World WARning!

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Just hope it does not happen!

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017



World WARning!


We really weren’t expecting it when we woke up to war,

any trace of any peace, it wasn’t there no more!


The warning signs were everywhere, the warning signs were clear

but people shut their eyes to them whenever they’d appear.


Countries came to look and see the global view was wrong,

they’d need to look out for themselves and no longer got along


with conflicts in their interests, and conflicts of belief --

the gap kept growing wider and it sure as hell caused grief.


The give-and-take discussions with diplomacy intact,

the agreements between countries signed up in a pact;


they all began to fall apart as there was no compromise

as all the different factions fired off their truths and lies.


We need to look just to ourselves, forget about the rest.

A world-wide economy? No, in ourselves we should invest!’


A narrowing of vision, no more the ‘Greater Good’,

no more trying to understand, as if we ever could.


When resources start to disappear amid all countries greed

It soon became apparent that world peace could not succeed.


It started in Britain and America, China and Japan,

Europe then fragmented and the war it had began.


Now the world won’t last much longer, will soon return to dust;

a consequence of blindness – a victim of misplaced trust!


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