Slowly Fading In Ward 101

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl experiences lots of emotions as her friend betrays her, she speaks of how her love for this one guy who sticks by her through all her tough times but she also speaks of her struggle in hospital up until her death. She speaks of the sights she sees and the smells before slowly parting.

Submitted: January 19, 2017

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Submitted: January 19, 2017



?Slowly Fading In Ward 101.


?The world falls beneath our feet,

?without us even knowing.

?You think you know who you are,

or who you even trust.


Friends become traitors,

?and traitors become lovers.

You lose the ones you love the most,

?You begin to wonder, what it's like to be loved.


You start to break down

?emotionally and physically

You wonder why me.

?Why do I deserve this pain?


?Why do i deserve him?

When all you do is wrong,

How am I meant to go on?

When you keep pulling me down.


You look me in the eyes,

?and constantly tell lies.

?You make me choose between You and Him,

?but, when i chose him, You begin to frown.


?Now You think that i don't care,

but, You don't really know.

Looking at him, it feels ordinary.

So when i sit in class,


?I glance up and see his work.

?He looks at me and sees my face,

?I quickly looked away,

?my thoughts get jumbled


and my speech goes slurry,

?when he says hey.

?He walks on over, with a smile on his face,

I can't resist it, how do I stop it.

?But, then again i love it.


?He was always there for me,

whilst you were stabbing my back.

You think You know how I feel,

but, you really don't.


Whilst you walked away from me,

?He always held my hand.

He held me close, when I would cry.

Thinking i would die.


?He asures me, i will be fine.

?When I look at him all I see, is the life i want with him.

Gathered round the fire, on a cold winters day,

As the snow falls gracefully.


How can i let him in.

When all i do is suffer.

Lying in bed, I guess I'm bedridden again.

Barley even breathing


?I remember back when I laid on my bed,

Attached to lots of monitors.

?Sleep deprived, as all I hear beep beep beep,

It comes to a point where they don't care.

Well nor do i.

?I began to beg to let me home,

?I despise the intense smell in the hospital.

The stench of the bleach lingers around.


?I try to sleep, but, the four babies cry,

?restless I hear one bawling.

I don't recall getting sleep,

and begin to moan restless.


?Through this experience, i can only think of him.

?Hoping he would walk into Ward 101,

?And hug me tight, although I know he won't,

maybe, it's my fault.


?I wonder what would happen if i never met him?

Where would i be?

?I become upset, I never want to lose my love.

?I gaze out the window, staring at the stars.


?slowly fading in and out,

I finally fall asleep,

where i begin to dream,

?seeing him stood above me.


I can feel his breath on my face,

?with his hand on my arm.

This didn't feel ordinary,

it was well, romantic.


I open my eyes to see him beside me,

it was no dream.

?He looks at me with his sparkle in his eyes.

Wow they look so perfect,

?While he smiles in relief, for i am alive.

?I apologize to him, for making him worry,

I look as pale as a ghost,

Whilst a tear runs out of my eye.

I smile to him without saying a word


?My tears of happiness turns to tears of fear,

Will i ever win this dreadful war,

and end happily married to him,

my wonderful prince charming.


Will i ever leave this dreadful place,

?whilst me and him grow closer,

me and her grow apart.

Is there such thing, as right or wrong?


?He stands up off the chair,

?and lays next to me on the bed,

?he gently kisses my cheek,

and tells me to rest my head.


?He whispers in my ear, I love you my dear.

We are in this together, until the end,

For now and forever You lay in my heart.

He tells me, as i slowly part.

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.

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