A dirty history

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This was a short story I unearthed. Hope you like.

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017



Boom, boom, boom. Huh? I said confusingly. It wasn’t the sound that woke me up. It was the fact that the ground was shaking violently. Boom, boom, boom. The sound continues for a while. I looked up and saw a large intimidating scaly creature was staring at my head. But then I saw that some of my sight was blocked of by a corpse of the prey of the feared t-rex.It looked at it’s lunch hungerly. It was over a week sense the oversized lizard had a decent meal. It reached down and scooped me up with its mighty teeth and locked me in a room, sealed with white ivory bars restricting me from further access to the outside. It had everything I nedded to thrive. A moist enviorment, a bed for my beauty sleep , and a hallway leading to a dark cave. I wonder what’s in there,more water, perhaps? I never truly found out. Because just then, those pretty pearl white bars retracted and I hit the floor. Oww. I said. Whats next,a meteor? Just then, a surge of heat projected from the sky. A meteor. Sure, why not? I asked myself loudly. Then BOOM! the noise was so utterly ear-exploding,that the noise could not be described by any author past, present, or future. I was launched hundred of meters into the air with a lovely neighborhood of black dust.
I saw millions of the creatures fall to the ground, plants wilting,ecosystems collapsing, and the forming of a new species, with 4 legs (yet they only uses 2, and two for holding.) who thought they were God and took over most the world, but we learned to cooperate with them. I sighed, yawned, than fell asleep, exausted only after 31 million years. I took a 3 thousand year power snooze only to wake up in a mud brick. I was in Egypt in 1526 bc. I saw a couple talking and a girl sitting to the side. I picked up this “Yocheved,we have been hiding him for three months. he’s too big to hide. I’m sorry, but you know what we need to do.”
“Yocheved, I’m sorry, but he will die if he is to stay here“
Crying, the woman, Yocheved, picked up a baby from the girl and placed him in a basket, and walked out, the girl following. Then a black cat rubbed against me and  blew me into the endless blue space called sky. I looked down at the majestic nile and saw the little girl wacthing as the basket which the baby was lying in sleeping. I saw the princess name the baby Moses, which i knew meant  “I drew him out of the water” (which was a stupid name, for the slave that was there attending to her was made to recive it.). I saw the girl rush up and began to ask princess somthing. But it was to late. The calm rocking of the arms of wind forced me into a deep sleep...
Then I woke up in a wall 3519 years later in 1989 in Berlin, Germany. I saw people walking up and down the street calmly. Old and young. High class and low class. every race, shape, and color were passing by.This went on for two years. my new life was awesome .I hab made  quite the relationship with a nearby rock. It wasn’t much for conversatiorn, but he was good for talking about my day, but I can’t start a new sentence because when he did respond, he responded to the last sentence as I was starting a new one. But one day a crowd of people angerly marched up and began to tear the the wall down. One good hit with the sledgehammer knocked me loose and stuck me to the hammer. A while later, a construction worker in Florida uses the hammer to smash cinder blocks. Then,one year later, one lucky swing launched me into the sky and into the future, and beyond the bouderies of time. But one thing went throught my mind.  this would be one heck of a story to tell my grandchildren

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