Alferto Isles

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Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



Start loading, 

Vortex of words that once were sentences. Three pairs of eyes with different agendas. With different plans, that they keep as secret from each other. But we know all their secrets. Because we’re whispering them into their ears. 

Now, listen. With your little ears made of seashells and petals. We’ve been dormant. We’ve been watching the show and the actors are ever so wonderful. We stood up to praise their genius art of remaking what was done long long long time ago. A pitty though that old arts are withering like flowers that outlived their bloom. 

Long ago there were giants. They walked the world that we nurture with our words and cradle in the Song of the Weightless. The Giants were friendly with Art and helped him build his glorious palaces of marble and light. They were holding sky whilst he was hanging stars in his own fashion. They were walking across oceans to carry flora and fauna on their shoulders. Great migrations only fully happen with great legs, aye? 

And it was a wonderful time. 

But then Art’s sister arrived. And in her mad mischief she came to one of the eight brothers. And fed him with her undeniable voices and made him listen and made him dance her dance. He spread his wings and colored the skies with purple fire. He burned the gardens and tried to get to the dormant highborns. To feed on their songs and turn their bodies into ashes. We were there. We tried to call him. But he didn’t listen. His ears were covered with webs of her promises, and we risked getting caught and die in them. 

After furiously fighting for its life, one giant fell. Collapsed into the ocean, smitten by the rage of the insane dragon. In terror, the star-walking titans left Kirr-ann and never came back. But they didn’t take the body of their brethren with them. 

Spin the wheel of time. The circles start again and again and again and again… Dizzy dance of Fate and Time. 

At first their was an island. It was wild and beautiful. But then it sank. Washed and polished with ocean’s currents, it rose as many isles to the surface. 

Loading finished. Behold, Alferto Isles. 

On the body of the fallen giant, that with time disintegrated into many islands, a forest sprouted. Feeding off the soil that is his body and drinking his cyan crystal blood, wild gardens grew. Nature heard their songs and came to see the source. Impressed by such an unusual hamrony of blue and green, she lifted the veil between her ever-living world and this one. And wild children of Nature came forth dancing. They inhabited the groves of emerald beauty and caves full of cyan crystals, lakes of clear waters and cliffs white with beards of clouds. Green folk were watching after the gardens, whilst wisps and fauns were tending to the beasts. 

And one of the eight, the one with wings of blue and scales of green, came to Alferto and fused with it’s wilds forever since. And no rulers claimed the woods of Alferto for they admitted none. 

Years passed. Almost a thousand. More than that. And a pregnant woman came to the wild shoreline. And the second she stepped on the white beach, new page of Alferto turned. But the House of the Forest is a different story… 

Here’s another secret, Wanderer. Keep it. 

Sing Your Dreams, 


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