My New Spiritual System: Creativity

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The fifth part of My New Spiritual System called Creativity. It focuses on creativity as a way to self-realization.

Submitted: January 20, 2017

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Submitted: January 20, 2017



Creativity to me is not just a way of doing, a way of putting emotions and thoughts into a creative context. It is actually a way of life. A deep yearning to express myself. To discover personal truths and to lose myself completely in the creative process. It is a yearning to drown in the present moment but also to fill this moment with the seeds of a deep held illusion, telling about the world as I experience it subjectively and objectively.

I have found countless ways to express this inner drive to transformation. It has been the writing of movie scripts, doing paintings, writings poems, novels and short stories. Writing and performing music and other things of the same kind. I have discovered the surprise pleasure of creative expression in chess. As that game present great opportunities for odd strategy and devilish tactics. Intellectual stimulation but also creative expression.

What I have found on my path of creativity is not only glorious victories but also depressing defeats. I began my creative journey with the wrong approach. Thinking about the craft, about the ins and outs of different kinds of creative expression without actually being creative. Actually destroying my creative abilities.

I have also gone the different path of neglecting the intellect and just putting myself into an illusory state of consciousness drowning in my own illusions. It’s about the problem of integrating the left brain with the right brain.

My creativity came into another dimension altogether when I started with travel and reality started to reveal itself beyond theories and philosophical concepts. In this series of articles I have described my New Spiritual System. I have described different ways to find the way to pure being. Travel for personal discovery. Socializing to find the way to unity consciousness. And doing the science to uncover the facts of this process of enlightenment. But it is in creativity it all is coming together. Using the subjective and objective truths found in this process to express myself creatively and helping others on a similar path.

In the following sections I will describe my creative path more in depth.

The three stages of creative development

  1. The pre-conditioned stage
  2. The conditioned stage
  3. The post-conditioned stage

The first stage of my creative development started with the pre-conditioned stage. This is a stage of practise and building creative works using the will. Expressing oneself just by being true to the vision one is having at the moment of expression. This stage is really important to advance to the other two stages. Because practise is really important to counteract the deceptive ways created by other people’s theories. One is building on individual will first and foremost. Forgetting ideas of how one “shall” do and not do. Discovering the ways of the individual vision. Different from everyone else’s vision. It is really important to not become victim of theories one never can understand at this stage and also getting the experience that is important for deeper analysis later. One can actually get very far just using will and real experience. Experience of reading and writing for one (If one is a writer). Putting one’s words on paper and evaluating later. The problem of this stage is that one seldom has a full understanding of individual expression at all. One can’t understand a piece of art in depth. Lacking the technical mastery and often having no true knowledge about the individual vision. The first stage leaves space for the second stage.

The second stage is more about creative analysis than creation itself. One wants to understand individual expression in depth. Learning about the craft in the light of previous creative attempts. The first stage of pure experience leads way to deeper analysis. Creative expression in the conditioned stage is more intellectual compared to the first stage. One often finds good precision and technical mastery but often lacks the emotion of the first stage and loses the original vision. Art suffers but the intellect grows. Overall though the artwork is often improved and should be as one finds way to clearer structure. A deeper sense of conscious choice coming to the surface. One can get cold and analytical but the art improves because of it.

The third stage is the post-conditioned stage. This is the stage of forgetting about the lessons learned in the first and the second stage. It is using destruction as a way to discover truths formed in the subconscious in the previous stages. It is actually a way of destruction, not creation. Destroying the concepts in the surface mind to find the way to the information built previously in the subconscious. It is a stage of clarity. A stage of true intuition. The first stage also was intuitive in nature but that intuition was built on guessing, chance and occasional life experience. It was not conscious in any substantial use of the term. The third stage is a stage of pure consciousness and complete clarity. One knows the vision so well one can hardly speak about it without expressing its totality. It is much more complex, darker and edgier. It is the stage when one’s individual expression finally can be presented in a clear manner. A manner with intellectual depth and emotional resonance.

Creativity in essence

To me creativity is something that is not separate from true life experience. That experience leaves room for personal discovery. Knowledge that later can be used to infuse credibility to the creative works coming later. But I think it is important to stress that it can also be a great difference. Using true life experience as a mode of inspiration that can fuel the creative expression coming later. But using the glasses of subjectivity to combine true life experience with personal reflection. Creating illusions that is very effective in conveying deep forms of art. As true creativity to me should be more than just history lessons but also a way for the individual to impose his personal values upon the world.

A revolutionary act.

Tools to attain creative flow

Creativity is not just about the content and the things you want to tell but also a way to find expression of those things. Creativity requires a creative mindset and a fluid mind. What I have discovered on my personal path is that meditation is completely essential to attain a non-distracted mind that can penetrate the feelings and ideas behind any work. Meditation as a way to find clarity, space and emptiness. A deep sea of tranquillity where the actual ideas can take form and come to the surface.

One also needs to work on different ways to raise energy for thought-creation. As creativity can be pretty exhausting. Most of the time one needs enormous amounts of preparation to find energy and motivation to create seamlessly. Perhaps using tactile-imagining like me to raise energy levels. Also using breathing exercises and visualization to add to it.

Visualization has been enormously important to catch ideas in the subconscious. As lacking visualization skills make the mind operate on a fragment of its capacity. A better way has been to use the right brain visualization skills to simulate and reinforce the creative vision upon the left brain for later analysis. This has been the one key to the completion of my later works of fiction. As I previously sought originality and clarity of vision but seldom reached it due to the limits of the left side of the brain.

One thing also has to be mentioned though and that is passion. Enormous amounts of passion to make it possible to surrender to the creative process for days, weeks and months with no feedback from others. It’s a motivation problem. Here rigid intention and visualization practise can help enormously. Putting oneself in an illusory state of mind where one thinks one can create a masterpiece improving upon earlier works giving the right motivation.

The inversion of creative modality

What I found on my journey to self-expression was that the common values shared by many creative people, especially the ones with a commercial angle, had to be inverted to give way for individual expression.

Ideas of good and bad, beauty and ugliness, truth and illusion. I discovered that I had to work against the common notions of creativity in the end. True art to me should not be about attuning to the status quo, but rather to examine it, question it and to put up new ideas to challenge it. What is the purpose of art at all? Creating just in order to repeat old stories or to challenge them? What I found out in the end was that my own form of creativity hardly denied old truths but rather that it complemented them. It challenged and often inverted the human notions of these truths not the actuality. It’s about the personal glasses I have chosen to investigate the world. And that I can describe old truths in a new package. Also having personal inclinations to impose my own values upon the world.

Inverting common notions of good and bad, beauty and ugliness, truth and illusion.

A revolutionary act.

A sample of my creative expression

My most recent novel is called Alien Forever and is a grand example of the creative process described by the three stages of creative development. It is a dark science-fiction work with a deep philosophical angle describing moral questions. The questions of good and evil. It began as a clumsy attempt at writing a short story, became a film script, then another short story and at last a full length novel. It began as an experiment to gain writing experience (The pre-conditioned stage). Became a fully understood vision (the conditioned stage) and a last a fully intuitive writing experience (the post-conditioned stage).

The novel is using the post-conditioned stage destroying concepts and human reason to find the way to the hidden layers of the subconscious.

I think the novel became ten times better because of it. Describing a path investigating and inverting human values in a post world-war 3 scenario on future earth. It is the story of young adult gothic Marillion Sinclair and future company man Tengram Williams describing a quest to simulate moral questions in a closed off environment in inner space. In another dimension where the environment is more thought-responsive compared to ours. Testing if the New Age philosophy described by post World War 3 intellectuals actually holds.

It is my masterpiece according to myself. But a masterpiece maybe transcended by later works of music. A couple of samples which I present here:

The first three chapters of Alien Forever can be read here (And the full novel can be bought in the same place):


What is creativity?

Creativity to me is not only a way of self-expression but also a way of life. Choosing to live as an artist with creative glasses. Endlessly searching for ways to discover and express one’s true vision. The depths of soul often lacking in the reality of the modern world. Where personal values, transformation and evolution are something rarely examined. True creativity is about originality of vision. But a vision building upon different layers. Layers that can be penetrated in time and clearly understood. It is not only about “truths” but also about illusions. About the grand design of the multi-verse but also the subjective world the individual wants to impose upon it. True creativity to me is not so much about creation as personal discovery. Using creativity as a tool to find the way to the hidden depths within.

Evolving on all levels of consciousness.

It is my personal vision.

Some notes to my readers: Feel free to like, comment on and share this as I always seek ways to improve upon my work and this article can hopefully also be of use to others.

Take care!

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