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Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



I went upstairs to my room, the room had simple furniture, and a small bathroom.

" Do you need anything else sir?"

"No thanks, Good night."

I lied on the bed hoping to get some good sleep before the journey, but it was almost impossible because of the storm. conveniently they don't use electricity which would have been cut by now, but it was also very boring because there was no TV or internet.

I hoped that the man was right about the storm as I couldn't stay here for another day.

Waking up the next day, the weather was cool and the buildings were swallowed by the fog . I went to a walk in the village to get supplies , everywhere there was movement. The village looked like it came back from the dead; streets were full of people, children running around and men heading out to work. Something didn't feel right; their clothes looked different, figured it was because it was isolated from modern civilization since it wasn't in the map I got. I felt like an outsider but no one paid attention to me, like I didn't exist. I entered a grocery shop and got the stuff I need to continue my trip, the shop keeper didn't even glance at me. I put money on the counter then left. I went back to the hotel to check out and continue my journey.

As I continued my journey, I looked back at the village. The fog dispersed and it was like the village never existed.

What was this village? Was I imagining all that or is there a secret behind it?

Wait for it in "Into oblivion."

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