The Storyteller and the Hero

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Interesting thing that I decided to write because why not?
May be connected to Artifact Hunters or something later...

Submitted: January 18, 2017

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Submitted: January 18, 2017



Once after a time, in a land far far away, the princess married the prince and lived happily ever after.

But you are wondering, “Why are you starting the story at the end?” Well, let me tell you before you rudely interrupt me with that. Everyone should know that when one story ends, another starts.


In the castle of the prince and princess, there lived a hero-for-hire. His name was Harrald.

Now, the prince and Harrald were on very good terms with each other. Harrald actually assisted the prince in retrieving the princess from an evil beast. After doing so, Harrald took up residence in the castle. But that is not the story.

This is.

One quiet night, Harrald was feeling restless. He tossed and turned in his covers. Then, he sat up. He looked around the familiar castle room. The grey stone walls, ceiling and floor, rugged and worn from decades and decades of use, almost shine in the low light. He gets up and walks to the window on the south side of his room. He took a breath of fresh air, staring at the stars for a moment. The full moon, falling lower and lower to the west side of the horizon, shines upon his brown hair. The stars is the sky are reflected in his green eyes. He turned from  the window and walked to the door directly across from his bed.

He opened the door and peered through, looking down the torch lit hall one way, and then the other. Finding no one there, he slowly closed the door and turned back into the room. He sighed. “Another sleepless night.” he muttered.

Then he noticed the talking.

Someone seemed to be narrating what he was doing, like what some of the servants would jokingly do. However, this voice didn’t sound like any-

“Who’s there?”

As I was saying, this voice didn’t sou-

“I say, who’s there?”


“Hello?” Harrald walked across the room. He looked around, trying to find the voice. “Who is there?” Harrald said, looking aroun- “And stop narrating what I’m doing!”

He looked around for the source of the voice and noticed a man in the corner. His clothes were strange, unlike anything Harrald had ever se-

“You! Who are you!” Harrald cried ou- “and stop doing that!”

Stop doing what? My job?

“So your job is to annoyingly narrate everything I’m doing?”

That’s only a perspective thing. I’m the Storyteller.

“Oh, really?” Harrald said, mock interest dri- “And I swear, if you don’t stop doing that, I will run you through with my sword.” and with that, he grabbed his sword from his bedsi- “AAAAAAAAHHHH!”

Oh you really don’t need to get so hasty… Fine I’ll do as I must.

Suddenly, an angry wizard decided that all men with brown hair, green eyes and a name that starts with the letter H in the castle were to be turned to frogs.


So what now, frog hero?

The frog croaked in indignation.

Then a tumultuous uproar sounded from the prince and princess’ quarters. As it so happened, when I, the Storyteller, turned the hero Harrald into a frog, I had inadvertently turned the prince into one as well.

Now, you must be thinking “But awesome and amazing Storyteller! You can turn them back easily!”

But no, I can’t.

You see, there are two reasons why I can’t just say “and suddenly they were human again.” and have it work.

Reason number one. It wouldn’t be much of a story if I took the easy way out.

Reason number two. You can’t just bring an angry wizard into the story and not rectify his situation.

But as I was saying, the prince and princess’ room was filled with the screaming of the princess due to the froggified prince.

Harrald croaked, getting ready to jump to his ruler’s rescue. But then the Storyteller stopped him.

I don’t exactly know if that’s the best thing to do, little frog. Didn’t you hear about why she is screaming?

The frog croaked.

That’s right! Because of a frog!

You know, I can’t keep guessing about what you’re saying. Magic personification time!

The frog started moving his mouth around, making incrementally loud croaks. Then he spat out the word “STOP.”

You’re welcome!

“I think you should leave! You’ve done enough damage already!” Harrald the frog said.

Well, I think that I could-


Well anyway, we have a wizard to satiate. I’ve been yelled at by characters in MY STORIES before, and it won’t faze me.

And with that, the Storyteller walks through the wall like nothing was there, muttering under his breath. Suddenly the night turned to day.

The frog gaped at the wall, then shrugged and hopped over to the door. Storyteller opened it up, muttering under his breath, and let the frog out.

So we’re going to the wizard now?

Harrald sighed. “Fine. I don’t like being a frog, and I sure as heck don’t want to sound like this anymore. Let’s go.”

And the intrepid pair set off, lead by the great and powerful Storyteller over mountains, across seas and through valle-

“Ok, we really don’t need any of that. We walked from the castle, through a peaceful forest, waded through a stream and noticed a few anthills along the nicely-kept path.”

Way to make it boring.

“Oh, and before you start your overly fantastical description of the wizard and his house. The house was a little shack in the middle of the forest with a nice little garden. The wizard was a white-haired, small man wearing green robes.”


So the two… hikers… talked with the wizard and found that he was angry with a boy from the castle who had brown hair and green eyes, his name being T. Henry Grey (Everyone called him by his middle name, you see. But the wizard didn’t know that), stole some magical herbs from his garden.

And after a long and glorious battle-

“A little scuffle trying to catch the kid after returning to the castle.”

And painstakingly wrenched the apology and the promise that he wouldn’t steal from the wizard again.

“... Five hours.”

He turned the Harrald and the prince back into humans.

“And lived happily ever after?”

Hmm… I’ll let you decide.


© Copyright 2017 Nate C. All rights reserved.

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