we all have that one friend that gives bad advise(s), and always wants you to compromise you stand. Here, I have decided to share mine. ENJOY


Auta! Auta!! na how many times I call you? na which kain guy you be?! you dey fall hand o we don be friends no be today; e don tae e don tae wey we don dey roll we gather go party, enter club like sere s?r?; but ,but I never see you blaze, I never see you carry Malawi, you no dey take highness you no dey play t?t? if figure eight come shake body for you na so so shake your body go dey shake like fish, fish wey them just commot for water; the only bad thing wey I don see wey you do na to hug geh, the hug sef dey get as e be , na so so side hug, even when you wan give full hug, na for split seconds you dey do am . Auta! shey you normal ni?! you sure say you straight? cos I wonder why guy of your age I say guy of you age never taste pot of honey even empty honey pot sef you no get na only fire wood charcoal and slate naim you fit boast of shey na only you be deeper lifer ni?! ehn?! ehn?!

So I said;

G! Cancel that talk you no go understand if I start, if I start to open my mouth, so match your tongue there you no go fit stand some things are better left untold, the kind of heart I get it’s bigger than my debt you no fit fly my jet, so just stay inside you net I know say all these one na test wey baba God don set check inside hin text guy abeg no vex.

He breakes in

Even if na onece, use rubber wey tight this no be something wey go give you fright, e no go pass one night you get swag wey thight I fit help you run the package it’s high time you lived you age, you’ve got to take advantage , even at this tender age

I try to break in

omo no dey do like sausage your liver go just dey fail you like APC shey you no dey see all these fine bae? bea wey dey pass you way you sabi their anatomy, yet I see no butterfly in you tummy guy you need these honey honey to better your life journey shey you no wan jolly before you end your life journey?

I finally break in

Guy all these you tori taya me o, naso una talk say an my type ‘em dey EPP, EPP go bring wife from village even for this new age, you no even fear the era of change, change wey we dey I know say e don tae, but the right time na the day, the day wey no go fail.

but this obe wey you carry my matter for head, how market?

My Name an Auta Kingsley Dembo a.k.a Auta Kings dem say I sweet pass STEW, but haters be like EWW donno what’s wrong WITCHEW see your head like CHASHEW Ah! Ah! Amma god, Call me Zeus.

Submitted: January 21, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Auta kings. All rights reserved.

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