Majic: Chapter 12: New Bonds

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Stacy now has a crown, but will she be able to keep it and hold together the small kingdom of Majics that had once lived together in peace?

Submitted: January 19, 2017

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Submitted: January 19, 2017



Chapter 12: New Bonds


I slipped inside the curtain-closed space, shocked. The room had changed so much from when I had last came. It was swarmed with probably four healers in dirty red and orange fortas. But what shocked me the most was the Matal.

Compared to yesterday, his veins were no longer black. The color had come back, and he seemed way stronger. Almost strong enough to carry a brick. What had I done to him? Was this my work?

Everyone stared for a moment. Well, more like what felt like hours. No one dared to speak. It was as  quiet as a graveyard. I was beginning to think an Iceal roze us to the spot.

Then, finally, The Matal spoke. “Leave us.”

The nurses left without a second thought. Jacob and Alina slipped outside. It was only him and me.

“Ok,” said The Matal cooly. “What kinds of hell has The Council roused up?”

“I’m a queen.” I said.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Although, I do think it’s taken it’s toll.” he said. “Ella told me about it. Sounds like fun.”

How was he being so cool about it? He sounds like The Dark One never even touched him.

“I just got here yesterday. Then, bam, I have a crown.” I said. “Not what I was expecting.” I said. But then I remembered something. “But….”

“What?” asked The Matal.

“Well, you know how I had those dreams? They’re back. But they’re more…… clear. Vivid.” I sighed. “Can’t I stop them?”

The Matal thought for a minute, then said, “I don’t know. But whatever you do, don’t trust them unless it seems too real.”


As I sat in my room with Alina, my head spinned with questions.

How is this possible? Will The Matal be back? Will I be strong enough to do this? And…….

Alina sat down. “You will get through this. And when it’s over, you’ll have your reward.”

“My question is how?” I said.

“No one really knows. The answer to how usually presents itself when it’s the right time.” said Alina. “Now get some rest.”

I layed in my bed, thinking. What is happening to me?


Alina woke me at about six-thirty. I was so tired, but I knew that I had to do this.

I brushed my hair for Alina while she got me a forta. She put my hair in a braid and clipped fake diamonds into it.

“I’ve been saving these. We got a shipment one time with these while underground, and I saved some…… or maybe stole some… but it doesn’t matter.” said Alina while I laughed.

Instead of a ton of makeup, Alina just put some eyeshadow using the green of leaves.

We walked to breakfast at the Pit’s main hall. The doorman announced as we entered,

“All bow to the presence to the Queen of Elements!”

Everyone bowed quickly, then got back to eating. I went to the throne when…… The Matal was sitting on his next to mine.

Did he ever rest? Two days earlier he was almost dead, now he’s sitting there like nothing ever happened.

I stopped for a second, but Alina gave me a nudge. I walked slowly up to him.

“You’re here.” I said.

“For a first time, yes.” he said.

Then, I saw Jacob rush over. He sketched a quick bow and said, “Alina won’t make it to your meeting today, Stacy. She’s too busy making clothes for The Pit.”

“Fine by me.” I said. I turned to the Matal. “Could you maybe come to my advisor’s meeting?” I asked.

The Matal smiled. “I don’t see why not.”

We ate quickly. Thirty minutes later, we were meeting again.

It was hilarious, because when Ella arrived with some papers, she dropped them all at the sight of The Matal. Quickly, she scraped them together and sat down.

“Ok, so, what now?” I asked.

“Well, we’ve just gotten word to our spies to push for more information on the Non-Majic hostages.” said Jacob.

“And why doesn’t anyone bother to tell me?” asked The Matal, but not exactly playfully.

“Sorry.” I said.

“Ok, so, who’s call was it to press for more information?” asked The Matal.

Everyone, including myself, pointed to me.

“Ok, well, we can press for information, but we must be discreet.” said The Matal. “If The Dark One catches us….”

“He might kill the hostages.” I finished. “Or something worse.”

“Exactly.” said The Matal. “Well, I guess that’s clear. Why did he do it, though?”

“No one knows.” said Ella. “He just took them.”

The Matal frowned. “This puts us in a bad place. No one knows what he’s up to, so that means we won’t get much information.” He turned to me. “How much training have you had for the last few months?”

“Uh… would negetive five count?” I said.

“Doesn’t surprise me. After all, you just got here.” said The Matal. “Are there training rooms?”

“Yes.” said Jacob. “We train all the time. After the council meeting, would you like me to show-”


“Oh, please no.” I groaned.

Ella opened the door, and Jen, pushing her out of the way, came in with Sod and Yul at her heels. And why does it not surprise me?

She, along with the others, bowed. “Matal, it’s great to see you again, but shouldn’t you be in bed?” she said this with a hint of steel in her voice, but otherwise ok.

“I feel that your new queen needs my help now.” said The Matal. “It looks like you’ve put enough onto her, after all.”

She gritted her teeth at that. “Very well, but the rest of The Council would like to speak with you. Now.” she added.

“Well, you can tell them to wait. We’re discussing something very important.”

“Then maybe-” Jen was cut off.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t tell me what my job is.” said The Matal. Score! The last thing I would expect, but the first thing I’d want to say!

She bowed. “Sir.” she said, and left right with the other two behind her.

“They’ve been giving me crap all these three days.” I said. “I thought they would be perfectly loyal to you, but I guess not.”

“They haven’t quite been the same since the attack.” said Jacob. “They strut around thinking because they’re now filling places in on the council, they can do anything.”

“A pity too.” said The Matal. “They used to be fine soldiers. What happened to the Council members they replaced?”

“No clue. There was too much going on everyone just saw the enemy, I suppose.” said Natalie.

“Well, I have a problem.” Ella spoke up, changing the subject. “A new disease has been found between the children.”

The room went quiet and back on serious mode. “What disease?” I asked.

“We’ve named it Grettolious, color change.” said Ella. “They come out with black and purple rashes, and do not cooperate easily.”

“Are the rashes minor?” asked The Matal.

“So far, yes. They can be healed by touch. But they are still disobedient.” said Ella.

“How many have it?” asked Jacob. “We can’t have them all rebelling against us.”

“Twenty out of the two hundred.” said Ella.

“What do we do?” I asked, not knowing what would be best.

“Put all diseased children in the hospital and keep them there.” said The Matal. “Make sure you have healers working on it.”

“The rest?” asked Natalie.

“Oceankeepers will wash the training rooms and the dormintrys of the children clean to prevent disease. Make sure all children bathe once a day.” said The Matal.

“Shouldn’t we tell the council this?” I asked.

“Yes. I will, and The Matal can show the solution. If the council wants him in charge, that’s what they will get.” said Ella.

“Very well.” said The Matal.

“I think that’s as far as we can get. The Council is probably ready to knock down the door.” I said.

We all nodded. Natalie went to fetch the council, as the rest of us stayed and waited.

“This isn’t going to be easy.” said The Matal. “Now that I’m back, the council will want you out of the way, from what I’ve been told.”

“Yes.”  I sighed. “Why though?”

“There has never been a woman in charge, and The Council wants it to stay that way. But without me, you were their only option.” said Jacob.

“But why? Because I have powers no one else will ever have? I’ve never been in charge of anyone before.” I said.

“But you are now.” said The Matal.

“Don’t worry. We have your back.” said Ella.

The Council then appeared. They all bowed and sat. I didn’t know what to do, I was partly scared, partly happy, and partly angry because The Council is a bunch of retards.

“It’s nice to see you all.” said The Matal. “After my condition passed, I made sure I came back immediantly to help your new Queen.”

“Who will not be in power any more.” said Sod.

“And exactly who are you commanding?” asked Kunkou, a fireal.

“I’m commanding the council.” said Sod.

“She has a right to stay in power.” said Werer. “However, I do believe she should rest and train before having full power.”

“She made sure that we could hold up before the whole Council fell apart.” said John.

“Enough.” said The Matal. Though he said it quietly, the word slit through the room and they scilenced.

“She shall stay in power, but I myself will be training her.” said The Matal. “Now, Ella, would you please tell the council our new information?”

Ella stood with confidence. “A new disease has been named Grettolious. Color change.” said Ella. “Children have been found with this disease. It displays dark rashes that can be healed by touch, and they do not cooperate with others.”

“Can adults have this disease?” said Yul.

“Not so far. The Matal has come up with a solution that may help.” said Ella.

The Matal stood and took over. “Ella will take the children into the hospital so they have a better chance to be healed. Natalie, get some Oceankeepers to wash the training rooms and dormitories clean. Werer, you’re good with children, so make sure they bathe every night.”

“They should bathe every morning and night.” said Werer. “Better chances to keep clean.”

The Matal nodded. “Whatever works.”

“Sir,” said John. “We’ve also put some new defences to the pit.”

As John showed us the new blueprints that the Zalritics have been working on, I stayed quiet. I wasn’t too talkative right now for some reason.

Then, darkness clouded my vision, and I saw the Dark One’s fortress. It was near the sea, and it was dark and cloudy. I was in a corridor. The Dark One had my arm and was pulling me down the corridor.

I fought, but he just pulled me down. “I want you to say hi, Stacy.” he said wickedly.

He pulled open a door, and we were in a dungeon. It was dark and filthy. There, in a cell, were about nineteen children. I gasped.

“That’s not it.” said The Dark One.

Then, he pulled me to the next stall, where an injured, sick Lucy was.


“Lucy?” I pressed against the bars. She stayed limp, unconscious.

“Lucy please!” I choked. Tears came down. “Wake up.”

Darkness again.



I sat up. I was on the floor, with the Matal and Ella and Jacob by my side. The rest of them were just standing there, watching.

I spazzed out for a second. The Matal took my hand.

“Relax.” said The Matal.

“Rest of you, clear out.” barked Jacob. “Now.”

The council left as Ella and The Matal got me on a chair.

“He has her.” I whispered. “He has my sister.”

“Your sister?”asked The Matal.

“Yes. And nineteen other children inside. I have to save them…”  I mumbled.

“Stacy, listen to me.” said The Matal. “We must be careful. You must be. It might be to lure us out, to trick us into a trap-”

“I have to save her before he kills her!” I said.

“He won’t kill her.” said Jacob. “I know it. If he wants you to bargain, or come, or anything, he’ll have her alive. Think about it: he needs her alive or he’s a sitting duck.”

“Or he’s a dead duck.” I snapped.

“We’ll have him.” said The Matal. “Trust me.”

The look in his eyes when he said that was too powerful. It was bright full of hope. A hope that I had to trust.

I nodded.

“Now,” said The Matal. “Our spies will be getting more information by the minute. We’ll find a weakness.”

“It’s right near the sea.” I said. “Could we sneak under the water and attack them?” I said.

A light flicked in Jacob’s head. “Yes. I don’t know if our Oceankeepers or Gravitios can handle this, but if we could get Oceankeepers to make a bubble…”

“And Gravitios filling it with air..” said Ella.

“Then we can get there from the water.” I finished.

“I want all of our available soldiers in the training rooms everyday.” said The Matal. “Stacy and I shall train with them.”

I nodded. “Other than shutting people up, I haven’t used my powers.” I said.

Jacob nodded. He opened the door. “Then let us train.”


I looked around the training rooms. Groups at a time were practicing their skill in corners. On one wall were dummies for defense training, I guess. It wasn’t too bad, I guess.

The Matal took me to a corner and we started to practice.

“Alright, let me see what you can do.” said The Matal.

“Well, I don’t want to do it here, but I guess I can tear ravines into the Earth.” I said. I quickly described the battle.

“Well,” said The Matal. “I wasn’t going to teach you that until later, but it’s something I figured out years ago called Rei, or Cut.”

“Nice.” I said. “I’ll remember it.”

We started with using darkness against light. The Matal showed me a few moves by me pretending to hit him with darkness. There was move after move: High block, low block, powerball, and a few others. It was like being in Karate again, just using light as I formed the move.

Then we started practicing it with darkness. As I formed the low block, darkness formed in the same motion, blocking the light. Sometimes if it was strong enough, the light would bounce off. If it wasn’t, the darkness shattered and light took over. We trained for hours until one of the teachers called dinner time.

We walked down the halls together. I was remembering it better- down the hallway, take a left and you were going into the hall. If you went down the hallway instead of taking a left, you had the meeting room to your right. Keep going, go down a flight of stairs, then left, you were in the kitchens. Easy, right?

We went into the main Hall. There were tables and chairs out everywhere. At the thrones was a table with to the left and right the council. It was a pain to be with them.

We sat down at the thrones quietly. Of course, The Council was staring at me for a second, then they returned to eat. We had stew, bread and carrots. It wasn’t the best meal ever, but again, life underground isn’t the easiest.

“You ok?” said Ella.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Sorry I’m late.” said Natalie, arriving. “I was taking care of the whole cleaning thing.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“Can we tell her?” asked Ella.

“You can, I don’t think…”

Just then, a man in black forta came in with a scroll. Immediately, I stand, ready-to-go, but then The Matal grabs my arm.

“Relax. I don’t think it’s…” the words failed when we realized who just came in.

Commander Notch.

He bowed immediately. “Your Majesties.”

“Commander Notch.” I said.

“Commander Notch,” said Werer. “The Council never accepted you to…..”

“With all due respect, I have grave news that might hurt us, but I wish only to speak with the Matal and The Alimic about it.” said Commander Notch.

“You have been-”

“Enough.” I said. “Commander Notch, if you’d like to speak with us privatly, you may do so.”

I went around the table. The Matal followed. The three of us left the hall and went into the meeting room.

“Your majesties, I don’t hold good news.”

“What is it?” asked The Matal.

“The Dark One suspected me to be a spy. So, immediately, I left.” said Notch.

“He did?” asked The Matal.

“Yes. I made sure I wasn’t followed numerous times, by changing horses, changing routes, and going through impossible landscapes.” he said.

“You’re sure you weren’t followed?” I asked.


“Alright.” said The Matal. “Anything else?”

“He’s using the children for a test.”

I perked up. “Excuse me?”

“He has nineteen children to do a test. A test that could kill them and The Dark One. He’s going to try to create monsters using the children.” said Notch.

“It’s impossible to create life.” said The Matal. “No majic has ever even dreamed of it.”

“But he is. Starting soon, he will use the children. And try to create life through them. If he succeeds…”

“He can create an army of monsters to kill us all.” I whispered.

“But there is another child-”

“My sister?”

Notch looked at me. “The dark-haired girl?”

I nodded.

The Matal looked at me. “We’ll save her.”

“He said she’s to bring you out.” said Notch.

“Then let him.” I said.

“Notch,” said The Matal, “We are pleased with your information. But for now, rest. You’ve had enough troubles.”

Notch bowed. “Majiesties.”

When he left, I took a breath. “It’s confirmed.” I whispered. “He has her.”

The Matal took my hand once more. “We’ll save her.” he said. “Trust me.”

And for some reason, I had. Ever since I saw him, it was like we had this connection pulling us closer. Was it love? Power? Or something stronger?


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