New Grad Journey

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I felt the need to share my experience as a recent graduate and how I would describe the process of trying to jump my career

Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Submitted: January 20, 2017



New Grad Journey is simply a memoir of me attempting to find a job as a recent graduate. I am apologize in advance if you were looking for something more meaningful but I am just being blunt. 

As a young man that just completed a four-year degree in Computer Science,  I am very proud and happy to have achieved this. I know I am not the only one to have ever felt this feeling.

Whether you went to college or university it does not matter, the feeling is still the same. Now, after obtaining the degree I find myself in a similar position like many recent graduates. Finding a damn job! 

Forgive me for being blunt yet again, however that is just how I feel in regards to my journey. I've prepared myself mentally for this long before I actually got my degree. Sadly, all that preparation did not help.

I had many different versions of my resume prepared, so I would be able to apply to a variety of different jobs. With my many resumes, I have had many interviews and I even found myself employed for close to two months, until the company's HR came and told me

they were firing me. I will share my story of how I got fired because I feel it will help many graduates not make the same mistake I made and to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into. I applied for a job as Junior Web Developer, 

it was far from where I lived, but I was use to commuting as I had to commute to school everyday. My manager and the HR along with the CEO of the company seemed to like me and they introduced me to the rest of the staff all on the first day. 

As time went on, I was employed and ready to learn. One of the many things the rest of the staff told me was "Please if you have questions, do not hesistate to ask! We had someone a couple of months who did not ask questions and tried to do everything themself; that caused us a lot of problems and we had to let him

go." As any normal person would do, I did just what they said I should do; I asked questions. Turns out, everyone else and myself who thought they should follow that simple thing were completely wrong. One day close to the end of my shift, I was called into the HR's office. She sat with me and my manager. She told me they

would not be continuing with me. I was a bit in shock. I asked them "..Any particular reason why I am being fired? I would like to know for next time." They looked at me and said "You asked too many questions." I couldn't see my face at the time but I'm sure it looked like I was baffled. How could they say one thing and then do

something else? I gathered my things and I left. I could go on and tell you how I felt but it is probably very easy to surmount how I felt. However, I will say this to sum up that experience. When applying to any job, be very certain that the place you want to work at is the best place for you. Do not just accept the offer because you

need money or it was the only place that responded. Ask questions during the interview to get a sense of what kind of people you may be working with. 

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