My Solitary Aurora

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017









My Solitary Aurora
(A Parable)

In our extant lives, there is no word to describe our awareness towards other humans.
We have limited ourselves with a word called "LOVE" and let it be. It has been scripted, sculpted, painted, written and even sung so, since thousands of years ago, which has eventually coalesced into the macrocosm of living creatures.

This is a parable which narrates the magic of the so called "LOVE" that exist between two souls in nature as a gift of godliness.

Up above the frozen Lake of Inari, Finland, the celestial roof unveiled its incredible beauty with a spectacular display of aurora. There came a young boy and a girl to gaze at the alluring sky. The nature had brought them together there to let them apprehend the profound truth they shared between their souls named, Love.

Coelho’s book Eleven minutes says, “Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. “

Below are chapters which describe their experiences of THAT evening where they felt spiritual soul visible and visible earth spiritual.


Chapter One (3):
What’s next:

(The Night followed by The Efflorescence of Love chapter.)

The girl murmured what would be next?
The boy embraced her and started:

Love is a longing to give and not to expect anything back in return. So there is no ‘next’ on terms of giving. Even then, let me elaborate it you:

We are pure energy like two rivers which becomes one. So next, ocean would be the destiny or we might get departed again at some place, that’s next.

If we start to possess love, it would become a misery, where nature would no longer be extant. Hence, we may go back to the normal human world and the rest that follows would be the next.

We would become a family, have kids and if we ever try to systemize our family life with our conditioned society’s rule, we would lose bliss, that's next.

If we live like fragrant blossoms, we would die by every sunset and be re-born again, the next morning, with the same ecstasy, that's next.

If this love of ours remains with more awareness and rapture, it would become spiritual. We would feel god in it, it would be a prayer, that's next.

If this is to be eternal, I should never enslave your feminism and you shouldn’t enslave my masculinity either. That should be our next.

Let our Love make our souls creative so that our life would be an untold poem, an unfinished holy novel and a rebellious manuscript of relationship, which is my ardent desire of ‘next’.

Let our freedom of individual be like dew drops on lotus petal which will fill blossoms in our ‘next’.

Let our intimacy be like the mother’s breast and child's hunger which fills aroma of temple in our ‘next’. He concluded.

Then they lied down on the rusted car's bonnet, star gazing the infinite and relished their moment of revelation.

Surrounded by tranquillity, their souls mumbled the discernments of their ‘next’.

Then they understood what is real next “a deep silence that prevails in cosmos “.


Chapter Two:

The Efflorescence of Love 

Evening descended and raised its curtain to present the night by shining stars as credits in frozen Lake of Inari.
The boy rushed to the dead rusted car in middle of frozen lake and took two yellow lava lamps from his bag.
He turned it on and placed on both sides of car so that car looked like brightest stars in lake.

Girl seeing that become overwhelmed with ecstasy and made swan's walk to the car seeing the boy as if he would melt and disappear in her iris.
He opened the door of the car for her thinking as queen boarding the Royal Ascot chariot.
They both sat inside car in front & back so that they can see face to face. Now the flower of love had effloresced between them with their whole consciousness.
They couldn’t express the celebration of this Love blossom.

Boy enunciated “Now I have totally evolved into new being with joy and pleasure around me everywhere. I could see that I am myself a great love now. "
Girl twirled in delight on hearing what boy said and she added “Am just stuck like poet searching for words, this is beyond words, in-depth in senses. Sing me your Love"
Boy sang:
“Oh my Love, Be my solitude, Be my melancholy, Be my failure.......
  Even if you depart for a day it should make feel like solitude for light years. So be my Solitude
  Even if I miss your smile and warmth for an hour it should be hell of melancholy. So be my Melancholy
  Even I missed you to give one less in thousand kisses for a day it would be my downfall. So be my Failure." 
Saying this he laid his head in her hands and kissed.

Sacred river of emotions and festive came out of girl as drop of tears from her magical eyes along with smooth wave of smile. She exclaimed as below:
“As volcano erupts due to pressure, so do I now to empty my soul:
 Oh my friend! Oh my love! Oh my dream!
 This may look like a fairy tale came true, but truth is nature made mine as one of the fairy tale. 
 Our love haven't forgave my confessed sins , it haven't  baptized me as new born but it made me to pass through the morality and left me in garden of Eden with you as my ADAM.
 I could see myself as liberated women not the one who fought against men and won, the one who was enriched found powerful than men by his Love.
 So I would say be my Victory, Be my ecstasy, be my commune to my Love. "

 He was in drunkenness and she was in dreams, of love. The very love made them transcend to new origin of life which is always available in master's spiritual creation.
 Pure understanding of the awareness towards the human as love caused to think beyond morals and ethics made them feel mystified. 
 They both were in need of questions and answer for the same. In order to find it they both left the car and sat on the bonnet of it, knowing nature has all.
 The girl lied on his shoulder as she saw the aurora evanescing from the sky and night taking over. 
 They had relaxed having deep breath on heavenly breeze that invaded the lake. 

 Now, the girl murmured what would be next? 

Chapter Three (1):

The Instigation of Aurora

(Where it all started)

In the banks of frozen Lake of Inari in Finland, it was a greenish golden evening with aurora in the sky. 
Clouds were scattered like studded crystal blue sapphires painted with green aurora and stars as diamond sprinkled around them.
In a very old rusted vintage car beyond the walk way fence, stood the hero of the story, adoring the aurora as his music player played his favourite etudes. There came “The young Girl" along the fence and saw him beyond the fence inside the rusted car. She desired to get inside the car. She had a strange feeling of some force pulling her towards the car.
She shouted " Hey you! Is it not risk there? Can I..?"  He couldn't hear it first time and as she waved her blue woollen scarf, he turned off his music player and had a look at her.

He was amazed to see her whom he felt as an eternal gift from the nature, it felt as if sudden big bang created a new galaxy.
It was a supernatural scene, her hair was like irresistible waterfall to him, the eyebrows were like dense Pine forest with snowflakes on them, and her eyes seemed like an enigmatic black hole to him where no light of his soul could escape.
She was absolute energy which awakened all his senses and made him to move beyond the senses. It's not about the falling in LOVE it was like rising towards the cosmos.
He wished for the girl to sit beside him, hold his hand, and share her joy, solitude and everything else.
She wore a hand knitted white sweater paired with a blue jeans and the blue woollen scarf which she kept waving in her hand.
He discerned that his past got obliterated and he was not worried about his dubious future either. There existed only one thing, the very present.
“Is this aroma of soul? The incense of heaven is all over here... “His heart mumbled.

As he woke from his trance, he removed his ear phones and waved her back. She was excited to cross the fence and hop in to the rusted car.
Boy walked to the fence and as he neared her he lost his vision of the surrounding blurred and all he could see was "The Girl".
He reached the fence:

The Girl: Hi 
The Boy: (Tries to speak but he could only blow air)
The Boy: Here take my hand
The Girl: Thank you! Would you mind if I join you? Sorry to disturb your solitude.
The Boy: "Happiness is real when shared."Grab my hands and jump safe.

The Boy:  That was a quote from my favourite movie “Into the wild". 
The Girl: I knew it. “When you want something in life you just got to reach out and grab it”. She smirked at him. I have to admit there was a force pulling me to the car.

Both got into the car and boy sat on front and girl sat on back seat. Both gazed through the window.
Boy started “I won’t inquire who you are and spoil this great gift of nature. Let's enjoy. All I want to say is this "Take those Broken wings and learn how to fly".
She really loved those lines and she knows it was a quote of Kalil Gibran, a bait to get her caught in Love trap.

Her heart murmured “What is this? I could see the bait but it is not from him. It’s from nature, fly fishing method to get caught in his soul. I could feel hook and nymph was him and the fishing line was aurora."

She opened her red cherry lips and spoke with incense of a baby “Are we searching ourselves here? This silence reveals the true sound of nature and is also trying to get me fall in Love by making you as bait”

Both gazed their eyes without any conversation they knew what happened between them.

Boy just muttered “Conscience may say this is fantasy, illogical or even sceptical. But I prefer to say that I am totally in love with you and the nature. Now I can’t find difference in you both. "
Girl with her cherry lips crushed for seconds started in joy “ As Oscar wilde said Scepticism is beginning of the faith. Now I started to have faith in two. One in you who proposed and the other is nature which revealed right in front of us”

Boy opened the broken door came out of dead car and walked few steps away and raised his head and felt the breath of endless joy in universe.
Girl followed him and caught his hand and they both stood in front of attired planet as naked soul.

(I dedicate this parable to my wife and it is a segment adapted from our love novel which is under fabrication.)

Written By,
Karthik Ganesan












© Copyright 2020 Karthik Ganesan. All rights reserved.

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