The clever magical Grandma

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This is short story is in memory of Grandma that died in June 2016.
It celebrate 's grandma life as i hold the memory of her life in my
heart, In Happy and funny short story to make the family at peace.

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017



  The Clever and Magical Grandma The story begins at Grandma flat in Leyton London were she lived with Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa had worked had all their lives Grandma had been dedicated House wife and mother all her life. And grandpa had worked as bus driver until He retired. One day Grandma was alone and she was sad alone in the flat. Grandma had Magical powers even she had forgotten that her powers were coming back. There was knocking at the door Grandma wasn’t expecting any body. She opened the Door it was a walking stick knocking on the door. Grandma had powers all her life so she knew strange things when she saw them. Didn’t get alarmed by the walking stick knocking on the door. To describe the walking stick it was brown and wooden and was made of golden Handle with red ruby’s on it. Grandma welcomed the walking stick in and asked why it had come. Walking stick spoke and said “I have come to help you in your old age.” She was having problems with hips and had arthritis and was having difficulty With walking. The walking stick disappeared in to thin air when grandpa came home. “Were you ok whilst I went to shops, Grandma said Grandpa”. Grandpa would charity work for the poor people and give his own money. To help the poor people that were suffering in crisis. The walking stick appeared again this time in front of Grandpa. And introduced itself as the walking stick, grandpa went rolling of the chair. Grandmas thought it was funny and pretend she was shocked to. “Did you see that walking stick talking to me Grandma?” Then walking stick spoke again and said” I have come to help you in your old age” “Come close Grandma and walk with my support”. Grandpa looked in shock and saw his wife Grandma walking the walking stick. Since she had become older she had a difficulty walking even around the house. He was surprised how the this walking stick was magical and how fast it made Grandma Walk. “I can walk know grandpa all on my own with this kind walking stick.” “Oh my darling Grandma your right dear you are walking like young person. “Why don’t we go to Tesco Tomorrow just test if can walk there.” Grandma and grandpa didn’t sleep with excitement of going to Tesco. They were ready at ten o’clock and the walking stick had woken up to. Grandpa decided to take grand wheel chair just in case the walking stick changed its mind. Grandma walked to the car with the walking stick. They made sure no one was looking and drove to their local Tesco store. Grandpa helped Grandma out of the car, and she was walking like young person. The fun was just going to begin Grandpa had no idea of what was going to happen. As Grandma went through the doors of Tesco, disco lights appeared from thin air. And music started playing loudly; now Grandpa got bit scared and quickly walked After Grandma. Everybody in Tesco started looking at Grandma and Grandpa. People started clapping at Grandma and Grandpa they all thought that They were the gimmick to sell more grocery. Grandma started acting all peculiar and started singing out loud. She started singing songs from their wedding dance. The security guards were looking at Grandma and Grandpa and just looking in shock. “Their probably got excited that they have come shopping it a day out for them.” But only if they knew that Grandma was going to become their most famous Grandma in the shopping world. She snatched the trolley out of Grandpa Hands and started racing the trolley around. All of Tesco Like formula one racing car, all the other elderly ladies looked in Surprise. Grandpa started panicking and started looking for Grandma. He started asking everybody in the store if they had seen Grandma. The all people were cheering up Grandma for being such fun. They never had seen a Grandma that ran around with shopping trolley. And top it off she was dancing and singing at the same time.

In loving memory of my Grandma who died in June 2016

The end By Rizzy


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