Moving On UP!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.2) - Scene 1- I Will Never Forget!

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Scene 1- I Will Never Forget!


(1 week before Moving- Thursday 14th August, 2016)

(Narrator-  16 year old Danielle Louise Backworth believed she had a awful life, one of the worst in fact. She soon begins to realize her life was a lot easier than what she thought it was but things were about to change. Danielle lives in a rich part of Los Angeleswith her father (Jake Backworth) in his rather large mansion. Her mother deliberately moved to a house only 10 minutes away from Jake and Danielle to make sure she could always keep an eye on the pair and feel more included in the family. Danielle goes to one of the richest/ snottiest schools St Stephens high school with her best friend Rachel Rebecca Glennie. Danielle has golden brown hair and brown eyes and Rachel has blonde hair, blue eyes who is currently outside flirting with the mail man)

Danielle is sat on the grey sofa in her father's living room with her legs up on the table She feels a vibrating sensation coming from her pocket and she reaches inside to take out her phone. She sees she has a message from her mother and instantly rolls her eyes wondering what this inferior woman could possibly want and begins to read the message. 

April: I forgot to tell you  when i last saw you Saturday i think it was that on the 24th of this month I will be moving to San Francisco"

Danielle: Like I care mother, honestly... Good riddance. ( She sends the message back to her with a feeling of happiness inside her at the thought of never having to see her mother again or well being far as she could from her) 

April: Oh sweetie did I say I, I meant we.

Danielle: We?

April: Ah yes, me and you ( Pause) Please tell me you didn't think I was going alone.

Danielle: Great... just great mother. You always know how to destroy my life.

April: Yeah because every things always my fault.

Danielle: Well it is, You're a psychotic bitch.You left me with my dad when I was One. Wait wasn't it because you went off to marry a wealthy man because apparantly dad's love and money wasn't good enough but heres the thing I know that as soon as he came bankrupt, where was it you went again? oh yeah, you came running back to Jake and when he refused to take you back wasn't it you that began stalking him and when he went out on a date with what's her name Sarah? Steph? Sophie? yeah Sophie, what was it you did again? my memory might be a bit hazy but correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you attack her.

April: How dare you speak to me like that, What gives you the right!

Danielle: What gives you the right to pretend to be my mother. You are nothing to me, nothing but a dead beat mom, that doesn't care about any one but herself.

(24th of August, 2016- Danielle and Jake's house)

( Danielle is leaning on the counter in the kitchen while Jake fixed a cup of coffee for himself after what felt like a really long day) 

Danielle: Dad, I don't want to go. It's not as if she has custody over me, she can't tell me what to do or where to go. If i move I will have to go to another school, learn completely new topics than what i am already doing. Tell me how that's fair?

Jake: Here's the thing, your mother does have custody of you, She just doesn't want to face the responsibility. She made... well still is making bad decisions. ( he looks at her and sees the disappointment on her face) Sweetie you will be back before you know it. Just think of it as an adventure, that revolves around you and your mother.

Danielle: Yeah if only I liked her. ( she rolls her eyes never having been able to get along with her mother especially not the past few years anyway) 

April walks in the front door of the house and she has a look around the lobby and living room trying to the find the pair. In the living room She picks up an olld picture of Her, Jake , Danielle and Callum from when Danielle was just a baby. She lets out a smile on her face and places it back down on the mantle before making her way to the kitchen to intereupt Jake and Danielle's conversation.

Jake: Don't say that, just because she has been a little absent...

April: Hope you're not talking about me again( pause) I'm kidding, I hope you are.

Danielle: mum, please leave! ( Danielle walks out of the kitchen not wanting to see or be near her mum. )

April: Look, we are leaving tomorrow, I expect you to be packed !

Danielle: What if I'm not ? ( She turns back and glares at her mother wondering what she would actually do if she refused to leave her father. 

April: Do not push me ( She warns her not wanting to argue with her) 

( Jake walks over to them both and steps in the middle of them to try and cool them off and defuse the tension) 

Jake: settle down, I will not break up another fight between you two. ( he glances at them both being fed up of always having to get involved as they can't seem to have a normal or civil conversation between them any more) 

April: Surprisingly enough, I'm not here to fight. I came here to speak to you ( Looks at Jake)

Danielle: Wow mother, What a surprise (She says with sarcasm in her voice having should have expected because when has she ever come round to the house to see her daughter) 

April: Hmm, which part?

Danielle: That you're not here to fight. Nine times out of ten I can guarantee that you only come here to scratch my eyes out,but then again you could be here trying to hook up with my father one last time like you normally do ( Pause) wait that's just the whore in you. 

( April looks at Danielle with a look of pure anger and swings her hand hitting her in the face) 

April: How dare you! ( She spits out in disgust at what she just heard coming out of her mouth 

Danielle: Don't act so offended, I was always told to never lie, so why would i now. (She shrugs her shoulders and lets out a little smirk at her) 

Jake: Right, enough! You ( points to Danielle)Upstairs, and you ( looks to April in disgust, points to door)  Get out my house! Now! ( he shouts feeling angry at the whole arguement between them)

( Danielle begins to storm off towards the stairs, before climbing up them she looks at her mother dead in the eye) 

Danielle: You're destroying my life, I HATE YOU! ( She shouts in anger at her feeling fed up of her always trying to come in between her and Jake.) ( Danielle storms up stairs and into her room slamming her door behind her making it known she was angry) ( Meanwhile April grabs a hold of Jake's arm)

April: Please Jake, Listen to me for once. We need to talk about her, She will come for Danielle.

Jake: If and when she comes we will deal with it then but for now you have no say.

April: I do have a say! I am her mother.

Jake: Of course you are. I'm not talking about this anymore, leave!

April: Don't do this, please. we just need to talk. ( she begs him to listen) 

Jake: I'm done talking to you about any of this, you have taken it too far when you decided to move MY daughter 381.7 miles away.

( Jake turns her around and nudges her towards the front door wanting her out of the house and out of their lives. April slowly leaves trying to do everything she can to stay but ultimately fails. Jake closes the door on her and heads back into the kitchen where he takes a seat on one of the dining room chairs and puts his head in his hands wondering how much more is he willing and able to take of this) 

Next Day- 

( Suitcases are placed beside the front door for Danielle to go away with her mother. Danielle is lying on the sofa under her blanket having fallen asleep the night before while watching tv) ( There is a knock at the door) 

Danielle: Go away! ( she grumbles not wanting to get up and answer it. She closes her eyes trying to get some more sleep) 

( The knock on the door disappears and ends up being a banging sound like someone was trying to bust there way in and there could only be one person who would want into this house more than anything... April) 

Danielle: Fine! I'm Awake! ( She yells and kicks off her blankets in a huff that she had to get up, She forces herself up off the sofa and scuffs her feet towards the front door rubbing her eyes in attempt to wake her self up and the knocking gets louder and louder the longer she takes)  ( She swings the door open in anger) Could you knock any louder ( She says in an angry and  disapproving tone) ( Pause) Oh it's you. 

( April scowls at her and barges past her into the house) 

April: Are you ready? ( She looks around the house for her things

Danielle: Do I look ready?

( April looks at Danielle up and down and screws up her face at her ragid apperance)

April: Of course not... you never are.

Danielle: Sorry if I'm not eager to leave my whole world behind. For what ( Pause) Mother daughter bonding time ( She scoffs finding it quite pathetic and Pauses) how wonderful. ( she replies sarcastically when in reality she couldn't think of anything worse than having to spend more time with her) 

April: Is your father around? ( she looks around the halls looking for him wanting to talk) 

Danielle: He is but not if you want to talk to him.

April: Stop being so petty.

Jake: Those were my words not hers, Danielle go get ready.

( Danielle smirks at her mother as she watches her face drop and heads up stairs to get changed to allow them to talk) 

April: Have you changed your mind yet? ( Shw walks over to him not wanting Danielle to hear what they are talking about) 

Jake: Nope, not as long as your going to move my daughter away.

April: You know I'm not doing that. You can't let her come here, she will destroy everything.

Jake: I'd say you already did that on your own

( Danielle comes back into the living room having realised she left her phone down stairs and went to grab it)

Danielle: Who will destroy what? ( Pause) Oh you talking about my mother. She's doing that on her own by making me move.

Jake: Leave it be... Anyway i think it's time you two began to get along because these arguements are getting too far and you both have a plane to catch so you should get yourself ready ( It almost kills him to hear the words come out of his mouth but he knew there was nothing he can do to stop her. Once April made up her mind there was no way of changing it. 

( Danielle walks over to her father after having picked up her phone and hugs him) 

Danielle:I really am going to miss you while I'm away. Nothing is going to feel the same with out you. I am really gonna miss slouching around in football jerseys stuffing our faces whilst watching the football. ( she begins to say to him thinking about all the good times they have shared together 

Jake: Sweeite, it's not goodbye forever, it's just goodbye for now. You can come back here any time you want this is and will always be your home. I'm going to have lots of spare time and plenty of more cash with out you around. ( He smirks at her as he jokes which brings a smile to her face)I love you ,now go.


© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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