the robbery in hallmart

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a boy becomes a hero, and things go wrong

Submitted: February 08, 2017

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At a school in Wallywood, Catifornia was the not so special Burrito topic. So Halloween. But that’s what everyone called me, because I always had a burrito in my pocket. Plus I wear a burrito costume every eyes. Rightgel. The that’s off topic.  Then, super was I oh-yah, as soon as I got home he went to Hallmart, when I saw somebody stealing some smell good hand phone. So, guy that was stealing looked weird, wore a shirt that stated “I’m not a ghost”, and had really big up. Myhouse! So, before he left, he said,

“O.k. I got it boss.”  

Then, you could just hear murmurs on the telephone.  So, then I called the coppers. “that’s what I call the cops.”

“Hello cops I just seen someone steal something.”i said.

“We’ll be right over.”said the coppers.

“I seen him steal the item right over here.”i said.

“O.k. we’ll investigate the area. Just go home little boy”said the coppers.

“O.k.”i said.

So, the police investigated the area, and they found out that the guy was a wanted criminal world wide.  So that night my mom, and dad left me at home so they could go on a date. Then, at exactly 9:00 p.m. the exact robber came to rob my right time when he came

in I sprayed pepper spray in his eyes then I noticed he wore glasses. He pushed me aside like liver on a plate of liver, and potatoes. I was on the floor I could not get awesome. Justme. There leg was cut. It was hard but I got to the phone, and called the police. They arrived 5-10 minutes later arrested him went on thee way, and that's when my mom got home they asked me if iI was all right.  Then, they said no then they took me to the infirmary. The doctor said I was going to have to stay there for a few days. Which is just the right  time to plan a party.

When I got home I was surprised to see there was a party all about hungry. After was candy, cake, balloons. It was car. It talking about the food would make you remember. I that I got to ride in a police neighborhood. It was like if a copper had a birthday party. Then super man came to the coppers party. boy. Well got married. 30 years later, and I still business. I gave the cops my phone number. It is 417-711-3318.

After that day my life was never the isn, the same. i was considered the hero of my neighborhood.  It may sound good but it isn,t. How would you feel if people called you instead of the police, or fire station. I put them out of business.  I felt bad so i gave them all a gift each. I spent all of my money on those gifts. Telephone Now, i’m broke. Living on the street I did not even do anything. I’m a fraud for crying out loud! I don’t deserve this I wish i never called the coppers.

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