Deep and Risky

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Whats is it we fear? Looking in the mirror for the answers.

Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



What is it we all fear? Can't close my eyes because i see the terror or maybe it could be the man in the  mirror that makes the pain turn realer. Can't mourn no more when i witness the struggle surpress others in this armegeddon. Its not good to be open about whats inside when you know whats right and wrong. Not many will understand where the realistic point of view isi coming from rather you print it out on paper or shout it to the heavens. The fear of realizing we're born living just to die is frightening, the fear of being unheard when the truth is being shouted daily, the fear of others using your feelings against you in your time of need? They kill moments of exploring with those theories.

Its not hard to be honest, but with that comes respect. Looking in the mirror realizing you're much more than everybody makes you out to be is very important and scary at the same time. There's too many people that use that against you as an indidvidual that just lives life by the common sense embedded in you in order for you to set an example on how to live the right way and most importantly be happy. A lot of crooked hand dealing people came around me with the same mentality as me, and showed me that no man or woman is to be trusted with anything that you may know that could benefit society.

Since my first day on this Plane i knew i was blessed with a vision to see the world as a totally different way to live. Drawing pictures wouldn't change nothing though, being laughed at by the ones you consider to be close is nothing more than a scam ro make you forget that the person you see in the mirror is better than that which they speak out their mouths and think with their minds about you. Don't settle for less and never change, just keep your essence. I put my faith in God even though when i closed my eyes i seen the terrors of this world rising from the rocks that man flipped without permission. With the help of Satan they've reeped themselves of their own soul for the price of funny money  being played around by the ones we were brought up to feel sympathy for in the history books.

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