The Forgotten

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A trip into my mind.

Submitted: January 18, 2017

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Submitted: January 18, 2017



The hole was there

Permanent and devastating

Punched there after blows

Over a span of months

There was no physicality

Only mental devastation

Love and lust are blinding

They are damaging

They can heal

They can shatter

They are invisible killers

They take the life out of you

Make it impossible to breathe

One struggles to hold on

The other leaves without a glance

The one forgotten can’t live

The other sees the damage

And leaves anyway

Truly alone

The hole sets in

Making itself felt after

The blows mounted up

And yet the one left behind

Can’t move

Can’t breathe

Can’t fight anymore

They fall to the floor

Giving in to the pain

And the darkness wins

Its sucks the forgotten

Into its clutches

There is no fight left

The forgotten smiles

At the blackness

Revels in the loneliness

Knowing it’s impossible

To ever feel whole

The forgotten lets go

Of everyone and everything

Picks up the bottle

Pours the capsules in

Smiles at the darkness

Cutting her strings

And she is gone


© Copyright 2019 Mollie May. All rights reserved.

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