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 Cloud glared at Jade as she followed her into the throne room. although she understood Jade's anxity. After all jade was only 7 years older then cloud... a very young queen. "Before you even start... Which I know you will start on rantting so don't even talk. I( want to say Your mother got sick. SICK! We vinewings are not murderers and if you think that we are for one second, you are no longer the Cloud I thought I knew. You Knew she was unhealthy before she left. Don't even pretend you didn't." Cloud sat there thinking... She  Knew Jade wasn't lying. but before she could think what to say Jade started talking again... " Now that that's over, Why did you come here? I know it wasn't to apoligise for blaming us. So why?"  " The stormwings are low on food... we will all starve by the end of the month if we don't get help. No trees grow on the clouds and birds only fly to the tops of the rainforest trees."  Cloud sighed. "We need help... especially with the lower dragons getting suspicious of the clouds... some of the sandwings almost flew above the clouds last week." Jade looked amused. "Sandwings? Please those potatos are to stupid to even climb a vine." She laughed at her own joke. "Have you ever even seen a sandwing" said Cloud rolling her eyes. "Umm, no" said Jade. "But they must be stupid to be so big and clumsy. Almost as clumsy as a mudwing if I may say so myself."Jade was rambling and cloud was not patient so she zapped Jade really quick with a bolt of lightning from her mouth. "Owww. Sorry" Jade put on her Sirius face. " the stormwings MAY stay here for the time being, IF they give us water at our leisure." Said Jade in her most official voice.  " you mean make it rain when you want?" Cloud suggested. Jade hesitated "uhh yes..." she responded nervously. Cloud agreed quickly before Jade changed her mind. 

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