From Ignorant Consumer to Informed Advocate: Lifting the Curtain and Confronting Oz

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This is my contribution to the Project Muse discussion, "Narrative Symposium: To Vaccinate or Not? Parents’ Stories:"
Liz Parker. "From Ignorant Consumer to Informed Advocate: Lifting the Curtain and Confronting Oz." Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, vol. 6, no. 3, 20 January 2017, pp. 176-180. Project Muse,

Submitted: January 23, 2017

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Submitted: January 23, 2017



This is my contribution to the Project Muse discussion, "Narrative Symposium: To Vaccinate or Not? Parents’ Stories:" 

Liz Parker. "From Ignorant Consumer to Informed Advocate: Lifting the Curtain and Confronting Oz." Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, vol. 6, no. 3, 20 January 2017, pp. 176-180. Project Muse,

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The beginning:

We entered the realm of parenthood late, as adoptive, rather than biological parents. When adopting, you walk a knife–edge, never knowing if the birth parents change their mind, or if the State might prohibit the adoption—you spend the months of the pregnancy, ultimately terrified, and work hard to distract yourself from any thought or plan beyond the day of birth. You have baby books on a shelf, but avoid the shelf, you borrow a crib, and procure only absolute essentials for baby; the idea of not coming home with baby, or worse, having to return baby to a birth parent who changes their mind during the foster period haunts your psyche. This is, undoubtedly the worst situation possible for informed decision–making when parenthood arrives and becomes a permanent reality.

Our children:

Our eldest arrived in late 1999, two weeks overdue, and healthy. Her birth mother stuck to the plan, and our daughter came home with us as our foster child. As foster parents, we did exactly as we were told—“well baby” visits on the recommended pediatric schedule, vaccines on and even before the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended schedule, induced lactation (birth mom did not want to provide milk), the best formula supplement, and lots of love. She got three shots at two months; her appetite declined, her nose began to run. She got four shots at three and a half months and immediately disintegrated, health–wise and behaviorally, experiencing nearly all listed “adverse events,” and ending–up at the Emergency Room. By the time the adoption was official, she was permanently brain–injured and on her way to lifelong disability. Her care, to–date tallies in the millions of dollars, she lost her childhood to therapies, and will never gain an independent adulthood. We continued to vaccinate her because we were told, with each round and associated decline, “it’s not the vaccines.”

I gave birth to our second child in 2001. She was perfect—until her shots at six months; she stopped breathing and turned blue while still at the pediatrician’s office—he resuscitated her; but she ended up at the hospital a short time later, unable to breathe; five hours of breathing treatments, steroids, allergy medicines, and more finally succeeded in restoring enough air flow. She was required to continue to take steroids, allergy medicine, and hourly breathing treatments (around the clock), for years. While at the hospital, I commented she had just gotten vaccinated—they told me, “vaccines can’t cause this—it was going to happen anyway.” There is no asthma in either family tree; I finally did my research. I was horrified at what I learned.

At this point, we stopped vaccinating.

Our third child was a lovely surprise—he arrived in 2005. He was breach, sunny–side–up, and footling; we tried for a home birth, but finally conceded defeat after 40 hours of labor. He arrived via C–Section; he did not get the birth dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Our vaccination decisions:

To summarize, the eldest got shots through the second year, the middle child got shots through six months, and the youngest has never received a single shot. To achieve this, our family was dismissed from two pediatrics practices—we finally found a thinking practitioner, and have been with her practice ever since.

The first real decision we made about vaccinating our children was not to vaccinate. Prior to this decision, we simply did what we were told by the doctor, whom we assumed had done extensive research and whom we assumed knew how vaccines were manufactured and tested, and that the vaccines were real–world efficacious (we were tragically mistaken).

Having now read the prescribing information for each vaccine, the FDA licensure applications, having performed in–depth analysis of the research purporting to prove the vaccines are safe and effective, having read textbooks regarding immunity, biochemistry, immunohematology, having researched the historic morbidity and mortality associated with the “Vaccine Preventable Diseases” (VPD’s), and understanding how little Science knows about the function of these diseases on long–term health—I hold an extraordinarily dim view of vaccines.

We have been bullied, threatened, and pressured by on–line, medical, social, and school communities, to change our view of vaccination; declarative imagery in news, television shows, and commercials, shouts we are making a poor choice. Our response comes from a place of enlightenment—just because a commercial pitches a product, that does not mean the pitch is, at all, truth.

I wish those who disagree would understand many things:

  1. I do not follow a Playboy bunny—she follows me.
  2. I did not stop vaccinating because of a “debunked” study—first of all, it was a paper, second of all, it has been repeatedly proven, and is not at all “debunked;” I stopped vaccinating after sacrificing the health and welfare of two of three of my children on Pharma’s altar, “for the good of the herd.”
  3. Vaccination is not, at all, immunization.
  4. Vaccinated people shed the diseases they have been vaccinated–against into the community—the more who receive live vaccines, the greater the risk to the immunocompromised—many more vaccinated people shed disease at any given moment than the healthy unvaccinated.
  5. Vaccinated people contract the diseases they were vaccinated–against; doctors give the diseases different names, or fail to investigate because, “they are vaccinated and can’t catch that disease;” these people continue attending work, school, and other events, and spread the diseases as a result.
  6. There is absolutely no safety data to support today’s CDC recommended childhood vaccination schedule.
  7. There is no long–term life/death, health outcome data proving the fully vaccinated are healthier and suffer fewer chronic illnesses than the unvaccinated.
  8. Few vaccines are studied to determine whether actual people are protected from actual disease in the real world; titer does not equal immunity, just ask Harvard!
  9. Most vaccines do nothing to prevent contracting the vaccinated–against disease, they are meant to help the body to mount an immune response more quickly; vaccinating me helps only me.
  10. My experience with one child vaccinated against Varicella and two not, is that the vaccinated child suffered four times longer and her outbreak was at least three times worse than that of her unvaccinated siblings—vaccination did not “lessen” her disease.
  11. My experience with my child contracting Measles and Mumps was that these were extraordinarily mild diseases and each left in less than five days.
  12. I have suffered lifelong issues as a result of the vaccines I received as a child in the 1960’s; including narcolepsy, GI dysfunction, behavioral challenges, autoimmunity.
  13. Vaccinated mothers who did not contract and recover from VPDs cannot protect their nursing infants against VPDs, leaving them far more vulnerable than they should be in latter part of their first six months and beyond.
  14. Infants cannot form antibodies in the first 4–6 months of life—vaccination before six months is all risk, no benefit.
  15. Vaccines contain ingredients you would not permit in a juice box, they are poisons (neurotoxins, teratogens, mutagens, carcinogens, too) based upon the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); why would you inject these?
  16. Vaccines contain milk, egg, chicken, cow, monkey, soy, human, amino acids, and other protein and DNA (including peanut, in the past)—if the vaccine succeeds in inciting an immune response, the body will not necessarily discriminate between the virus’ and bacteria in the injection and the other proteins/DNA; many, develop allergies and autoimmunity as an adverse event.
  17. I have done tens of thousands of hours of research, reading scientific journals, textbooks, historical data, and more; your assumption that I am the ignoramus is astounding.
  18. Doctors, for the most part, do not have time or the motivation to do the in–depth analysis necessary to understand or dispute what I have learned—they spew the pre–packaged (by Pharma) clinical nuggets and threaten parents, rather than consider parents’ concerns; they are paid for patient visits—well patients have no need to visit.
  19. Medicine is not health; feeding your child processed food–like products for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks leaves your child nutritionally deficient and at–risk for serious complications from common diseases; Hippocrates had it right, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
  20. Our society seeks a pill to cure every ill, as it is easy; assuring quality sleep, exercise, pure water, and clean, nutritious foods is more difficult, but this forms the basis for health; we have not missed more than a day of school in any term for the past 11 years, because of any illness (except when the vaccinated kids at the school caused a Varicella outbreak, which almost every kid in the class contracted, despite >90% vaccine coverage).
  21. So. Much. More.

How to coexist?

Simple—ditch controversy; live and let live—this has worked nearly a century! Let the facts speak—the healthy un–vaccinated are not causing the vaccinated to contract disease. Vaccinated or un–vaccinated, if ill, stay home, and take good care. Understand, that people (vaccinated and un–vaccinated, alike) are contagious before they exhibit any overt signs of illness—there is absolutely no way to prevent exposure to “VPDs.”

The only defense against becoming ill is to wash hands thoroughly and frequently, avoid touching one’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with one’s hands (unless freshly washed), and to get enough sleep, nutrition, and exercise so one can be resilient in the battle against pathogens (which is a daily guarantee). Everybody is sick all of the time, our bodies are designed to mount a defense and bring sickness under control before we even notice we are ill. Rather than selling fear and Pharma products, we could sell healthful living and make this a priority for all citizens.

My credo:

The right vaccination choice is individualized, it should be informed by lifestyle, genetics, health history, and should consider a family’s religion and philosophical bent. Where a social group so fears un–vaccinated people, they should create a vaccinated–only enclave with private funds—the Government has deemed vaccines to be unavoidably unsafe, has exempted manufacturers from liability for the harm caused by their vaccines, resulting in manufacturer unwillingness to improve the design to make vaccines safe. Individuals should not be forced to consume dangerous vaccines in order to benefit from facilities and programs built with their tax dollars.

Vaccinating the world costs tens of billions of dollars and is resulting in a disproportionate population of chronically ill and disabled people—is the cost, human, health, and financial, in the name of injected “health” morally defensible? Not in the first world, where the risks of vaccination significantly outweigh the risk of contracting, expressing, and recovering from (very rarely, succumbing–to) these diseases.
No family owes their child’s health, welfare, and independent adulthood to the community, exchanged for nothing more than community perception of protection from VPDs. I sacrificed two of three of my children—the community has not anted–up to cover the extraordinary expense of my children’s lifelong disability and chronic illness; a known result of vaccinating. If the community does not bear the burden of the risk—physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually—then the community should have no right to impose the risk upon its members.

Ultimately, each family bears the burden of responsibility for health; the community benefits when families make choices which result in real health. Real health cannot be injected or ingested in pill–form, it is built through the decisions we make, regarding nutrition, sleep, hand–washing, and exercise. If doctors were only paid for each healthy patient–day, society would quickly turn from medicine; the YMCA would be the new after–hours party, alcohol bars would be supplanted by juice bars and smoothie shops, and grocery store shoppers would suddenly find they have to “special order” the processed–food–like products currently consumed by the truckload.

No child should bear the burden and the risk of forced vaccination to “protect” his peers. If must be, then Pharma should bear the responsibility to create safer (and actually effective) vaccines and to meet the cost for every need of those injured by known imperfect vaccines. For each VPD diagnosis, our Government must diligently determine whether those contracting the VPDs are vaccinated–against the VPD they contracted; identifying the strain of the disease (vaccine–strain versus wild strain) is critical to understanding effectiveness of the vaccination program; disseminating this information to The People in a clear and timely manner allows more informed decision–making for families.

Vaccine morality demands an understanding of the Science—to this day, man does not even understand the mechanism of action of the medicines he administers. Worse, man summarily declares, “the science is settled,” regarding vaccines—any real scientist understands that Science is never “settled,” Science is an evolutionary undertaking.

Finally, morality demands an open and honest discourse; today’s environment of commercial interests paying for pre–planned study results, ghost–written advertisement–as–medical–education modules, and industry–controlled university research means there can be no moral discourse around vaccination.

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