this is the story about jeff...

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 23, 2017

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Submitted: January 23, 2017



There was a boy named Jeff who was bullied by four boys in middle school, when he moved from a small town because his mom left his dad since he cheated on her with his babysitter and got her pregnant. During school Jeff suffered a series of taunts and harassment while the too proud teachers didn't say shit because his bullies were top athletes and were going to go to state championship.


One day was most miserable Jeff was scared to get dressed after taking the showers from gym class, the bullies were relentless. Today was a very different day, the bullies circled around Jeff laughing calling him names like "faggot","worthless", "retard" upon other things. They pushed Jeff who was naked and joked about his penis being too small, which further humiliated Jeff to point he was trying to get his towel and clothes to leave.


The bullies didn't want that, they shoved him down calling him more names but something caught his eye, it was something silver that bounced off his glasses and then he felt it, one of the bullies took a knife and proceeded to stab him so much so the other bullies gasped in shock, as if they didn't know what happened. What occurred next was a blur, poor Jeff was lying in a pile of his own blood while the three bullies were shivering in shock and they started hitting the one who stabbed Jeff saying "what the fuck we were only trying to scare him", meanwhile Jeff blacked out.


The four bullies didn't take responsibility when the police came but finally started saying the one who stabbed him once threatened with murder charges, Jeff never woke up from his black out, he died minutes after the stabbings. The main bulky was taken to jail to face murder charges, his aggressors pleaded guilty to assisting but they wouldn't do time, to this day when you go around that area Jeff died in you can still hear his biome chilling screams, that is if you're alone.



"or that is what Jeff want people to believe....

there are reports that, the bullies kept saying that they did not stab Jeff that much or it is weird that he dies from those things...

Problem is... Jeff did not die he is alive and hungry for revenge...

when doctors are dissecting his body, they found that Jeff is very alive, weak but still very much alive

they successfully revived Jeff but you may wonder why is there no news on this, and the answer is simple child because no one were able to speak ever again...

Jeff changed since he was assumed dead, his mind is no longer with us anymore, his mind was broken to the extent that he can no longer be considered a human...


Months has passed since Jeff is last seen, the police assumed that the families stole Jeff body and killed all the witnesses as none of Jeff known family can be found...

Investigation of Jeff murders was still on the way, his bullies were still interrogated sometimes one by one sometime all at the same time.

An interrogation was on its way that night, but tonight it is special as Jeff decide to pay them a visit...

"on?e ?by one ?afte?r ?m?e" Jeff sang as he casually walking down the hall way stabbing anyone on his sight

he was shot many times but none were strong enough to stopped him...

"i h?av?e? ?fel?t? ?mo?r?e? ?p?a?i?nf?u?l ?pa?i?n? t?h?a?n? ?this?, come on? d?on?'t ?s?t?o?p sh?ow me ?wha?t? ?i?t i?s l?ik?e? ?to f?e?e?l? P?AIN" as Jeff screams charging every single officer one by one till he reaches the detention center where he finds his old bullies sitting at the corner terrified

"L?ET?S? P?L?AY T?OG?E?TH?ER?" as Jeff jumped toward the bullies stabbing them showing no mercy...

Jeff then looks at the ceiling laughing "HA?H?AHH?A?H?A?H?AH?HAHA?,"


screams can be heard from the interrogation room...

but now it gets louder and louder and then it stopped...

"C?O?M?E? ?O?UT ?C?O?ME ?O?UT ?T?OMM?Y I KN?OW? YOU? A?RE ?IN T?HER?E?" as Jeff kicks the door open

Tommy shaken in fear asked "j....Jeff is that you"

Jeff eyes turns red as he says "JEF?F IS? ?N?O LO?NG?E?R? ?H?ER?E ?P?AL? ?H?E IS? DEAD?, B?UT? ?Y?O?U C?AN ST?I?L?L? C?ALL ?M?E ?JEF?F? ?SO TH?AT ?I C?A?N? ?E?NGRA?VE ?T?HI?S M?O?MEN?T? ?T?O? YOU?R H?EAD.?..? SO T?H?A?T? YOU? W?I?L?L? ?FE?AR FO?R? I? A?M? ?JE?F?F? BRIN?GER ?O?F? N?I?GHT?MA?R?E?S?"

Jeff begins carving writings on his head stating "Jeff was here"


police cannot find any remains of the 3 bullies or the other officer only the last bully with the carving on his head"


"why is that mister"


"well child Jeff would bring them all to the place where he was stabbed...

where he changed, he would often bathe in their blood and eating their flesh..."


"how can you know all of this mister..."


the man begins scratching his face tearing it apart showing his flesh


as the man turns around smiling...



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