One Sun and Moon

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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017



"Can you just die already?" The man got back on his knees. Blood was flowing from his mouth and eyes, engulfing them with a crimson flame.

"I shall not die before you." A woman came stumbling from a crater. Wounds on her body were slowly closing. "I cannot leave the world to you." 

"And why the fuck not?" Rocks started floating around the man. He unleashed the last of his energy, creating a whirlpool of wind all around him.

"Because the world will perish!" The woman's eyes lit up with the purest white in all nine heavens. She mustered the last bits of her strength. The cloud of dust covering the mountain was blown away in an instant.

"That's the frighten point! You, humans, do not deserve the world!" The heavens cried out and went aflame. 

"You do not have the right to decide everyone's fate!" White flames mixed with the crimson sea in the sky, each trying to overcome the other.

"Neither do you!"

The two shot at one another.

Light was left behind, as only darkness could catch up to their speed. For a moment, time stopped. Two heavenly energies combined. 

The red became the white. The white became the red. 

The only thing moving in the world were two people, cursing the other with the last of their life. 





"Can... can I hold them?" A young woman extended her arms at the nurse.

"Of course, my lady." She smiled and gave her two children. "What shall you call them?"

The woman looked at the screaming girl. "Sola, for her eyes are as white as the morning sun." Then she tilted her head at the screaming boy. "Luna, for his eyes glitter like the west moon." Tears started falling down her face. "My children, my beautiful children."

On that night, the only sound in the castle were two newborn twins. A girl and a boy. The town could hear their voices from a mile away and preached, preached that their lady's children were so blessed with the energy of life.




"I will fucking kill you, you bitch!" 

"Roll closer, so I could once and for all, pure the word of your filth! )

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