The Half Child - Chapter 2 - The Seven Hour War

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When the helicopter that was carrying Maron crashed, he got up and looked at the sky. While everything was going insane, with the Xen and Military and the Black Mesa personnel fighting, the Combine flashed portals everywhere and the Seven Hour War had begun, and Maron was caught in the middle of it.

Submitted: January 18, 2017

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Submitted: January 18, 2017



Maron looked around the helicopter as it flew above a place he recognized. It was a snowy area. Maron had realized he fell asleep on the ride, and just as he was about to ask how long he was out for, the helicopter had been hit hit by a Combine Portal, that radiated an EMP. The copter crushed itself, killing the pilot and half of the crew. The helicopter was going down fast. Maron got up and grabbed his armor, grabbing his Multigun and not caring about the other weapons. He looked at one Captain left, and thought. He pressed a button on his helmet and the Captain and Him were encased in a Xen shield, protecting them as the copter crashed.  Maron got up and looked at the Captain. "Whats you're name dude?" The captain responded with, "Jordon. Jordon Shephard." the boy nodded and looked at him. "Mine's Maron. Now, listen. I know what those things are, my father and my uncle both theorized about them from Black Mesa's view, and Aperature's. My uncle was an Aperature scientist, but..he died from an accident. Well we think so. We think that the computer they were designing to watch over two projects threw him into an inceneration vent or something, but we don't know. The things that crashed us are Combine, and this crap might get bad soon. I know a safe place, but the Grids there don't recognize Military. I could sneak you in but if the Combine come in, it'll activate the defense systems and kill you. You're the only person who knows I exist right now, and That's bad. The last thing my father said was to find Gordon Freeman. That means I need to survive until the Combine are gone...or...the Combine take over. Regardless, I need to survive. That means keeping you alive.  What can you do to survive?" the man responded with an area he could hide, and two communication devices they could talk to each other with. They agreed, and the boy and the Captain split up. The captain activated his and placed it on his ear, while Maron did the same thing.  The Captain went to a secret bunker, where Maron went to a seemingly meaningless shed with flowers around it. He pressed on two peices of wood, and the door opened. There was an elevator that went down into the ground. Maron quickly went down, told the Computer who was there. The computer's name was Angus. "Hello Angus. It's me, Maron. My uncle took me here when I was a toddler. His name was Davison." "Hello Maron. Behind this door are the two projects I was assigned too. The ASHPD, and...the other one. Which are you accessing?""Both Angus. I need both. Bring me to the ASHPD, then open the Other One.""Only level twelve personnel may access more then the project they are assigned too, and you aren't assigned to any.""Exactly, Angus. Outside, the Combine that my uncle and father theorized about are ravaging the earth. Aperature is going to collapse soon. So if you don't want to be left here, I suggest you open the projects.""Calculating.....Accepted. I will open the projects if you take my Proccessing chip from the main computer, I do not wish to be deactivated while the Combine are destroying the world.""Deal. Open the projects." Angus opened the doors, and Maron went about collecting the ASHPD, and then waited for the other Project to activate and the doors to open. While he was waiting, something else happened. Another system hid into Angus's processer, and when Maron collected it, the system went with Angus. Maron opened the second project, and in it was a giant ship. The ship read Borealis on the side, and Maron got into it. He hid in the Captain's Deck, and set up a little shelter area for him to reside in. While he did, he one day, he lost the ASHPD, and didn't find it. The foreign system had plans for it, and the System took control of the Borealis, setting itself a way to appear back in the Aperature Laboratory. When Maron woke up, the Borealis was somewhere trapped in the ice. Maron got up, got his Multigun and Mask, and took the handheld computer device that Angus was plugged into. Maron got out of the cave and looked around. He heard a siren coming from a huge tower. While he was hiding, the Combine took over. Maron cursed under his breath. He told Angus to log into the Combine Network, and when Angus did, there were reports of an Anticitizen going off the charts. Maron figured that was Freeman, and he used a device he found on the Borealis. He shot it towards the Citdel, and it overshot, and landed on the Black Swamp Base. He fired the other one, and threw the device back into the Borealis, then walking through it. The device fizzled the other portals away, and Maron walked to the front of the base. He then saw a man in a suit with a suitcase watching him from the window inside. Maron stopped in his tracks, and something flashed in his eyes. The man was suddenly infront of him. "The man you are looking for, signed his contract long ago. If you do manage to find him, tell him that "His mutual friend sent you". He will not understand it, for he cannot communicate. My employers have found that he would not succeed if he had a voice, so he doesn't have one. You're best chance is to find his friends. Young man, while you have played you're part before the Black Mesa Incident with Aperature and you're family, We have already found a use for you. If you complete that use, we may take it into consideration of...well..I'm afraid not even my employers can say." Maron looked back around, stood up, and continued to the door of Black Swamp. "Hello? Can someone open the door?" Someone walked out of it, and asked him who he was. "My name is Maron. Maron Forerun. I need to find Gordon Freeman." The man thought, and told him that Gordon was at White Forest. They told him where to go, and before he left, a woman came from the main office. She asked for the child to follow her, and the two went to the main lab, the women called for the scientist, Doctor Thrio."Yes what is it? I'm trying to contact Doctor Eli. Who is this child?" the woman told the scientist his name was Maron, and that he was looking for Gordon Freeman."Hmm..I can send a transmission to Doctor Eli and Doctor Kliener, and they can find a path for him. But that's all we can offer.""Thanks sir." Maron walked outside, and started trekking along the path. Maron stopped at a Warehouse, and walked in. It was dark, so Maron layed a flashlight down and sat by what seemed to be Risistance beds. He lied in one, and fell asleep. He awoke to what he though was an Eyehound. He then got down, pulled out his Multigun. Too his dismay, a Cremator jumped out of the shadows, and ran to the child, But did not hit him. The child looked at the hunter, and realised it was lost. "Hello name is Maron. Why are you here?" Angus translated what the Cremator was telling him. It was saying that it had lost it's divison, and after seeing what Cremators were used for, it didn't want to continue. Maron and the Cremator decided to go to White Forest together, and when Day came, they continued. They reached White Forest, and stopped at the doorway. A rebel came out, and stopped by them. "Who are you?""Maron Forerun. Im looking for Gordan Freeman.""He arrived a while ago. Come on in. WOAH WOAH! Why is there a Cremator behind you?! Why isn't he attacking?!""Oh. It got seperated from its Division and hates his job. Basically. So...yeah.""Oh. Well, come on then. " The rebel went to a communication station and called for Doctor Eli. Eli told the Rebel to send him there, and the rebel told them where. Maron and the Cremator walked to the main area, and looked at the laboratory. Doctor Eli looked at the child and the Cremator. "Is he hostile?""Nope, he's fine."Eli nodded and told Kliener to come out. "Kliener, this is the only child left on Earth. Gordon isn't here yet boy, but if you would like to stay here, then you can. Judith! Come out here." Doctor Mossman left her compute room."Oh wait! Mossman, there's something someone said I needed to tell you. He told me to tell you, The Aurora's bretheren hides in the ice." He whispered to the woman, and she left immediatly to her computer room.


The suitcase and suit man appeared, telling the boy he had succeeded. The boy disappeared, and the Suitcased man told him he would be brought back, if he ever needed him again. Little did he know, he would very soon. 

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