Commonplace of Technology in 25 Years

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Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



In 25 years, the world will be forever changed. There will be more smartphones, and more diverse opportunities for technology to grow. There will be tons of new inventions and tons of new technology, that will become a commonplace for mankind. There will be flying cars for instance. Flying cars will transport and move things very efficiently and faster, and soon in 25 years, almost everyone will own a flying car.

Flying cars have been a vision for the future ever since the 1900’s, and people have dreamed about flying in their car over great distances. As Henry Ford in 1940 said, “Mark my words: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come”.  To make matters much more efficient, think about what such a car could do: make a roadtrip shorter, or even move faster, greater distances on the same fuel tank as before. Even when the Jetsons came out, flying cars were a thing, and it looked so amazing, and people just needed to have one. People needed to make this fantasy a reality, and ever since seeing flying cars on television and even in movies, like Back to the Future, scientific research on cars have doubled into making flying cars a reality.

Cars and the technology around the automotive industry have increased tenfold over the last couple of years. We have better engines and transmissions than cars from the 60’s, today more than even five whole years ago. If scientific research like this continues in the way it has, flying cars in 25 years will be no problem. We already can get planes to fly, and they have more mass than cars nowadays do, so therefore, if we extract plane technology and import it into cars and their engines, and find a way to have lift and add extremities like better engines and fuels to burn into, then flying cars can be easier to achieve than we would think.

The commonplace around flying cars would be the supply and demand of the car when it would first come out. Much like Tesla, who make cars depending on how many people order the new car, and base it around a function to keep the cars growing and exponentially making the cars until everyone can get one and sell them, flying cars will be the new car that everyone will want. Many people would order such a dynamic car. Research has already suggested that we may be able to use a flying car in the next five years! The company AeroMobil has already invented a flying car, and have been testing the prototypes and such since October 2014 (AeroMobil). They have been showing the car at certain events, and it seems to be very intriguing, and it would be very useful to mankind in the future.

Flying cars may have been dreamt about way in the future, but the time for flying cars could be way sooner. AeroMobil has already released a statement that we may have the car in the coming years, even if it may be a prototype now, and our dreams will finally become a reality. Then it will finally become ubiquitous to society and will forever change our depth of perception against the automotive industry at a whole and we will finally become more efficient in travel expertise and will get to live our dreams, due to research based off of television and movies, which led increasingly to prototypes of flying cars.


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