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I like to write my thoughts, so I would not categorize my work as poetry but simply 'thoughts'. This piece I wrote after watching a movie, true story, which made me realize that so many of us take ourselves for granted.

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



Their pain and suffering not being felt or known, being treated like they are invisible. The ghost that they have become. The beautiful people that they are, the joy they can bring to others and the so many lives they can touch. Yet they chose to be with those that cannot see them, they go through life as ghosts, invisible…lifeless beings.

They are not able to give or shine or to receive and get what they deserve. Floating through this very short life as nobodies, that is so harsh since we are all somebody and we are all important in our own way. We deserve to be recognized and honored just for being who we are. How many of us out there are not invisible ghosts? How can we be sure that the partners we chose can actually see us?

So many people waste so much precious time that others would pay anything to have. People take for granted what others see as a luxury.

How can we keep being seen and not turn into ghosts or become invisible? I am very much alive to him. I know he can see me, even when we are apart - a precious gift that cannot be bought, knowing you have someone that can see you. Something I will never take for granted. He fills my soul and by my side he brings me to life. The black and white turns into colors, the cold emptiness into the warmth of life.

He is my celebration of life.

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