the lies for 15 years

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a father ends up lieing to his daughter for 15 years and later dosnt find out until he dies

Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Submitted: January 20, 2017



My mind is filled with many memories and stories to tell . some may not be a happy  fairey tell of the happy family because no family is perfect, but the thing that has been crossing my mind lately  is the death of my dad . to be truthful you never really get over that kind of thing the  bond of a daughter and father isn't something you can build or fix. My dad and i were never  really  close  and he would  pick work or other things over his  own  children .  he was a man  that  i thought i knew but  this last past week i have found out things about my dad i never knew and my  out look of my father has changed  . everything he had made himself seem and told me was  lies to cover up more lies . he  lied about the scar on his knee and said  he  hurt himself at a young age . he lied about  playing  for  florida  state in collage .  he  lied how he met my mother and he lied  about his father  everything i thought i knew about my father was a lie , and it is starting to bother me that i know the truth  . i never  knew why i didn't know my  grandma until i was seven or eight or why she had always  been weird  around me  . it is all because of how he met my mother and i am not proud to say it but  my mother  was a stripper and my dad was the bartender and  they  loved each other  very much  but one night at the club changed  many things the club ended up getting  shock up and my father lied on the floor  in his own blood and  my grandma wanted nothing to do with him after  words . after my mother told me the truth many thoughts  raced  in my head and it all made since  the scar and why i had never met my grandma  but i hated the fact that they hit that from me  and  why his  whole life he  acted to be so strong and  when he knew he was dieing why didn't he go to the hospital. He  might have lied and everything was a secret but i know that  i was the best thing that happened because if he didn't have me he would still  be going down the same path  but  i never understood why we had to fight the night before he died .  i  think about that night  every night and sometimes wish  he knew i was sorry but i know he loves me and i loved him but if he loved me so much  why not tell me the truth why had it  took 15 years  for the truth to come out  and it wasn't even from him . why to this day  does my grandma  still act weird and  uncomfortable towards me . i guess maybe as i get older i'll find out more answers i know there is more to this stories of lies .

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