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Storm could not beleive she got to See Saphirre so soon! But She didn't know how she felt about seeing her again... What if She Was like cloud now and was totally work obsesed and strict! DRAGONS CHANGE FOR THREE MOONS SAKE! Calm down. She told herself. She knew what she was really afraid of... The fact that she changed. Back then she had no idea that she- "OH MY MOONS! Storm is that you!!!" a Shiny blue Dragon Came bounding up to her. "Saphirre, nice to see you umm..." Storm stammered wondering what to say next. Again? Here? Today? Never, and run away. "I know, it hard for some dragons to take in this level of awesome princess-ness."Saphirre joked. "I will bow down to the." Storm joked back. She had nothing to worry about!  Saph was just like normal. And she was chill as a... hill? Storm laughed at that. "Why are you laughing?" Saph asked. "I just thought of something funny."She said. "Want to come to my room to chat?" Saphirre asked. "Why not?"Said storm. As  said it Saph darted away and Storm and to Fly to catch up.

Saphirre's room was in a hollow at the top of the giant tree the vinewings lived on. The tree came up obove the clouds to hide their home. The only Hollows where above the clouds. As Saphirre landed in her room, she quickly moved to the side to make room for storm to land. "Wow" Storm looked around the big wooden room. taking in the beautiful gems on the walls, the giant colored flowers, and the Animal furs! "Ok I understand the saphirres, But why the rubys on the wall?" Storm asked. "Oh you don't know! I have a younger sister! She is about  as old as yours..." Saph said slyly. " How did you... But... HOW DID YOU KNOW!" Storkm was shocked. she wanted to ask so many questions... but those would have to wait untill saph answered this one. "Oh your sister sent me a letter about 3 months ago... in secret. She REALLY wanted to talk to a "Real Vinewing!" Saphirre rolled her eyes joking around. Storm relaxed. "Thats lightning for you." she said. "So, We have a lot to catch up on..." 


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