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Ok! So I'm extremely excited to be sharing this! I'm sorry if its not very good or anything but hey I'm trying... Any who comment your opinions I really want to hear it! Even of its bashing everything about it. Just beware that this story contains language. It is recommended that you listen to his song before hand ; Chapter song:

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The day it starts

Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



*_beep beep beep_* _ugh damn it... Its already 7?_  (this story with mainly be in her POV italics being her thoughts, bold italics being noises and things happening around her. I will also be swapping into third person like this every once in a while. I'll probably switch back to usual sometime soon) Charlotte sat up on her bed and stretched like every morning. Although this wasn't like every morning, it was the morning of her sixteenth birthday. She loathed the fact that as soon as she'd walk downstairs to the dining area she'd get happy birthday sung to her like she didnt on that day every single year since she was six. She really didn't want to see their fake smiles right before she was forced to eat a piece of cake that was devoid of any sugar. She had spent about ten long years in this place, ever since she was taken away..... Her mind faded through memories. The time when she had her back against her bedroom door when she was only four, listening to her parents arguing yet again. Knowing when she heard her mom grab her baby brother and slam the front door that they weren't coming back. Then she remembered when she was 5 before she started going to school she was forced to do all the house work and stuff. She often cried herself to sleep, but tried to stay quiet so her dad wouldn't hear. He often had a bottle and didn't go to work anymore. His eyes were always unfocused and his words slurred. He always tripped and stumbled. It seemed like he blamed her for her mom leaving, and he was always showing that to her. Hurting her with words and his fists and feet. When she was finally six she started going to school. She always had to wear long sleeves and pants to cover up the bruises. One blistering hot day she passed out from over heating. When she was brought to the nurse all the bruises were discovered and the cops were called. Soon after this she was brought to an orphanage when they couldn't get a hold of her mother. That day when it seemed like she had finally escaped , she realized that it was only the beginning of this hell. She snapped back to reality as sister larger called her name. _shit. I'm late, I'm going to pay for this later._ ~timeskip~ Well that was horrible. I swear I won't last another year here. Wait... That's right today I promised myself... Ok! I can't mess this up. Today is the day I confess my feelings to the guy I've liked for three years.... While everyone else makes fun of me he always has been so different. He'd help her up after someone tripped her, He'd let her sit next him even though everyone else scurried away when she went near. He was really nice to her and she didn't know why. He wasn't an outcast, a reject like her. He was smart, funny, talented, kind to her, and his looks weren't bad either. Plus he was popular so why had he been nice to her? I stood in the bathroom after I had gotten put of the shower. I was wearing some jeans and a purple tee shirt with the logo of my favorite band on it. Just because it was an orphanage run by nuns doesn't mean they had the worst clothes. She stood in the mirror watching herself as she combed her waist length long brown hair. Maybe it was time for a haircut? I wonder why I'm an outcast anyways... I dont find mysefl super beautiful, but I'm not that unattractive. But I guess I'm kind of plain. I stared at myself, going over my features. I have this sort of splotch of freckle across my nose and upper cheeks. My eyes are bright blue-green-gray, I have dimples when I smile, and I'm not overweight... So why could I be an outcast? It wasn't my grades, they weren't super high or super low. Was it because I never speak to really anyone, was it because I said sorry way too much when I did? Was it because I lived in an orphanage? That's the reasons I'm going for. Damn, my 30 minute bathroom time is almost up. I sprang out of the bathroom to my room which I shared with 3 other girls. Nicole was my age, Penelope was fourteen, and Kia was 17. Kia would be able to leave in just a few months when she turned eighteen. Realizing how late it was I sprinted to my stuff, pulled on my dark purple winter jacket, boots, and a lavender beanie. It was the middle of December after all. The last day of school before winter break to be exact. I had to hurry out the door to avoid missing the bus again. One more tardy and I'd have to come back to school the following Wednesday to serve a detention. I made it right before the bus was about to leave and jumped on. I sat in the 5th last seat, so I knew this ride was going to be literal hell. So one 30 minute bus ride, some weird ees stuff getting flung into my hair, and some random girl telling me to fight her later I walked into to school. I had a bit of time before I had to be to first period but i decided to be early. Mr. Yancey hated it when students were late, and I definitely didn't need that this morning. I walked in and sat in my usual spot in the back of the class. Nothing would stop this day from being good. Oh how I would fucking regret that thought later.

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