Tough Stuff

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Have you experienced tough times?
If so this book is for you
No sugar coding,
Just Facts on how to deal with tough things

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017




It's okay to cry

Until it's too often, and your happiness says "bye"

We live in a cruel world

But a life skill is to not take the rough times personal

You can't depend on people, because they have problems too.

If it becomes too much people will let you down

You have to embrace the days that you have.

Because we are not promised tomorrow

We have to realize that after the day is over you can't go back and change it

With that being said make sure that you cherish every day, even when it may not be a happy, fun day




Getting Through Life With Confidence

Do you think you can't handle anything?

Do you think that everyone is agaisnt you?

 Do you think that you have nothing to look foward to?

Do you feel alone?

That's okay 

At the end of the day 

Life isn't promised

We might be here one day and not the next

So in that case we have cherish each moment.

We have to treat each day as if it's our last.

If people speak to us nasty

Turn off the demon inside and do what our heavanly father once said to his children

Don't respond back with neagtive comments instead tell that person to have a blessed day


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