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One time there was an elephant. His name was

Gavan. He was in medical school. He was studying to

become a doctor. One day he was going to class. He sat

down on the floor and studied for the MCAT. Whenever

he wanted to turn the page of his book he would use his

trunk. Then a female elephant walked into the classroom.

Her name was Rosa. All the elephants looked at her.

“Wow!” they said. “What a sexy lady!” Everybody

whistled. “Beautiful!” Rosa smiled uncomfortably. Gavan

looked up from his book. Rosa started to cry. “Hey!” he

said. “Stop it. Leave the lady alone!” He twirled it into

and started hitting all the elephants that were making fun

of Rosa. Then the teacher, Tapan Shah, came in.

“Hey, hey hey! What is going on in here! Why are you all

hitting each other? Study for your exams! NOW!”

“Tapan sir,” Gavan said. “They were all making fun of the

lady elephant. That's why I was hitting them.”

“Gavan, I appreciate the fact that you were trying to

stand up for the new student, but hitting is not allowed in

this classroom.”

“Sir,” Rosa said. “Please don't be angry at the kind

elephant. He was just trying to help.”

“Yes sir. I'm really very sorry.”

“Okay fine. Now study for your exams.” Tapan said.

“Thank you Gavan,” Rosa said.

“Don't mention it. What's your name?” Gavan asked.”


“That's a nice name. I'm Gavan.”

“Nice to meet you, Gavan,” Rosa said, blushing. They

twirled trunks. “Now we're engaged,”Gavan said.

“We are?” Rosa asked.

“Sure! Wanna get married?”

“Are you crazy? We just met. Besides, I have to study for

my exams.”

“Oh come on. Let's go on a world tour. We can study for

our exams later.”

“Why don't you ask the teacher?” Rosa said.

“Tapan sir,” Gavan said. “Rosa and I are engaged. Do you
mind if we go on a world tour?”

”Sure, why not? By the way, congratulations.”

“Thanks sir.” Gavan made arrangements for a

humongous party boat.

“What are you doing, Gavan?” Rosa said.

“We're gonna get married on a ship”

“Oh Gavan, you're so sweet,” Rosa said blushing.

“And you're so beautiful my darling. I love you.”

“Ohhhh!” Tapan said. “Looking at the two of you just

makes me feel like crying. How sweet! I'm sorry,” he said


“Sir, you can be our best man.”

“Oh, I'd be honored!” Tapan started to cry so hard he

had to blow his nose with a tissue.

“Thank you sir.”

“I wish I could come with you but I can't get time off.”

“But sir you have to come. You're the best man.”

“Yeah I know. I guess I'll work something out.”

“Uh Gavan?” Rosa asked.

“Yes dear?”

“Can I make a request?”

“Of course my love,” Gavan said.

“Can we get a ship with a swimming pool? I love the


“Of course we can. I can do anything for you my dear,”

Gavan said.

“Oh Gavan you're so sweet! I love you so much,” Rosa

said, blushing. She caressed Gavan with her trunk.

“Thank you honey bun,” Gavan said.. “I love you too.

We're gonna get married Indian style.”

“Why dear?” Rosa asked.

“Because my father was Indian. I'm sure he would want

me to continue the tradition.” Then another elephant,

Jorge, came up to Rosa. “You guys are getting


“Yes,” she said.

“Oh how sweet! You have to invite me to the wedding.”

“Of course! We're getting married on a ship.”

“Wow! A ship?” Jorge said. “That's so cool!”

“I know!”

“Come on Rosa,” Gavan said. “Let's go home. I know the

CEO of Carnival cruise lines. I'm gonna ask him to make

arrangements for a huge ship.”

“Just a minute, honey.”

“Yes my love?”

“Let's have some tea.”

“This is a jungle, dear. Where will we get tea?”

“I have some Wagh Bakri left over in my Kate Spade


“Wow” Jorge said. “You drink tea? I love tea. Can I


“Of course you can! I'll call Tapan sir as well. Excuse me,

Tapan sir?” Rosa said.

“Yes, dear?”

“I'm inviting Jorge to have some tea with me and Gavan.

Would you like to come?”

“Of course! I love tea.”

“Okay then. Let's go.” Jorge, Tapan, Gavan and Rosa

walked over to Gavan's house in the jungle.

“Yes, dear.” Rosa grabbed some wood. She rubbed the

wood together. It created a fire. She put the tea vessel on

the wood. She opened her Kate Spade purse. She

sprinkled some tea, milk, and sugar into the vessel.

“Rosa?” Tapan sir said.

“Yes my love?” Rosa asked.

“That Kate Spade purse is cute. Where did you get it?”


“How much did it cost?”


“My wife has been begging me to get her a Kate Spade

purse for the last six months but I keep saying no because

its too expensive.”

“Okay, the tea is ready.” Rosa said. She took the teapot

handle by carrying it her trunk and poured it into four

cups. “Try it. I hope you like it.”

Tapan said. “Wow. This tea is amazing. You have to teach

my wife. She doesn't know how to make anything.”

“Of course, dear.”

“This tea is awesome Rosa.” Jorge said. “I would marry

you just to drink your tea every day.”

“Oh, Jorge, stop!” Rosa said, blushing.

“Yes,” Gavan said. “Rosa is my fiance, so please stop.”

“Come on Gavan,” Jorge said.”Don't be jealous. Rosa is

just my friend.”

“I'm sorry. I love the tea, darling. But I have to call Steve

Singer about the ship. So excuse me.”

Gavan called Steve Singer. “Hello, Steve?”

“Gavin, my friend! How you doing? What's up?

“I was wondering if you can make an arrangement for a

humongous party boat. Me and Rosa want to get married

on a ship.”

“Of course! Anything for you. How many elephants are

going to be at the wedding?”

“Altogether 10.”

“The cost will be around 300,000. Is that okay?”

“Yes dear.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Gavan hung up. He took out his

checkbook from his backpack and then took out a pen

with his trunk. He used his trunk to write a check for


“Rosa my dear. I've arranged for a ship with a casino, a

humongous swimming pool, and awesome food.”

“Oh Gavan!” Rosa said. “You're so sweet! I love you,”

She caressed Gavan with her trunk.

“Thank you dear,” Gavan said.

Rosa took out an Estee Lauder sugar honey brown lipstick

and applied it on her trunk.

“You look beautiful, darling,” Gavan said.

“Thank you, honey.”

“Yes Rosa. You look really pretty.”

“Oh Jorge stop!” Rosa said blushing.

“Jorge!” Gavan yelled. “Stop hitting on my wife!”

“No, Gavan, I was just giving her a compliment. I didn't

mean anything by it.”

“Enough is enough, Jorge! I already warned you once,


“All right, fine. If you don't like it I won't say anything.

I'm sorry.”

“And Rosa you. Do you have to encourage him?”

“I'm sorry Gavan,” Rosa said.

“Whatever. Let's change the subject. We're getting

married on a ship!”

“Wow!” Jorge said “That's awesome.”

“Yeah isn't it? I'm so eager and excited,” Gavan said.

“So when is the party taking place?”

“We will be boarding the ship in one week.”

“Oh wow! I'm so excited. I can't wait. I'm gonna call my

friend Vilpa and tell her to get my stuff

from India. She dialed the number with her trunk. “Vilpa,

my love! How you doing?”

“I'm well Rosa. How are you?”

“Great. Listen dear I was wondering if you could get me

my bridal attire from India.”

“Of course, my love! I'm going there to visit my brother-

in-law anyway. Just tell me. What do you need?

“First of all, I need a pink sari with gold embroidery and

bead work. Get it from Satya Paul. Also, bring me two

pairs of gold diamond sandals from Scandal. I need two

pairs since I have four feet. I have some boots that I got

from Avon before. Also, bring me a really big nose ring

that I can wear on my trunk and a diamond mangalsutra

from TBZ. And for Gavan I want a black sherwani with

gold embroidery. I also need a black turban with gold

beads. He'll wear it on his head. Also, you have to stay on

the ship to do my mehndi. Put it on my body. Write a

humongous G. I've had them reserve a special upgraded

cabin for you. Is that fine?”

“Yes dear.”

“How much will it cost?”


“When you get on the ship I will give you the money. Is

that fine?”

“Yes my love.”

“Thank you so much Vilpa. Have a great day.”

“You too honey. Bye”.

A week passed by. All the elephants boarded on the

Carnival ship. Gavan and Rosa couldn't hold their

excitement. “Wow,” Rosa said. “What a ship. Ooh, what a

nice pool. It's so big. I'm gonna take a dip” Rosa jumped

in.“Wow! This is fun!” Rosa said. “Gavan, come join me.”

“Okay,” Gavan said. He jumped in as well. He made

waves in the water. “You're right. This is fun! Jorge come

join us.”

“Okay,” Jorge jumped in too. “Oh how nice!” he said. You

know swimming around in the pool sure works up an

appetite. What's for lunch?”

“We're having cheese pakoras and chai.”

“Oh wow Indian food? Awesome!”

“We're also gonna have samosa chaat,” Rosa said.

“I wanna go eat right now!” Jorge said. He got out of the

pool and went to the dining room.

“When is lunch?” he asked.

“In 15 minutes.”

He looked at the buffet table. There was dal makhani,

matar paneer, navratna korma, chole,

rasmalai and gulab jamun. “Wow! Look at all that food!”

“Ooo. I can't wait.”

“Would you like to try one gulab jamun?” the waiter said.

“Of course! I love gulab jamun.” Jorge said. He tasted

it. “Wow. Amazing!”

Gavan came out of the pool. He took a towel and dried off.

Then he checked out the casino. “Wow!” he said. “This

casino is big. And look at these slot machines. I feel like

gambling.” Gavan put a $20 bill in the change machine.

He got 80 quarters. He sat down on the stool and put one

quarter. He pulled the handle with his trunk. He did it 20

times. He didn't win anything. “Damn!” he said. He

kicked the slot machine and it broke. Rosa came running.

“Gavan, what happened?”

“I blew away 20 dollars AND broke my foot.”

“Oh my god. Are you okay?”

“I don't know. But god it hurts. Damn.” Gavan said.

“It's bleeding. Let me put a bandage around your foot.”

Rosa said.“What's wrong with you, honey? We've spent so

much money on everything and you're crying over $20?


You're right,” Gavin said. “I'm sorry.”

“Okay the bandage is done.”

“Thanks, Rosa.”

Vilpa arrived on the ship. “Vilpa,my love!” Rosa said.

How are you?”

“Hi Rosa. How you doing? I brought all the stuff from

India for you.”

“Oh thank you so much. How much do I owe you, dear?”

“$100,000. I got everything you asked for.”

“Wonderful. The wedding's tomorrow. I need you to get

me ready.”

“Yeah, sure,” Vilpa said.

“I've had a special cabin reserved just for you.”

“Thank you.”

“You want cheese pakodas and chai? They're serving

them in the dining room. I think they're still serving

lunch. Go take a look.”

“Yes dear.”

“Rosa dear. Would you like to go into our cabin and watch

the National Geographic channel?”

“Why dear?”

“We need to relax. Tomorrow we're getting married.

Besides my foot is hurting. I need to get some rest. I'm

gonna take a nap.” Gavan went to sleep on the bed.

Rosa watched the National Geographic channel for a

while. Then Gavan woke up and stretched. “What time is

it Rosa?”

“8 pm. You slept for 4 hours.”


“You're foot was bothering you.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Not really.”

“Then let's turn in. We're getting married tomorrow and

I'm tired. I'm going to sleep. Good night.”

“Sleep well, my love. Good night.”

The next morning Gavan and Rosa woke up at 10:00.

Rosa stretched. “Good morning, dear,” she said.

“Good morning, my love,” Gavan said.

Rosa walked up to Vilpa's cabin. “Hi Vilpa,” she said.

“Good morning, Rosa,” Vilpa said. “Are you excited?”

“God, I can't tell you.”

“Let's go eat breakfast. Then I'll get you ready.”

“Okay,” Rosa said.

Vilpa, Gavan, and Rosa and all the elephants gathered at

the table and ate aloo parathas and yogurt for breakfast

along with tea.

“Let's have a toast.” Jorge said. He raised his mug for a

toast. “To Gavan and Rosa. Happy marriage.”

“Cheers!” everyone said. Then after breakfast

Vilpa went into Rosa's cabin.

“You ready?”


“First, I'll give you a massage. I'm putting on a

moisturizing cream all over your body. It will make you

feel soft and smooth.”

“Of course, dear,” Rosa said “Oh wow! This stuff makes

me tingle! I feel so fresh!”

“I know. It's Planet Spa from Avon. It's nice, right?”

“It's awesome!”

“Aaah!” Vilpa said. “How nice! Thank you Vilpa.

“You're welcome my love.”

“Now can you do my makeup?”

“Sure,” Vilpa said. Vilpa had a humongous mehndi

cone that she had brought specially from India. She

put a humongous G on Rosa's side. “You will have to

allow it about 2 hours to let the henna dry. I have a

Lancome Passion Pink lipstick. I'm gonna apply it

onto your trunk and lips. Vila took out a humongous

lipstick from her purse and applied it onto Rosa's

lips and trunk. “It has SPF. That means it will keep your

lips moist.”

“Thank you,” Rosa said.

“Next, I'm gonna put glitter gold Avon eyeshadow around

your eyes. Vilpa took the Avon glitter gold eyeshadow and

applied it around Rosa's eyes. Then she took out a really

big pink eyeshadow compact from her purse. It was called

Avon Mauved. She applied it onto Rosa's eyes with a

powder puff and a brush. Then she put some pink blush

on Rosa's cheekbones. Then she put the nose ring on her

trunk. She put the mangalsutra around her neck. She

wrapped the sari around Rosa. She put the two pairs of

gold diamond sandals on her four feet.

“You look beautiful, Rosa.” Vilpa said.

“Thank you.”

“Let me take you to the mandap. Come on.” Vilpa took

Rosa to the wedding hall. There she saw Gavan. He was

wearing a black sherwani and a black turban with gold

beads. He looked very handsome. All the elephants were

gathered together around the fire. Jorge was smiling.

“You look beautiful, Rosa,” Gavan said. Rosa smiled.

Gavan and Rosa were across from each other. Tapan took

a piece of Gavan's sherwani and tied it around Rosa's

sari. The priest chanted some mantras. Gavan and Rosa

took four rounds . As they were walking

around the holy fire, Tapan, Vilpa, Jorge and all of their

elephant friends and others threw flowers at them.

Then they stopped and stood still. Then Gavan put

the garland around Rosa's neck. Rosa blushed and smiled.

Then Rosa put the garland around Gavan's neck. Gavan

also smiled. Everybody clapped and cheered. “I love you,

Gavan.” Rosa said.

“I love you too.” Gavan replied. Then they twirled trunks.

The next day their ship reached Chatrapati Shivaji

airport in Mumbai India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi

had flown in specially from Gujarat to welcome Gavan.

“Gavan my friend! Thank you so much for coming here to

help us. Happy marriage. We need quality doctors like

you and your wife to help us with our sick animals in


“It's my pleasure. Rosa and I decided that we want to stay

here and do good for all our fellow animals. We don't

want money. We just need your blessings. Thank you.”

Then they settled down in India.

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