Elements of doom

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Its a story about Elements going to school... but one day one of the nicest girls in school gets biten by a evil snake that got her evil.. and then.... the war started

Writen by a 13 year old boy

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Elements of Doom part

5000 years before it happend Ellie – Icy you coming? Icy – yeah i Just need my bag Ellie – wait ill take that for you Icy – thanks Ellie goes downstairs Icy’s dad – you’re Lucky to have a Nice friend like Ellie Icy – i know Icy’s dad – ok bye Icy bye Ellie Icy – see you after school dad Ellie – so… what do you want to do when you grow up Icy – hm.. i dont know… maybe… a doctor… i wish i was in the human world... Ellie – yeah…. But the humans dont like us elements… i want to og to the human world when i grow up and make peace! Icy – I want that to….. But…. They will kill us… Ellie – true…. Icy – lets not think about that Jeffry – hey Girls Ellie – wow… still trying? Jeffry – any closer? Icy – Nope Ellie – what about Roxy i think she likes you… Jeffry – yeah maybe…. Icy – do it! Jeffry – fine ill try to get to know her and see if i like her Icy – yay Ellie – yay then you wont try to flirt with us anymore Icy – yeah Jeffry – hey i’m Just 12005 years old… still young!
Icy – oh i forgot you are 1000 years older then us Jeffry – mhm… so Who are you gonna ask out for element night? Icy – i dont know Icy thinks – what about Ellie… Ellie – i’m thinking of Xus… i dont know Jeffry – do you really think you have a chance with the coolest element in school? Icy – i think she can do it…. She’s cute and Nice… not that i like her or anything…. Ellie – thanks Icy… Icy blushes Jeffry takes her arm and goes away from Ellie Jeffry – i Just need to talk to her a little bit Ellie – oh… ok Jeffry – did you really Just blush… if you want to keep it secret you can blush when she says Nice things about you! Icy – i know… i know… ill tell her that i’m lesbian in 5000 years ok? At this same Day… Jeffry – that was random Icy and Jeffry goes back to Ellie Ellie – what was all that about? Icy – nothing… Ellie – Icy you are my best friend you can tell me anything Icy – eh… eh… Jeffry – i Just told her that i like boys and Girls yeah… totally… Ellie – is that true? Icy – eh…. Yes.. Ellie – ok you are my best friend why would you lie to me… you would’nt right… Icy – eh… Jeffry – ofcorse she would’nt Ellie – ok… Look its Roxy! Og talk to her! Jeffry walks slowly to her Ellie – why is he walking to slow Icy – oh They are talking! Ellie – lets sneak to them and see what They are talking about They sneak to them Jeffry – and i said… you need to tell mom or she will be motherfied Roxy Roxy laughs Jeffry – so…. I wanted to know if you wanted to og to… element night with me.. Roxy – yeah sure! Jeffry – see you there then Ellie – sooo… how did it go? Jeffry – She’s amazing! Icy – we knew you would like her! Jeffry – so…… are you guys coming to element night? Ellie – i dont know… i have No one to og with... Icy – what about me.. we can og togheter… Ellie – yeah sure! Icy – as friends ofcorse Ellie – yeah ofcorse…. 2 weeks later Ellie calls Icy – are you ready? Icy – yeah, ill meet you there k? Ellie – yeah They go to element night
Ellie – sorry i’m late… my dad’s car broke down… so had to walk… Icy – its ok… now lets find Jeffry They see Jeffry and Roxy kissing Icy – Look at you two love birds! Ellie – Jeffry and Roxy sitting in a tree Roxy – shut up Roxy starts to laugh After that night Jeffry and Roxy started daiting and Ellie and Icy was best best friends 5000 years later something happend…

Bell rings Ellie - Oh.... time to go to class Icy - Yeah... see you after class FireQueen Ellie - HEY! I said stop calling me that Icy Laughs They go to class where light is Light is Ellie's Sister Light - Hey sis! Ellie - SSSHHH! Triggor - I want to see you two girls in my Office after class He says as he looks at Light and Ellie Ellie - but... I didnt... Triggor - I dont want to hear it Light - sorry sis... Ellie - its ok... After class They go to triggors Office Triggor - I cant have you two talking in my class all the time Light - but she didnt do anything They talk while Ellie see a snake shadow She stands up and follows the snake shodow Triggor - where do you think you are going? Ellie - Oh... I Just need to pee Triggor - ok... but hurry Ellie runs out to find the snake, when she finds it. It goes around her arm and bites her. Her eyes turn black and she becomes the snake Queen She fires fireballs everywhere and the school starts to brun Icy runs out of her classroom and Sees Ellie Icy - Ellie...wh...what have you done Icy runs out of the school cring Light comes out of Triggors Office Light - Ellie... Is that you? Ellie - yes... do you want to help me start a war Light - I'm in! icy - i.... cant.... belive.... it.... triggor - Icy! what happend!? Icy - El... Ellie Triggor - oh no... Icy start to cry icy - why... why... why... Jeffry comes running out of the School With Ellie right behind him Jeffry - Help! Ellie - join me or die.. if we win.. we,ll get Power and we will rule the world! many elements come up to her.. even Roxy Roxy is Jeffry's girlfriend and she is the rock element Jeffry - why Roxy Roxy - i... want... a New life..

Jeffry – but…. I love you… please dont leave me…. I need you Roxy – stop lying! Jeffry – what….. I’m not lying. .. why would I lie to you… wait its Ellie! She controls her! Everyone attack! The «evil» blocks the way Jeffry jumps over them and tryies to attack Ellie… but Ellie planned this… She fires a fireball right in his face…. Jeffry – F….fight…. D….dont let her win…. Zozi…. Can you promise me that… Zozi – Jeffry No! Dont leave me… I never got to tell you this but i… love you… Jeffry – w…why didnt you tell me…… before Zozi – I. … was scared….. I knew you liked roxy…. Jeffry – I…. I’m sorry… Zozi starts to cry Jeffry – dont cry….. but c…Can you… fight for me… please… you know its to late… Zozi – ill win this for you… i promise! Ellie – so… talking to your little crush… what if i Just kill him right here and now… hehehe.. Zozi – You dont dare! Ellie – what are you going to do… use your water Powers? Oh wait… you cant use them yet.. hehehe Zozi – i dont need Powers when i have this! Zozi takes Jeffry’s sword and puts it to her neck Shodow runs in and pushes Zozi out of the way Zozi starts to bleed Ellie – good Job… lets leave her here… She will die anyway They leave to Ellies secret castle Keka runs in and Sees Zozi bleeding Keka – No… not you… no… ill save you dont worry! Keka runs home with Zozi in his hands Keka – Mom! Help! Keka’s Mother – what happend?! Keka – war happend

Keka’s Mother – Get her to the heling water! Fast! Keka – yes Mom! Keka runs to the heling water as fast as he Can and puts Zozi in the water Keka’s Mom – RUN! They are here! Keka’s mom gets shot with an arrow in the back of her head Keka – MOM! Keka cryies Keka – i need to take Zozi to the air castle!

Air castle guard – we cant let you in while the war is going on Keka – but… she needs help! She Will die! Air castle guard – i can lose my Job for this….. follow me to the secret door Keka – dont worry Zozi… you wont die today… A secret door opens and they go inside Airdu – Who is this! Air castle guard – I’m sorry air King but she needs help.. Keka – You need to help her she will die! Airdu – and what do i get from that? Lose some of my heling water for Just some girl? Nah i pass Keka – j…Just some girl?! ITS MY BEST FRIEND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE!!! Airdu – and? Keka – the new Queen of the water kingdom…. Airdu – wait….. is that… Zozi?! Keka – yes… Airdu – Guards! Keka – are you gonna kill us?! Airdu – No I’m gonna help you fight! Air castle commander – my lord. What can i help you with? Airdu – We need to fight! And get heling water! NOW! Air castle commander – yes my lord.. They hear screams outside Keka – they are here… Airdu – Everyone! LETS WIN THIS WAR! All his Guards og out to fight They bring Zozi to the heling water Zozi drinks it
Zozi – t..they will kill us all….. w…we need to run… NOW! Airdu – b…but my kingdom…. Zozi – we cant save them now They run while Airdu is crying Airdu – m…my kingdom… i need to og back!Keka takes Airdu’s hand Keka – dont go… we need you.. Airdu – but… Zozi – please…. I… need you here… with us… Zozi faints Keka – Zozi! Airdu – sorry… i need to leave… Airdu runs of into the air forest Keka – YOU CANT JUST LEAVE NOW! Fire Guards Come out of the forest with Airdu in the commanders hands Fire commander – Give us the girl and we will let you’re friend live or else… Keka – W….what Airdu – before i die… i Just want to tell you that….. it was my guards that killed you’re Mother…. IBM sorry Keka – my Mother died by you’re guards! Y…you monster! Fire commander – so… Keka – i wont let you Hurt him and i wont let you take Zozi…. Airdu – NOW! Air guards comes from the forest and protects Zozi and Keka Fire commander – now you will die! The fire commander cuts of his head Keka – Noooooo! Air guard – Run! Keka runs with Zozi in her hands Keka – we can do this…. dont worry… ill protect you… Jeffry’s little Sister comes runing out off the Nature forest crying Keka – hey little girl… something wrong..? Lisa – t…they killed mom and dad… and i cant find my Brother Jeffry…. Keka –L….Lisa…. You’re Brother is… dead…. And Who killed you’re perents? Lisa – Roxy… and Ellie… Zozi wakes up Zozi – L…Lisa i need to tell you something….Lisa – Wh….what is it Zozi – he was amazing… and he was the one.. Who found out that.. Ellie controled Roxy Lisa – w…we need to get him back…. Lisa starts to cry Zozi – we cant Just sit her… we need to find icy… Keka – yeah… Lisa do you know where she is? Lisa – t..the human world…. Zozi – oh no… she Will be killed… Keka – we need to help her! They go to the portal of humans and see icy standing in front of it Keka – Dont go! Icy – b…but i want peace Zozi – g…go… Keka – what?! Zozi – i… belive in you Keka – Are you crazy?! Zozi – do it Icy walks slowly into the portal with a scared face Keka – why did you tell her to do it…?! Zozi – its been over 15000 years…. Humans change… Keka – but what if they kill her Zozi – they wont… Keka – how do you know that? Zozi – well……

Keka - Well what? Zozi - i…. I have friends in the human world…. Keka - WHAT there is elements in the human world!? Zozi - they are…. Humans Keka faints Zozi - KEKA!!! Now lets see what Icy is doing Icy - hm… i need help… but…. Who should i ask… Human - Hello You new here? Icy - yes… i’m a human… just like you… yeah… and i’m new here… yes Human - ok… so where are you from Icy thinks - Eh….eh……. Lets just say something Icy - Afrika! Human - Cool!!! Icy - heh...heh… Human - Stop lying…. Icy - how did you know?! Human - i didn't.. Icy - oh… Human - so… where are you really from Icy - I’m a element… From the element world Human - oh.. So you are like Zozi! Icy - you know her?! Human - yes! I.. kinda like her Icy - aww… thats so cute… Human - ok so my name is Jack and you’re name is? Icy - Icy…. i know it's a stupid name… Jack - No it's not… its cool Icy - Really? Jack - yeah… so why are you here Icy - i… i need help… Jack - help with what? Icy - i need help to fight… Jack - Y...you mean like… with… Swords and stuff Icy - yes… Jack - I’m in! Should i get my friends to help? They know about elements to! Icy - Yes please…. I need all the help i can get! They go to Jack's house Jack - Guys! ??? - Yeah? Jack - this is Icy… she’s a Element ??? - Oh.. hahahahaha good one! Jack - Temmeh i’m not joking Temmeh - Hahahahha i know you are...hahaha Elements are just myths Icy uses her powers

Temmeh - oh…. Icy - just a myth! Just a Myth! I’m the Queen of ice!!! Temmeh - sorry…. Jack - but… where is the others? Temmeh - i don't know… Jack - oh… i forgot to tell you.. Icy - hm? Icy - we can get it in the Element world Temmeh - Can i get a Clown sword? Hahahaha just kidding Icy - well… yes you can… Temmeh - Wait what…Jack - we have friends that are… half elements Icy - wait… so.. There are secret elements here? Jack - let's just say it like that but where is Mizuki Temmeh - who know’s… i don't think we know much about her at all… Mizuki - Hey guys Temmeh and jack - AAAAAAAH!!! Icy - Hi i’m icy… i’m a element Mizuki - Hey… so… what are you doing here? Icy - i need help to fight… Mizuki - let me think… hmm…. No… Icy - please… elements get killed right now… if we don't do something soon… She will come here too… Mizuki - She? Icy - my… Ex bestFriend.. She turned evil… i don't know why… but she did… Mizuki - Fine.. i’m in… Icy - Thank you so much Mizuki - but don't think i’m doing this for you… Icy - i understand.. Jack - but what are we waiting for? Lets go Mizuki - wait…. I want something… Icy - like what money? Mizuki - nah… i want a Shadow sword! Icy - are you half shadow element? Mazuki - ya.. Icy - you know you can make one with your powers Mizuki - I can? Icy - yeah.. Ill teach you when we go to the Element world Mizuki - HEY! You! Yes i know you’re reading this! Stop picking you’re nose! Icy - dont go out of character! Mizuki - Fine!

Icy - so where were we.. oh yeah Icy - ok so first you need to think very hard… think about the sword and what it will look like… Mizuki - mhm…. Icy - now shot! Mizuki creates a darkness sword Icy - Look you did it! Mizuki smiles Jack - Aw.. man i want a sword too… Icy - mhm…. Look it’s the portal!
They go in the portal Zozi - Jack!? Jack - Zozi! They hug Jack - its so good to see you again Zozi - wow… you have grown! Jack - its been 10 years! Zozi - oh… i forgot.. Humans age faster than us… wait does that mean you’re 18 now? Jack - yeah! Mizuki - Hey don't forget me Zozi - MIZUKI!!!! Mizuki - hey.. Wow… it's been a long time Zozi - heh… sorry for not visiting Mizuki - its ok.. You know you’re like a little sis to me right- Zozi - of course i know… you tell me every time i visit Icy - Heh.. looks like you will have fun… but it's not really time for this.. Zozi - oh yeah right… Icy - you know why i got you here! Jack - mhm to fight the evil fire queen Zozi - is she really evil tho… i know she did evil things but it's hard to believe that she just turned like that Icy - i know its hard… its hard for me to but… this is the only way….. Many of us will die! But that doesn't mean you didn't change the story! Let's change it and win! Mizuki - and you said i i break my character? Icy - i just didn't like the end were the evil win ok! Give me a break! Mizuki - Fine… i guess Icy - NOW LETS WIN! Zozi - wait… we need to wake keka up first Icy - oh yeah… hehe… Mizuki - ill do it.. Zozi - wait don’t.. And its to late Keka - AAAH! Oh it was just a nightmare… what happened Zozi - eh… nothing Keka - ok… can we take a break i’m tired of being my role! Zozi - STOP BREAKING CHARACTER! Keka - jeez sorry…. Icy - she’s right.. We all need to stop Icy laughs Zozi - so where were we.. oh yeah Zozi - but keka… do you know where we can find weapons… Keka - why do you need that? You can just create your own.. Zozi - weeeell…. They are kinda humans… he...hehe… Keka - WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Keka faints
Zozi - Keka… wake up… Keka - heh… i had the weirdest dream ever... .. you had humans friends and ellie was evil.. Heh funny right Zozi - it wasn’t a dream Keka - wait… what… Icy - we don't have much time, we need to go… Now! Keka - she’s right… but the humans needs weapons.. Here take these.. Oh… Zozi you wont like this.. Keka shows Zozi Jeffry's sword Zozi - its J...Jeffry’s s..sword.. Keka - it's the only sword i have right now… Zozi - Jack.. take the sword… it will protect you.. The sword have a magic shield around it when you get attacked.. It will just work 1 time every 15 minutes så be careful.. And for you Temmeh i have this knifeBow.. Its a Bow that works as a knife if they get close to you… and i see you have a sword Mizuki… and Mizuki… if you press on top of the sword you will bleed but it will make a shield around you… Mizuki - how do you know that Zozi - i have been in school for over 15 000 years… and try it Mizuki press the top of her sword and starts to bleed.. a shield gets created around her Zozi - but it will only work for 20 seconds Mizuki - Cool! Jack - Zozi.. ill not waste this sword… i’m gonna win for you… Zozi - good…. Because this is the last time you will talk to me.. Jack - what do you mean.. Zozi stabs herself Zozi - this is what i mean… Jack - ZOZI!!!!! Zozi dies Mizaki starts to cry Icy looks at her leg Icy - s...she did it… because of a snake bite… the same bite i saw on Ellie… it makes them evil.. She didn't want to hurt us… so she killed herself… Mizaki - w...why… why did you do this... you were like family to me! Why! Icy sits down next to her and holds her arm Icy - She did it to protect us… Mizaki - ARE WE JUST GONNA SIT HERE!? WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING AND WIN THIS! For her…. Jack - she’s right… we need to win.. For her.. Ellie - i see you have some friends… Icy… hehehe…

Icy - Ellie… i know why you’re evil… just… let me talk to you.. Ellie - what do you mean… i have always been this way… Icy - no you haven’t… please… let me see.. Ellie - how can i trust you… Ellie thinks - Maybe she’s right… Icy - you are my best friend… please Ellie - fine… Icy - do you see this bite… it's making you evil… we need to suck the evil out of you Ellie - before that… give me a hug… Icy gives Ellie a hug… but then Ellie stabs icy Icy - you planned this…. Di… didn’t you Ellie - what do you think.. I’m not stupid… NOW ATTACK!! Roxy comes in with her big stone hammer and Light comes in with a lightning bow Roxy - For you… master Light - you sure about this Ellie… this is wrong.. Temmeh pulls out his Tuluka

Tuluka’s ghost - Zozi did…. And she got it from Jeffry.. And jeffry got it from Icy.. and Icy got it from you… and you got it from me…. Right before Icy’s mother killed me… after all this time… i understand why she did it… she wanted to protect you… i tried to kill you… but… she saved you.. This is wrong Ellie… stop what you’re doing… look… you already killed Icy…. Ellie starts to cry Ellie - i’m sorry… i knew about the snake.. I sucked it out… but i still did it… why did i do it… i hate myself… Roxy - w..what happened… where am i… wait.. I remember… YOU! You got me to kill so many people.. So many children.. And my own sister! I hate you and you will pay for what you did.. AAAAAAH!!! Roxy runs into Ellie with her hammer Jack - everyone stop! We can have peace.. I’m not from this world but… i know what war is… i don't want anyone else to die here.. I already lost the one i loved.. Roxy runs for Mizuki but Mizuki jumps on top of the hammer and stabs her in the head Mizuki - what… i never said i was going to help you.. Not after… she died Shadow - M...Mizuki Mizuki - d...dad Shadow - MIZUKI!!! Mizuki - i don't want anything to do with you… you left me and mom to die! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Shadow - I’m sorry… Mizuki stabs him Mizuki - now you know what it feels like...

Ellie - wh...why Mizuki - He left me… he left us… Ellie - b...but… he still loved you… elements are forced to finish school… Mizuki - s..so Ellie - Yes you killed him… because you thought he left you because he didn't love you.. But he did… Mizuki - n...no...no...no Zozi - i..its true… Mizuki - ZOZI YOU’RE ALIVE!? Zozi - did you really think i would kill myself without a good plan to come back? Mizuki - ZOZI!!? NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU SCARED ME!!!! Zozi - i know… but…. Mizuki… i’m sorry for never telling you… i was worried you would go to find him… you would get killed or be forced to stay here… what about your mother… how would she feel if you just went missing? Mizuki - i...i never thought of that… wait… she is waiting for me right now.. I never told her i was going to help…! I need to go back! Zozi - wait.. It's been 10 years…. And… before i came here… i… met your mom…. She is looking for you right now… Mizuki - why didn’t you tell her i was here!? Zozi - s..she got killed… Mizuki - w...what Jack - Mizuki… she would want you to go back and live a normal life… Mizuki - how… Zozi - Mizuki.. I'll go with you… let's have a normal life together… a human life… Mizuki - y...yeah.. Let's do it… Zozi - Temmeh, jack you coming? Temmeh - yeah Jack - j..just give me a min.. Zozi - ok.. We’ll wait for you in the human world Zozi, temmeh and Mizuki go to the portal Ellie - why didn't you go with them.. Jack - how do i tell her that i love her…. Can you help me? Ellie - who… Jack - Zozi… Keka - you love her too!? Jack - wait… you love her… Keka - y...yeah.. Jack - i won't steal her from you… Keka - no.. go with her.. I can't go to the human world… my home is here.. You should be the one that makes her happy Jack - oh… ok.. Ill make her happy… for you..
Keka - please come visit sometime Ellie - and if you ever get kids.. Tell them i’m here… and maybe Icy.. Icy - just maybe huh? Ellie - ICY!!! Icy - Zozi saved me… right after she got back to life.. Ellie - thank element… Jack - do you mean thank god? Oh wait… yeah you don't have a god… Ellie - whats a god.. Jack - nothing.. But please come visit sometime to Jack goes to the portal Jack - I… love you Zozi…. Zozi - w...what.. I.. love you too… They kiss Jack - lets go...

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