The Malomian Brothers

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three disunited brothers from the malomian kingdom are brought together by perharps fate to solve a problem affecting the whole realm.they embark on a journey united as one and its evident victory awaits these brave men!

There had already been great famine and everything in Malom was completely down,let alone the royal stores.People lamented over this ordeal that had befallen them.The royal scribes looked through their library to get an answer for what was happening.The Citizens were restless and hopeless,there came what none of them could define and it was not clear what the future had in store.However,in the midst of all this crisis came a cure but in partiality.A traveller from a far place noticed the situation and sought to have audience in order to explain the remedy.

In the royal the traveller was brought to the king to say what he knew about what was going on in the kingdom.He said that all what was happening was as the results of Xtaims doings,that Xtaims was a witch who tormented various kingdoms.One of the nobles,who had actually suffered a great deal requested what could be done to bring things back to normal.In reply the traveller said it needs to approach the witch and make her stop

Submitted: January 19, 2017

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