Lord, help me pass this day of sinister gloom
Through the passage of life grey and cold
With the icy rains falling from the sky; like doom
And the world growing lethargic and old

The streets of my life are sodden and sopping
As I walk in loneliness drenched to the bone 
Sadness becomes so profound I’m sobbing
The pains I feel no one should condone

Oh Lord, answer my plea; put me on dry land
So little I need to make a whole new change
The chill I feel is no thrill but thorns on a garland
It’s like a cold, dark and deserted grange

The eerie echoes I hear are from my soul
Hounding me like an unfulfilled ghost
Boding torment they are menacingly foul
A timid cry surging from where it hurts most

There seem to be no cessation of yearn
Such foreboding spikes; they are injurious
Knowing many bitter lessons I’ll need to learn
But not knowing a moment if I’ll ever be glorious

The frostiness of my heart is excruciating
I am left breathless; I seek love’s conviviality
Often pressing, my pains are never depleting
Cast a speck of hope that I might be in geniality

But for now I plead to rest my head upon your lap
To allay my weariness and garner some ray
Allow me just a moment so that I may tap
Some faith from you and I’ll be on my way

Submitted: January 24, 2017

© Copyright 2023 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.

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Oleg Roschin

Wonderful poem. Very profound and eloquent, intricately written and thought-provoking. Loved this!

Mon, August 28th, 2017 7:24am


Thank you Oleg. I am glad you like it. Sometimes we go deep within ourselves to reach out.

Mon, August 28th, 2017 12:54am

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