On Writing

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A poem about writing stories and poetry.

Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



Who'd have thought I'd end up writing poems

I really am so surprised

That I ended with verses when I started

Writing stories where everyone died.


I'm proud that I have stuck with it

Pleased with the things that I've written

From the latest of my funny poems

To that first story called Once Bitten.


I began writing short stories

Of horror, cowboys and crime

I write whatever comes to me

Often these days it rhymes.


For some it’s fishing or football

Or golf clubs that they join

For me writing it’s stories and poems

And they are two sides of one coin.


I may never be a great writer or poet

You wont find my stuff on your shelf

But I just write for the fun of it

They say you should write for yourself.


I just put down what pops in my head

And do it to keep me sane

I’ll never be a famous author

But I’ll be writing just the same.

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