The guy looked away from the enchanting wolves, gave me a puzzled look, then nodded.

“The more the better.” he muttered. He started talking about how we need to be the best we can be, and how the guards are the most important people. Then, he caught his mistake, and added a couple words. “Besides the queen of course.”

I battled bravely, killing, hoping, and leading.  The wolves surrendered after realizing that they were outnumbered. They led us to their camp, told us about their prisoner, and pointed to where we could find them. All by force of course.

We walked over to the prisoner’s holding area, asked if they were all okay, and them. When we walked out, the queen gasped. Did I not mention that she came with us on this little outing? Well, she did. Anyway, she gasped, collapsed to the floor, and started crying. One of the prisoners came over to comfort the queen. She wrapped her arms around her, kissed her forehead, and started crying too.

Her red hair shimmered in the sun, playing tricks on your eyes. She had a tall figure, a slender body, and curvy hips.  She had freckles creating a bridge across her face, rosy cheekbones, and fangs creeping their way across her lips. She looked like someone you only read about in fairytales.

“Elisabeth! Oh, Elisabeth! You’re alive! I am so glad.” The queen smiled, hugging the girl. It was like that for another 10 minutes. We walked back to the castle in silence. We still had no idea who the mysterious girl was.

“People of Firendale, I know you love me as your queen, and would never want me to leave you, but the time has come.” She paused, letting people gasp. Some people just stood there, speechless. Others were struggling to keep their happiness from bursting through. “I have found my daughter.” A wave of gasps flooded me. “Elisabeth will be taking my spot as queen. I don’t wear a crown, but there is one.” She pulls out a golden piece of wire, wrapped around a piece of tree, with flowers weaved throughout the crown. She placed it delicately on her daughter’s head.

“All hail Queen Elisabeth! All hail Queen Elisabeth!” We all chanted this for hours. I think the new queen fell asleep.



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