the new personality

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a girl is fighitng demons within herself and finds out who she really is

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



Her long  brown hair sways in the  night  breeze . Her  bright pink lights  kiss the  tears streaming from her eyes and her hazel  brown  eyes escape into everyone's  soul around her. Her name is like a mist of cool  air .  every word  spoken from her  bright  pink lips was  a word of  wisdom .  she acted  so strong but deep inside monsters were fighting  with in her  . she was like a old  rusty lock longing to be open  but  scared of whom or what would open her and hurt her again. Words  rattled in her brain  and memories  flashed like a bright light .  she had never gotten over  her parents divorce and was longing for  them to reunite.  It was like  she was  losing her mom and dad both  of them played a  special  role in her life and  without the bond of a family and the love she  felt like her world was a  piece of glass broken into  a million pieces , but her  kind and loving soul  would show no mercy .  Thoughts  rumbled through her mind and she knew if she kept thinking of the negative  all the evil and pain would win the battle  .  her  bright  future and a  family of her own glimmered in her twinkling hazel  eyes . she knew if she kept fighting the battle self love and hope  was all she  needed.  Even  if sometimes she  fell into a dark hole and  into a deep depression she knew she could always  bring herself out with the love for her family and friends.  She had many  dreams and goals that were at the  tip of her fingers . if she tryed and never gave up and used her wisdom all would be one again and the past would be the past , and memories reborn . her new  positive outlook on life  would  bring her  joy and happiness if she let it . only she  could want to be happy  and yes obstacles  could get in her way but her strong mind and tuff  body  could fight them way . she was a girl like no other and yes she was longing  for love but she needed no man to  fulfill  her. She is a powerful  woman  and will be  following the words to the  wise . As she walks down  the street .  splashing  water droplets every where and  enjoying  the night breeze she has a  weight off her  shoulders and a new beginning to a new train of thought . she is very excited to  see who she will become but will always remember the struggles  that she had to fight to become the  young lady she is today .  her personality is like no other and  only she  truly  knows who she is as a person and what she wants to do with her life . she is the her own person and no one can stop her on her long  journey  to find  herself.

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