The Story of the Wolves

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Janelle wants to meet the one special person that had to save her brother. Her parents refuse, but then, she gets her ways. Her parents tell her a little more something than she should know. The one special person is..... read more about The Story of the Wolves.

Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Submitted: January 19, 2017



“Mom, when are we going to go to the Lakes?” Janelle was looking at her mother and noticed that she was getting sadder and sadder. “Mom, what’s wrong?” The mother was soon getting worried and pacing. “Janelle, there’s ah ah it’s nothing.” Janelle knew there was something wrong. “Then why do you keep looking around?” She began mumbling to herself as she was looking at Janelle. “Should I tell her-----th------.........”

Janelle soon began guessing what was wrong. “Did something happen to Dad? One of the pups?”

The mother gasped. “Oh no! It was Brody! He ran off! Mom how could he!” Gabby soon began getting worried with Janelle finding out. “Ok, Janelle. Don’t panic. Dad is looking out there for him.” Janelle started bursting out with tears. Gabby soon looked down at Janelle on the floor. “Janelle, honey. Brody will be ok. It is just that time when Brody needs to set free. Explore the world.” Janelle became calm. “Will he come back, Mom?” Gabby sighed. “Honey, there was a time when I was a pup. I would run off to explore the world sometimes. I would come back and my parents would be as worried.” “Mommy, were they mad at you?” Gabby made a happy sigh.

“I came back, but my parents were astonished that I had made it for the 5 days that I was gone.” “But, how long has Brody been gone?” She smiled at Janelle. “He’s been gone for about a week now. He’s probably moved on away from the family.” Janelle burst out again in tears, but a lot harder tears. “Mommy! He can’t leave now! He’s my inspiration for everything!” “Well that’s great to hear honey. But I’m afraid you won’t see him for awhile.” Janelle made more depressed sounds. “I need to see him now! I can’t live without seeing him!”

“Now, now honey. You need to calm down. He’s just on his break away from home. He’ll be fine. We’ve taught him everything he needs to know.” “I know Mom! It’s just that he’s my brother!” Gordy came in with something in his hands. “Daddy! Your back! What’s in your hands though?” Janelle said. Gordy talked quietly,”Um, honey, this is Brody.” Janelle raced forward to see Brody, but one thing had changed about him.

“Daddy? What does Brody have with him?” Gordy became frozen. “Brody, has a umm. Brody has a pup. I found him with another lady. The lady had been comforting him while he was laying there.”

“Daddy, I need to find that lady. If she saved my brother, I have to meet her.” Gordy was in awe when he heard that come out of Janelle's mouth. “Sweety, I’m afraid you’re too young to do that,” Gabby said sadly. Janelle made the puppy face look, and then started crying. Her parents hated to see Janelle cry. “We’re sorry sweetie. You’re  just too young.” Janelle looked at her parents,”It’s fine. I am just sad that I can’t meet my brothers hero.” Her parents looked at each other. Afterward, they started understanding. “You know Janelle, why do you want to meet her so bad?” She looked at them unpleasantly,”Well it’s just that she saved my big brother and if I want to save someone too, then I can ask her for tips.” Her parents looked at her surprised. There was one thing that they were hiding.

“OK. I don’t know what to tell her though, like how to explain it,” her mother said whispering. “Just tell her,” said Gordy. “Fine then!” Janelle knew something was going to come up bad. “Janelle. You had an older sister and she is the person that saved Brody. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you any sooner,” said Gabby. Janelle just knew it. “I understand. But, why are you not letting me meet her, or at least visit her?” They didn’t know what to say, or how to explain it. “Well, there have been some things that she has done that we don’t want you knowing about. And if there is going to be an issue about us telling you about this, then you will have consequences. You are also forbidden to tell your brothers and sisters about this. Am I clear?” Janelle look overwhelmed. She knew she would get

this kind of punishment. “Yes mom, you are clear,” Janelle said disappointed. Her parents looked at her once more, and they fell down.

Janelle looked confused. What happened? What should she do? She started panicking, then pacing, and then SCREAMING! “Mom, Dad? Are you ok? Answer me! Dad! Please. Can’t you hear me?” Janelle began sobbing. “What have I done?” She looked around. Janelle knew she shouldn’t tell her siblings, but that was the only choice she had, so they would understand. She started thinking if she should tell Marco, her older sister, but she wasn’t sure if she would understand. Janelle knew she had to tell Marco. But nobody else.


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