The Taxi

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Malcom and Bianca meet on Facebook and soon become lovebirds. Their love for each other grows to an extent whereby they exchange every detail about themselves and decide to meet in person.
But what happens after the the day of their first meeting doesn't guarantee that they will ever meet again.

Submitted: January 23, 2017

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Submitted: January 23, 2017






Malcom and Bianca met on a social network – Facebook. Although they had no mutual friends whatsoever, Malcom still decided to send Bianca a friendship request. Both of them never wrote any details about themselves on their profiles and, so, it was simple for them to engage in general conversation. They soon began to exchange information about themselves and enjoying each other’s company.

Things got more exciting. They started to text about everything in particular – all day, every day. It was as if they had known each other for ages. After four months of their daily routine, Malcom decided that they should meet in town. Bianca agreed. Little did they know how dangerous town was at that time.

They both arranged the time, date, and location. It happened. On that day, Malcom woke up at dawn and did his routine ­— ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, cleaned his dorm room, and took a shower. By nine o’clock he was already on his way to town. He got there at 9:50 — ten minutes early. He located a bench and sat down to cool himself off.

Soon afterwards, Bianca called and said that she just got off the taxi. It was 10:03. Malcom tried to calm his voice in order to hide the fact that he was nervous. He asked what she was wearing.

“A black dress,” replied Bianca. “What about you, Malcom? What are you wearing?” she added.

Instead of replying to Bianca’s questions, Malcom looked across the street and saw a slim dark-skinned lady in her late teens or early twenties. She had black shoulder-length hair and was speaking on her cellphone. Malcom knew right away that it was Bianca and approached her.

“Excuse me, Miss. Are you Bianca?” asked Malcom — just to be sure.

Bianca recognized the voice but couldn’t make out Malcom’s features because Malcom had grown a beard which covers almost all of his lower facial region. She stood there wondering if it was Malcom or not, her cellphone still in hand.

“I am Malcom — the guy you’re here to meet with.”

Bianca didn’t say a word but spread her arms to embrace the short muscular guy — about 5`6`` — claiming he is Malcom. Although the lady was a little sweaty, their hug was long and firm. They were approximately the same height, really. When pulling-out of the hug, Malcom gave Bianca a kiss on the cheek and they took baby steps to the nearest bench and sat down. Their conversation started to flow.

It was almost midday when Malcom offered to buy Bianca some lunch at a nearest restaurant. She agreed and they went inside. Malcom took his sunglasses off and studied the menu along with Bianca. He looked around to pick an empty table and went for the one at the corner.

Whilst eating and having small talk, Bianca asked about Malcom’s lazy eye. But there wasn’t much information about it except for the fact that he was born like that. Bianca thought Malcom was being rude — judging from his response and lack of interest about the subject. And, so, she changed the subject and spoke about how nice lunch was.

 At one o’clock in the afternoon the weather was starting to change — black clouds were beginning to form. Strong winds, too. Malcom reckoned that it would be a better idea for them to go to his place before the storm began. They took a taxi to Malcom’s flat. At their arrival, neither of them hesitated to do what they have been talking about in the past couple of months. They started kissing and undressing each other. Both of them knew what they were doing and, so, it happened.

By nine o’clock in the evening, Bianca wanted to leave. Malcom tried to convince her that public transport was no-more at that time but she wouldn’t take his word for it.

“I want to leave, Malcom. I have to,” said Bianca.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s unsafe to go outside at this time. You can sleepover and leave at dawn.”

“I don’t care! I won’t sleep here. Open the door or else I’ll scream.”

“Well, then…” Malcom said whilst opening the door. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he continued.

“Yeah, whatever!”

Malcom shut the door with a loud bang after Bianca left. He went over the window and watched as Bianca got into one of the private taxis that had been parked alongside the pavement.

Days passed. Weeks became a month. And Malcom hasn’t heard from Bianca since the last time they met. The taxi that she got into was nowhere to be seen after that evening. On the first day of the second month, the police knocked on Malcom’s flat to let him know that Bianca was last seen with him. They told Malcom that his neighbours and a passer-by believe that they heard him threatening Bianca before she got into the taxi.

Without taking his word, they cuffed Malcom and pledged that he was to be held in custody until Bianca reappears and confesses that it wasn’t Malcom who’d kidnapped her.

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