The Little Girl Without Backbone Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

see part 1

This is still going to be altered a little itnf as at some points a better choice of words is still necessary, same goes for part 1.

The Little Girl without backbone

Part 2


Whilst still to a degree irritated, he did start to feel some inner calm slowly spreading throughout his entire body as he slowly walked through the little space in between two town-facing benches towards the wooden railing from which one could see the whole beauty that was Atisville during the night. He put his lower arms onto the railing, clasping his hands and slightly leaned himself forward whilst crossing his legs. The vista has undergone complete transformation from generic grey-colored house facades glued to each other during the day, to a sea of lights flickering heatedly in vivid turmoil in the evening.
It looked like someone drew lines of gold onto the otherwise boring greyish canvas, some of which were aligned car headlights producing a playful performance on this magical stage. Whilst the Atisville Highway was unsurprisingly winning this by a long shot, the bright red lights which illuminate the Atisville Tower dominated the overall view, casting a red circle onto the few clouds passing by above. Gary turned his head slightly to the right where the Mousiko – a hill on the east part of town famous for its luxurious residences as well as the historic Atisville lighthouse – presented itself as a dark wall concealing the night sky behind it. The green lights of the lighthouse created a friendly aura in the dark distance, probably still trying to serve its original purpose of giving a pleasant welcome greeting to any planes headed for the airport.
Directly below Gary, a wooden staircase zigzagged from the small lookout down to the outer street on this end of Atisville. Crossing that very street, one immediately finds himself in a luxurious domestic district which itself doesn’t look much different from luxurious districts closer to the city center. This transition is somewhat special as one would expect houses to be more scattered. The reason for such an abrupt cut can probably be blamed on the fact that the town didn’t want anything to be built on the top of the small hill Gary was standing on. Same with Mousiko, with the only exception which is the lighthouse. As the view from both hills is considered phenomenal, the best spots were sold to more wealthy people. Thus it doesn’t surprise that the higher up you go the more you find yourself surrounded by bigger and more fancy family homes, some even having their own small gardens. He’d been in this district only once, and that was when he had given Steven a ride back home a few years back. That guy’s father runs a successful restaurant chain called “The early bird”. Basically, what they capitalize on, are people who rather have their breakfast at a restaurant than at home. Apparently, that target audience is pretty large. Yes, Gary was one of them. He was too lazy to make food for himself, especially in the morning when he had other things to worry about, like checking his mailbox. That’s why he regarded the whole procedure as a complete waste of time. He might as well hold an effective meeting within that same amount of time which turns out to be much better for his career.
He raised his head to look at the bright full moon which had been obscured by clouds and now threw a faint silvery layer of light onto the scene, giving it a bewitching touch.
“Might have to take a stroll around this place sometime”, Gary uttered, his breath instantly condensing and creating a cloud of mist in front of him.
He continued to admire the view a little longer before he turned away from the railing, stepping back towards one of the benches where he plunked down onto the cold wood. He then rubbed his hands a little while blowing onto them with his breath and started to pour himself some of the tea he had brought.
“Hmmm, yes, exactly what I need right now”, he murmured satisfied, carefully sipping the tea so as to not burn his tongue.
Behind him some tuned car raced by, shortly ruining the peaceful atmosphere this place emitted.
“These guys and their pimped cars nowadays”, he complained, turning his head around to see if he could spot the car but he could only catch a glimpse of the car’s red backlights disappearing down the road. 
It’s not that he didn’t like cars or anything, on the contrary, he used to read lots of automobile magazines in school and loved the view of classic cars or impressive private projects where car enthusiasts turned a car into a better version of itself. Yeah, he himself drove a pre-owned Plangu, which wasn’t an impressive car, but it got the job done. It’s not like he couldn’t afford a better car, but he could think of a hundred better ways to spend that money, like, you know, some long overdue vacation. At that thought, he started pondering why it was that he hasn’t had a well-deserved vacation in the past two years. Thinking back, they’ve had so many projects running that there just didn’t seem to have been any time for messing around. Even if he actually would’ve gone on vacation he would’ve ended up with a laptop on his lap all day long anyway. The past few years had been too intense, they just couldn’t have rested for a single whole day for the sake of catching some breath, so he might as well save the money and work from home.
He took a last long sip to empty the cup as the tea had cooled down a little already. Then he put it down next to him and just continued staring straight forward. The Irritation that brought him to this place had by now completely vanished into thin air.
“I should do this more often”, he murmured to himself with a grateful smile, “and while I’m at it, I might as well bring some of my collegues along every now and then. I have a feeling that some of them might need this even more than I do.”
Chuckling at his own words, he turned his view to the right in order to reach out for the thermal bottle to pour himself another cup. That never happened.
He froze as he suddenly noticed that he wasn’t alone anymore. He wasn’t even sure if he had been alone from the very start as he never noticed any movement to his right. There, where the wooden staircase starts its unwinding nature, a girl was silently sitting on the first two steps, her head turned towards the town. be continued...

Submitted: January 23, 2017

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