The Wanderer

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Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



Listen. So long, that we forgot where he came from… Grape vines are covering the columns that held the cosmos for the last eternity… Look, the stories collect into one pattern and through it - existence is taking shape. Wanderer, have you thought of where your own song came from? Under an ocean’s surface, songs become pure and clear… It’s beautiful, isn’t it? They are the notes of one and perfect Song of the Weightless. And after your songs are sang, they are taken to the Empire of Silence. They then serve a greater purpose that only the Creators are aware of. Notes are beautiful and make their own wonderous melodies in the cosmic rhythms. Look again, they are being harvested by Death.

Go. Weightless. He walks through every plain of existence leaving ripples of echoes wherever he passes.

Every note is a jewel. Alas, these jewels may be lost during the harvests and get trapped in the cosmic silence. Lost and alone and cold, waiting for something. The Void seeks them out and consumes. Beware the Devourer, Wanderer! He’s a horrible thing and we can do nothing about him.

But The First Sun… Look, Wanderer. Ripples of echoes. A mask with shining bright eyes. He travels through the cosmic rhythms and collects the notes that were lost. He then bring them back to where they belong and gives them the his sister. The Wanderer passed our gardens not so long ago.

We know not where exactly where he came from nor where will his journey end, but we now see him and we watch his graceful movement through the plains of echoes and harvests the notes. Flock of fireflies fills sleepy groves and whisper pretty songs into the ears of dreaming woodlings… They follow him ever so willingly for they know that he means no harm to them. A beautiful dance. He plays them the music of the spheres and joyfully leads them into the light.

Watch him with us for a while, sweetling. The Wanderer doesn’t have a single care in the Universe, and may he never have any. 

Here’s another secret, keep it…


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