hearts wont stop loving

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: House of Books

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Are you sure

That what you said was what you meant?


All i see is

Promises broken

Heart spilling open

On top of me



Your crimson fire

Alights my soul

With passionate flames

Let's fuel the flames together



And live out eternity

With time on our hands

And the world on our shoulders

Our hearts beating in unison



Let's take that beat

And spread it throughout the world

Spread some love



After all

Eternity is eternity



I meant what i said

But hearts have a way of choosing

Who to hurt

And who to love

Do you know the secret pain i felt

Separated from my one true love?



Those ten years i spent away

Part of my heart wasting in pain

Agony to be torn from the man i loved!


I know hearts can be choosy

And make you betray me

But promise you’ll fight against the Side with all you can

In the name of our Kingdom



I'll try my best

But the Side is part of me

It always will be

Because of you






I would kill a thousand beasts

I would tear out my own heart for you

If it only meant finding my other half

The Side jewel is part of me

Cursing my bloodline-


(Yuruka interrupting)

Don't tell me i fell in Love with someone that i can never attain

It's sin to love a man

Who lives with the Side

Silent agony fills my heart

Please tell me you'll fight it, Rue!


For the name of our Kingdom

For the name of our life

I want you to fight it for everything you’ve got!



I'll try my hardest

But i'm assuming you heard
That fateful night at the Castle

Memories better off burned


I didn't have a choice

It was live or die

You can see what i chose


(to himself)

And where it got me!


But to a maiden as fair

As a sweets-fairy’s hair

I will fight for you

And our Kingdom

As well as the surviving Kin


(trails off as eyes grow black)

I'm sorry, Yuruka.

Seems it’s came again

I'll see you in morrow

Perhaps as King



Never! I tell of tales

Of misfortune wide and hearts failed

To account for one's weaknesses-


(Yuruka interrupting)

Rue, grab my hand

Even if it takes me

I'd rather it me than you


(Rue and Yuruka grab hands and turns to normal)



The Side is defeated

If only for now

Love is a crime here

But it's a sin we can pay

If not only with our very lives

But the hearts inside them too


END of part 1




(Yuruka-alone in room, ranting to herself)

Oh please tell me

What secrets does a knight's heart hold?


To make a person unattainable and cold

And only show outward emotion

In times of fear and surprise

I wish to know more about this strange person

So they love me as i have dreamed!


Oh, dear Rue, my stone-cold knight


Is now watching her picture of Rue


Who’s normal facade disappears with fright

What secrets does your heart hold

Such is a mystery i may never find


Is now crying


Why must you leave me this time?



Unable to sleep
Nightmares plague me at night

Dreams no longer here



As heir to the throne, i have duties


If i agreed to that girl’s foolish whim

Of living forever

Would it go against the rules i have spoken

Or render me unusable

With my heart finally broken?


I cannot handle the suspense of not knowing

And as prince i must find a lady counterpart

One i love with good looks and heart

That hereon is my mission


Submitted: January 19, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Hot Cocoa. All rights reserved.

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