Antela's Glasses (Poetic Version)

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This is a poetic version of Nathanael Vance's great short story, 'Antela's Glasses', posted with his permission. It was a real challenge to work on but fun, too. is the link to the original story!

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Antela’s Glasses (poetic version)


Jacoba really loved to read her graphic novel books

and woke to find herself inside a world of just those looks.


All the people’s faces had gone round, their eyes were really huge,

the streets were so much tidier and the buildings were toned-down cubes.


People had become so brash and bold or else were so subdued,

A comic-book existence into which she was so clued.


She was gonna have some super powers – evil she’d defeat;

if she leaped straight off a roof-top she’d land flat on her feet.


But no one took much notice until she found that she was chased

by a dog, or something like it, that sure ran a hyped-up race.


She crashed in to a cafe and the patrons they did shout,

their word showing up in bubbles that then went popping out.


Jacoba now felt hungry and she thought of yummy food

but the waitress threw her straight outside, being rather rude.


She hides inside an alley way, daylight begins to fade

and threatening shapes and shadows seem to crawl out from the shade.


A giant of a man appears, his hands seeming really huge;

he calls her Antela and offers work and some refuge.


Antela washes dishes, she mops and scrubs the floor,

she gets to eat a massive meal ‘til she can’t eat any more.


Jacoba’s full of questions, she asks Hands if he’ll explain

but he doesn’t have the answers, just more questions once again.


He tries to tell her where to go or rather who to see;

The Advisor is the one she needs, whoever that may be.


Jacoba or Antela becomes more and more confused --

she’s to find the Square Circle, and by Hands she is excused.


She sleeps on a bed of brocolli – at least it is inside.

Sleep, it hits her instantly and she wakes up with the suns rise.


The sun’s a yellow circle as she goes to catch a train

dodging all the speech bubbles that down on her do rain.


Jacoba is just over-awed by all the hustle and the crowd,

no one paid her any heed, she just followed feeling cowed.


Then at the Flower District she went back up the stairs;

the park it is a circle and she’s standing in ‘Town’s Square!’


So an answer to a riddle, but now where should she go?

Jacoba sat down on a bench, she really did not know.


Where was The Advisor? Where would such a person be?

Jacoba or Antela sat and observed what she could see.


An old lady was approaching, she looks at Jacoba and sighs,

the cart that she is pushing is full of glasses for the eyes.


Antela sees a boy who by some sort of monsters is pulled along

but once she puts some glasses on she sees that she is wrong.


The things that looked so threatening or otherwise bizarre

now take on a more sane appearance as she watches from afar.


The woman talks perception, how people choose just what they see

Jacoba takes some with frames of blue – it seems that they are free.


And when at last she wakes up with her head inside her book

Jacoba sees things differently when she takes a second look.


She’s pleased that she’s awakened in her world beyond compare

But it’s really kind of odd because the glasses are still there!




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