Docking Approach

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Correct terminology is always needed to describe what we value the most. We all treasure romance and even more so when those involved share some special interests. Here is a good example. Please leave some comments so I can plan for my next kinky space ship chronicle.

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Docking Approach

My high gain antenna began picking up the telemetry 200 seconds ago. An eternity for me.

The embedded header indicated a known protocol but the details would have to wait on the confirmed hand shake.

As I slewed my large scale optical telescope I notice the other ship was one of the sleeker, more stylish types. It was somewhat smaller then my configuration but the many protrusions and colorful adornments made a lasting impression.

Now a scant 50 seconds out I could make out the universal docking port.
Light speed communication allowed a large volume of data to be compressed and squirted through my optical laser to the other ship. I stated my peaceful intentions and made serious notice of the other ships remarkable adornments and markings.

I had no choice, my embedded control system transmitted my full internal protocol settings. At other times, approached ships had immediately activated reaction control thrusters and fired their main engines to create a larger closing displacement. It was not the case this time.

The other ship transmitted its complete protocol and it was compatible with mine in almost every manner. I slowed my approach by a careful burn that displayed precise control.

The other ship flipped over exposing its rear main engine and fired a short burst that brought our closing rate into a manageable range.

I was still carrying a lot of excess velocity from my initial pursuit. Firing my main engine I performed a similar tail flip, and began a slow approach.

My target ship activated its running lights and within 20 seconds of beginning final approach activated its universal docking port lights. Additional telemetry provided important instructions with refinements on expected and observed protocols. I modified my data stream and complied.

We were 10 seconds out when I extended my docking probe and turned on my docking lights.

The other ship began flashing its running lights and also illuminated a deep red high intensity light within its universal docking port.

Our closure rate slowed. I was in the lane. No additional correction needed. 2 seconds out additional telemetry indicated complete agreement with all docking parameters.

My docking probe mated with the other ships universal docking port and slipped slickly into the offered port with satisfying certainty. Umbilical automatically extended, attached, and delivered appropriate fluids.

Docking was complete. Attached by my docking probe and my other ships universal docking port we exchanged telemetry to confirm destination and additional ship to ship protocols. Course data was compared and refined.

All that remained was to fire our main engines to establish the new vector.

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