Plan For The Future Part I

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Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



A personal message from the author.

I wanted to share this story with you. I wanted to be an author for a long time and now here my chance. Writing because I want to. 

It's hard being disabled. There have been many incidents where people have been deliberately difficult. For example, people keep parking on drop curbs, and I have to drive on the road. I get funny looks from driving, wondering why I'm on the road...

This story is called Plan For The Future written by me-Xase. It's an original series for adults I have been planning for a long time and is about a police officer, Simon and his partner Tristan, chasing a bunch of serial killers, but drama sets in, and it will Simon has to sort a situation out, but still concentrate on his job, which pays the bills for his pregnant girlfriend.

I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate this. All my hard work led to this moment.


They'd understand. They'd understand that I'm skint, won't they? Probably not, they're the government, all they want is money, except from their boss. I'd be homeless by now if the Boss hasn't given me a new life, but now it's all worthless. I'm broke and I can't pay the rent. It's all their fault, it's all the government's fault. If they weren't money grabbers, I'd be well off. I can't go on, I can't live on the streets all on my own. I have to end it now.

It was then that Ben was hanging on the bottom of the stairs, noose around his neck. Lifeless and pale like a ghost.

I followed Tristan into the office and focused on the days duties. I like working in the force, I protect the world and my colleagues looked out for me. The only thing bad about as a police officer is bad news. I didn't like to tell people that their loved one are dead or suffering. I didn't want to. To see people break down like that like terrifying awful. 

I didn't really focus on the bad side of the job unless I really had to. It was distracting for my colleagues and for me. To tell people bad news is not why I became a police officer. I became one because I wanted to help solve crimes. Crimes that were committed by terrorists, or by sick people because they are looking for a thrill, a thrill that wasn't be ever satisfied.

I looked at the file, and the case I'd be working on for the duration, unless it was an easy one to solve.... which they often weren't. I noticed something strange, but I went along with it incase I was wrong.

"Apparent suicide, without a suicide note and without any warning."
"Where does it say no note?" Tristan asks.
"Nowhere, I picked it up," I told him, "I'm an expert in this things. So are you. There's no point pretending it's a clear murder, even if it was suicide, something, OR SOMEONE, drove him to it."
"You call yourself an expert?" Tristan snorted, "you're hardly an expert."

While we were driving there, we talked a while.

"So, have you met Paige's parents yet?" Tristan asked.
"No," I told him, "I didn't want them to think I'm an asshole when I'm not. I'm a police officer with a job. It's a full-time job. I don't have time for a girlfriend I'm afraid. I haven't told Paige that, though. I don't want to break her heart."
"Simon," Tristan starts,"you're the nicest guy I know. That's probably because I work with you every month, but anyway that doesn't matter now, you have to tell her somehow. I know you love her, but this is a twenty four hour job. It can't work. Sluts- I'm not talking abut Paige- come and go all the time. 
"You know, when I was a boy, we lived in a society that was 'safe'. We know now that wasn't true. Stuart Hall and Jimmy Saville raped innocent women and they weren't found out until Jimmy was dead. People had courage then, and people started to accuse other people. Now we know our society is not safe, that people take bribes, and people corrupt other people. Nothing is safe, and no one is safe.
"People like that are desperate, Tristan," I replied to his long speech, "People who delve into that shit are not good examples of mankind."

We drove in silence after that. We both knew each other were right. However, I considered Tristan's words very carefully. I knew he was right, I had to tell Paige, but how to do that? I loved her after all, and I knew it would break her heart. What I did know is that I couldn't go on like this. I couldn't quit the police force, I got bills I got to pay. If I got to break Paige's heart to survive, then I must do so.

We arrived to the crime scene at 1pm. We had to fight to get in (as the press were there), so I honked our horn a lot, flashed our police badges a couple of times, and we got in. We parked and then walked into the house where the casualty was found.

"So what have have got here?" I led.
"A weird one," Arnold said, "no nothing. No suicide note. No blood. No clues, and no leads. We drawn a blank here. Any suggestions?"
"No, I..." I started, "hang on, if it was suicide, with no note, maybe it was murder, made to look like suicide. If someone got into his mind, he could do anything without knowing."
"Or maybe it was just suicide, an unfortunate case nobody picked up?" Tristan suggested.
"Bullshit," I told him, "if you tell that to the press, you would get hassled for weeks. It's definitely murder, and we have to catch the culprit before they strike again!"


I faced the press after searching the body and asked for any identification, but Arnold said there wasn't anything on him (the murderer probably stole his wallet, so we couldn't identify the body). I noticed that there was footprints in the house so we had to work off that.

I went home to concentrate on the case in hand, but was distracted on what I was going to tell Paige. I searched for the words desperately but couldn't find them. I was going to have to wing the conversation (if I had the courage to go through with it). But for now, I had a case to solve. That was more important than splitting up with my girlfriend. 

There was something strange about this case. I felt that I was connected somehow, but I couldn't press my finger on it. I was missing something, but I couldn't figure out what. 

Hang on... I had seen that face before... That was one of Paige's friends (I didn't mind her having other boyfriends). I just didn't realise it at the time. His name... Ben. Now I definitely know it wasn't suicide. Ben wouldn't commit suicide, even if he was depressed. He would come and see me and ask me for help. Now I finally know it was murder, I need to find the proof then I needed to catch the bastard that killed an innocent life that had a promising life ahead of him. But also, I needed to break the news to Paige, oh god, I couldn't break up with her now. What can I do?


There is no alternative. I have to end my life. I have to, because I can't... Carry... On...

"Get out my head, you nutter!" Ryan shouted, "I'm stronger than you, you won't beat me!"
"I can if I shoot you..." The Murderer said coolly, brought out a pistol and shot Ryan in the heart. He then ran for his life, not dragging the body of Ryan anywhere.

The Murderer met his ride outside and got in. The windows were blacked out and the driver stayed out of sight.

"Good," the driver said in a low, deep voice, "you leave any evidence behind?"
"Just the body." The Murderer told him.
"That's so important. This is revenge for all the shit that is going on lately. This is for your country, and your God. Get caught and you failed them. Fail God and your country then you will go to hell."
"Well, I will die a hero then!"

Then the driver and the Murderer sped off in the darkness, unidentified and pleased for themselves. But the Murderer didn't realise that he left Ryan's wallet.

My phone rang as I was getting out of my car.

"What?!" I snarled.
"Excuse me sir, but another but another body has been found!" Arnold said.
"Any identification?" I asked.
"Not yet, but the murderer left their wallet this time so we will have to work off that." He told me.
"Well, I have to go now, but keep me informed."
"Yes sir."

I hung up, sighed once more, then knocked on Paige's door.

"Hi, have you heard about Ben and Ryan?" She asked.
"Ryan?" I looked surprised.
"He was shot. I thought you knew."
"I was just coming to tell you Ben was killed. How did you know Ryan was murdered, specifically shot?"
"Come in. Sit and shut up for a minute and listen."

I did what I was told. There was no arguing with Paige when she was in this kind of mood. But then it was to be expected, her friends were murdered. People do silly things when they are distraught. She is probably thinking of tackling the murderer herself.

I headed for the lounge, sat down on the couch then listened to Paige.

"I wish this intel to be kept a secret for a moment," she started, I nodded then she carried on.

"There are many things you don't know about me. Some things I will reveal to you now, some things I will reveal to you later on. What I must say now, is I'm former CIA. I was in the field for four years and did a shit ton of missions with my partner. I quit because I wasn't getting the thrill anymore.... and I ran into my long lost brother I never knew I had. I left for my safety. It was a good thing I quit too because he was a mole, feeding intel to the opposition. I don't know if the CIA found out but I hope they did and I hope they killed him. Anyway, once I left, I became curious and asked someone in the inside to provide equipment so I could solve the last mission I was working on, Project: Slaughter. I can't give any details to you now, but I can tell you that it was devised by two foreign people, know as the Murderer and the Driver. We didn't find out their real names. Only that they were hired by a terrorist group, the Black Mongo. 
"The guy who provided me the equipment gave me the lot, but I got more than I bargained for... Simon, I can predict future events and I think that the Murderer is going to try killing Josh." 
"Josh?" I asked, "your Josh? You think the Murderer is targeting you?"
"Yes, why?"
"I know this is going to sound crazy...insane... but I think your brother is alive."


Paige looks like a ghost right now, the thought about her brother is sickening to her, and it's sickening to me. The thought that he is murdering all her friends is in-humane. He is supposed to be her brother, not the enemy. Whoever the Black Mongo is, I think that the police should get straight on the case.

"Paige..." I start.
"No!" She says strongly, "I know what you are going to say but I can't risk the police knowing my brother is out there. I know he is murdering all my friends, but he is my brother after all."
"Alright." I sigh, "but I'm going to track him with you. If he is going to kill Josh, I'm the one to stop him. If you want, I will go there alone, armed, but I won't use the weapon unless required to do so."
"Thanks, but remember, he's dangerous. By the way, I can track you and anyone else in the building."

I smile. Although I want to break up with her, I can't. I'm too emotionally involved, I love her too much to break up with her. And although I can't break up with her, she has to know what I'm feeling. With a sigh, I try to tell her.

"Paige, I didn't just come her to let you know that Ben died." I lied, "I came to tell you that I can't sustain a relationship right now. I'm not breaking up with you, you're too good a girl to break up with. It's just that the police force takes up too much of my time, and I find it hard to balance the two things. I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you because I didn't want to break you heart."
"Why do you just quit the force?" Paige asks, "no, bad idea. Simon, I got news... I'm pregnant!"
"What?!" I choke, "that's brilliant, oh god, sorry, I really stuck my foot in it this time haven't I? I assume you are going to quit your job?" 

I see her nod.

"Then I have no choice but to stay in the force. We don't have anymore source of income at the minute." I tell her, "look, I don't want to leave you, but I need the force right now."

Paige cries, I see the tears streaming down her face like a river and I'm starting to feel guilty. If I have learnt one thing, you have to be cruel to be kind. She is pregnant, that's the best news I could have received from a girl I love with all my heart, and I will be there for her every step of the way, but I can't be there twenty four hours a day. Paige has to look for herself when I'm not around.

We walk to the door, hand in hand. Then Paige turns to face me.

"Listen Simon, I'm not cross or disappointed. I actually admire you, you always told me the truth," she says softly, "no matter how bad it is, you tell it anyway, and that's one thing a relationship must have, honestly, as any good couples know."

I know it is hard for her, learning that her brother is alive then I suggest we have a break from our relationship. So far, all I'm proving to her parents is I'm an asshole and won't be there when it counts the most.

I turn away, and as Paige opens the door, I see her crying. I go and kiss her goodbye for the last time, then I leave. Millions if thoughts are running through my head right now, and probably millions of questions through Paige's. I think of turning back but I just can't. I have to concentrate on catching her brother and the Black Mongo right now.

I think of telling the force right now, but there is only one person that needs to know right now. I wait until Paige shuts the door then I pull out my phone.

"Where are you?" Tristan asks.
"Look, go to the bathroom or something because I need to tell you something very important."

Tristan tells me to hang on for a second and then recovers me in one of the toilet cubicles.

"Si, what is going on?" He asks me.
"Just fucking listen for a minute. Paige isn't what she seems. She's ex CIA. She left because she found out she had a brother. He was in the CIA too, but he was a mole. Paige left because she feared for her safety. Her brother was caught, but we don't think he was put in prison or killed. We think he is the one responsible for the murders going on. We believe that there's someone else working with him. The Murderer and the Driver. We don't know their real names, but Paige had a lead. And I'm investigating it alone."
"Wait, she told you all of this?"
"Yes." I said, truthfully.
"Let me come too," he said, calmly, "You haven't got any backup on your own, and if it is Paige's brother, he might murder you."

I considered this carefully, it might be useful to have Tristan with me, so I have backup. However it is going to be dangerous and I can't guarantee his safety.

"If you come, I cover you, not the other way round." I laid down my terms.
"Ok." Tristan said. 
"Meet me at the Bullet in ten." I said, then hung up.


The Bullet was a pub with a strong reputation. In the 1900's, a famous broke out and one bullet killed both men. It was in the outskirts of the town but it had the most arrests than any other pubs. The people that went there weren't violent, in any situation but they did drugs, hard drugs. The prison were overflowing.

I arrived five minutes early to plan how I was going to deal with Paige's brother. I didn't want to kill him, as it was Paige's brother, but if I had to, I would fire before he did. Paige left the CIA because she thought her brother was dangerous so she would support me if I shot him, wouldn't she? Wouldn't she?

Tristan arrived five minutes later, he must have been keen to catch this man, especially with the danger of me being killed. He wasn't taking any chances, and went full out with a shotgun. I only brought a pistol. He must have popped home first before coming here.

"My terms." I said, after he got out of the police car.
"Deal." He said, putting his hands up, "Unless he is about to shoot you, then I'll step in."

We laughed for a while.

"So what's the plan?" Tristan asks.
"We will come to that when we face Paige's brother." I said.
"But what if-" Tristan starts, but is interrupted by my phone ringing.
"Hang on." I hold my finger up.

I grab my phone from my pocket and answer it.

"Hello?" I said, quite grumpily.
"Si, the murder is going to happen, or is not going to happen, at the Old Farmers Den at 5pm." Paige says, ignoring my tone of my voice.
"Oh, sorry Paige," I apologise, "I'll get on it right away."

I hang up.

"Who was that?" Tristan asks.
"Paige, and we need to go to the Old Farmers Den." I pointed at the car.
"Just how does she know these things?"
"No fucking idea." I laughed, "Now get your ass in that car."

The Old Farmers Den was exactly what it said on the tin. It was used for storing old, broken down tractors they couldn't be sold again, and dead animals, who had a disease, left to become rotten corpses. It was once used as a dead body by a criminal gang but they were swiftly arrested, and the bodies removed. It was a fair few miles from the Bullet, but being a policeman, I needn't worry about that. There was just one thing I had on my mind, what was Josh hanging out where there were dead animals?

We arrived shortly after 4:30. Knowing this was my fight of my my life, I was prepared physically, but mentally? No. I couldn't face killing my girlfriend's brother in normal situations. But I had to think that this wasn't a normal situation and I had to think to myself he was a very, very dangerous criminal.

Bursting in, I saw Josh out of my corner of my eye, relaxing in the left corner of the barn. Relaxing, and listening to music, unaware that Paige's brother is coming to kill him. I rush towards him, and as soon as he sees me, he looks uncomfortable, he shifts around on the spot. He thinks this is his private spot to hang out. 

"How the bloody hell did you find me here?!" Josh snarls.
"Never mind that..." I start.
"Never mind that? NEVER MIND THAT? YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE ME THERE IS SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU FINDING ME HERE? He shouts. He is standing now, hands clenched in a fist, ready to punch the daylight e of me.
"How about your life?" I ask.

Josh stares at me. Blood boiling. He thinks I'm lying, but I'm not. I'm here to save him. I don't expect a warm welcome, I lied to him a couple of times to protect him from the truth. This time, it's different, I'm not lying. 

Josh unclenches his fists, sits back down. He's still staring at me.

"If you're fucking lying again..." He says, angrily.
"I'm not." I say, sharply, "I'm here on police business. I know I haven't been a great person to you, let alone a friend. All along, I was trying to protect you, I know it doesn't feel that way, but I have, and I'm doing so now. Have you heard Ben and Ryan have been killed, all in the space of twenty four hours? Well you're next, and I'm trying to stop you from being murdered."
"Why should I believe you?" Josh asks.
"Ring Paige if you don't believe me," I say, "but I'm telling the truth."

I must have him now. There's no way he couldn't believe me.

"Come on Josh," I push, "we have only a few minutes to get you out of here."
"I'm not going anywhere with you, you pest," Josh snarls, "this is just a sick fucking joke to you. Is this being filmed, am I being put on the web, just for money and entertainment of others? I see the funny side, but this is getting boring now. I see now, you were just helping me on the other occasions, however I'm staying here, and you are going some place else. Ciao!"

I don't know how to react to that. I thought he would believe me after that trick. Apparently not. I tried everything in the fucking book, but apparently, everything in the book didn't work. I have to save time, for his sake, for Paige's sake, for my sake

"Look, I'm trying to save your fucking life here, can't you be a little fucking grateful?!" I hiss.
"Are you still trying that?" Josh snorts.
"I fucking give up." I sigh, "Well, I'm staying here with you, stay behind me!"
"Really?" Josh snarls, "really? You're still trying that?"
"STAY BEHIND ME!" I shout.

As minutes merge into half a hour, the barn door suddenly shatters into pieces, and there's a cloaked figure standing a meter outside the exploding door. After a minute, they approach, a knife in their left hand. They have their right hand clenched into a menacing fist, looking for a bloody victim.

I'm so scared, but I'm standing firm, I have to protect Josh.

"You weren't joking?" Josh says, surprised.
"Did I look like I was fucking joking?" I snarl back, "JUST STAY BEHIND ME!"

The figure is still approaching. They stop between me, them, and 
Josh, panting, hard. They lift up the hood of their cloak, and I see the Murderer standing there, face in a dark expression, but as cool as anything.

"Only one will die tonight." He says.
"No one will die tonight, not you, not me, and especially not Josh. We have come too far to die now.'
"We?" The Murderer bursts out laughing, "An extra person won't stop me from completing my destiny."

And as he says that, he runs straight at me. I have no choice but to do the same, I have to run into the most epic standoff ever... 


© Copyright 2018 Xase. All rights reserved.

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