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"That's why she became the victim, because she was weak, because she was almost already a ghost. She was so young, so innocent, so breathtakingly beautiful but their mother couldn't afford to raise the both of them."

This is something that I had posted under another penname a while ago. Since then I have rewritten it to suit an artproject I did for my final school year and here is the result.

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Seen from the outside, the cemetery seemed – not only empty – but almost abandoned. As if nothing unusual was going on in between the engraved stones that were trying to keep old dead memories alive, as if no one had been there for years.


Not everyone who happened to walk past the old cemetery that cold windless morning in the middle of November would have noticed, but anyone that took a closer look could see two dark figures standing in the moonlight. These figures were in fact three. A mother and her two daughters, but if seen from a distance one wouldn't be able to tell, since the younger two were holding on to each other as if their lives were dependant on it. The third figure – the mother – was aggressively digging a large hole into the frozen ground, using the rustiest shovel imaginable, and didn't seem fazed at all as the cries of her daughters got significantly louder and more desperate by the minute.


They had been standing out in the cold for almost two hours and the mother wasn't even halfway done with her hole yet. The oldest daughter – only 11 years of age – dried her eyes with the dirty sleeve of her shirt in an attempt to stop crying, most likely because she felt the need to stay strong for the sake of her sister whom tried to copy what she felt the older one just do without succeeding since the tears kept rolling from her useless eyes down her cheeks. Cheeks that were so pale one could almost see right through them. That's why she became the victim, because she was weak, because she was almost already a ghost. She was so young, so innocent, so breathtakingly beautiful but their mother couldn't afford to raise the both of them.


There was something calming about standing in a cemetery at such an early hour though. For every minute that passed the girls found themselves more at ease, almost as if they were alright with what was about to happen. Maybe it was because everything was so quiet, so still. It felt like the entire world was peacefully asleep and that they were the only ones awake. The only noticeable sound was the heavy breaths coming from their mother and the echoing sound of the shovel when it hit the rock-hard ground. Maybe they were so calm because they both knew that it would soon be over, and there was nothing they could do about that.


After another hour or so, another hour of waiting and watching, the mother was almost finished and the sun was slowly rising above their heads. The older one of the two felt how the tears started falling down her face once again and this time she didn't stop them. She knew it was close now, and so did her sister. They could feel it.


"The world is a strange place girls, and you can't always get what you want" Their mother told them and motioned for her oldest daughter to bring the other one closer before she continued: "You'll have to remember that."


As the young girl walked with shaky knees in the direction she had been pushed, towards where she had heard the voice of her mother, her sister let out a somewhat silent scream to which the mother gave her a look of disgust. She wanted this to get over with. It had to be done whether her daughters liked it or not and even if there were quicker ways of doing it, the mother had decided that this was by far the best way. The way which required the least amount of money.


After a couple of minutes of silence the mother gave her youngest daughter a kiss on each of her pale cheeks before she gave her a light nudge on her shoulder. Since the girl was so small, that one nudge sent her falling backwards into the hole and she didn't have time to react before the mother passed the shovel to the older daughter and told her to get to work.


Not everyone that happened to walk past the old cemetery that early november morning would have noticed the two dark figures standing in the sunrise, but anyone that came to take a closer look could hear a mother telling her once oldest but now only daughter:


"I'm doing this because I love you”.

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